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  1. I dont really remember more than the fact that i was searching dragon or dragon pets or something like that on google and then i found this site.although i only visited ot for 2 days afterwards (i didnt really get this site at the time).a few years later(a month ago)i felt nostalgic and decided to come back and try to understand this site.so i made sense of it and then i showed it to my friend who i have known for a year now and he got into it too,he has been on this site for less time than i.this is his scroll (he doesnt mind me posting) https://dragcave.net/user/alinategh So now i continue my quest to completing my collection.
  2. I guess lineages are good to be there once you have collected all the dragons and have hoarded all the dragons that you wanted a hoard of. Its good when you cant think of anything else to do on dragcave.
  3. I would Have as many eggs as are left before ive completed my collection and afterwards around 50 red dragon eggs,102 vampire eggs,10 of each xenowyrm specie male and 10 of each xenowyrm species female.so are the ones that stand out
  4. -when you have a dream about a nuclear explosion and your first thought is that dragcave servers might be destroyed
  5. I love them all but my favorite is chrono and 2nd favourite is astrapi. My reason is because i think chrono is the most beautiful one.
  6. Vampire Magi Red dragon Xenowyrms Nebulae Gold Black Silver
  7. Has anyone here been able to get every last species of dragon here on dragcave?obviously i dont mean the retired dragons that arent possible to get but by this i mean every last egg that is still possible to get.If you do have all the dragons how long did it take you to finally get every last one?any advice? For those who haven't yet caught all of them like me and are trying to,how close are you?how many have you got and how long have you been at it? I have 88 dragons but i have a few doubles so i guess i have 80-85 uniques.i have been at this for about a month
  8. Last night i had kebab,tomatoe,lemon and rice for dinner.
  9. I have 4 bites on my left foot that are half or twice as big as the average mosquito bite and are positioned together in the shape of a triangle.
  10. I would definitely want to die with my eyes open and my last words would be"never surrender" what i mean by that i never surrender in anything. Not to humans, not to obstacles, not to life,not to nothing.
  11. gad786


    I have never cosplayed but i would like to when i leave iran. These are my favorites to cosplay: Deadpool Darth vader Batman zelda Assassins creed(american version maybe)
  12. I, gad786, agree that if it has a face, it has a name. I name all my dragons sooner or later, just sometimes it takes time to pick a good name.no more than 20 dragons go without names at a time with me usually.
  13. This site may have stricter rules than coolrom forums(that forum was just awesome) but atleast you dont get in trouble for necro'ing because on many forums you get in trouble for it. I hope to necro many threads to come
  14. What i mean is,ever breed dragons,abandon and then later on find a dragon that came from your dragon on the ap by chance. What i mean by this is complete chance,you abandoned not knowing who would get the egg and then later on an offspring of that dragon was abandoned not knowing who would get it and you gotbit.
  15. Eternally locked.im always taking eggs i havent caught yet.sometimes my egg slots are open for a while because i have difficulty finding dragons i haven't caught yet,but later i end up finding one
  16. All jules vernes books,the guy is a perfectionist.
  17. My little brother abd i love playing Minecraft together.slowly making a city or little residential area with pyramids and farms and houses and mountain stairs etc.we reallh have a wonderful time exploring together and building together, a wonderful game for the family.
  18. Fallout series Skyrim Zelda series God of war series Devil may cry Assassins creed Those are a few
  19. Exited,i got great news today, literally news on TV that effects me positively and what i am able to do from where i am
  20. A heart at crisis I named the dragon after its two parents. Surprising no one took this name
  21. I only use dragcave on my phone
  22. Choclate pudding,choclate milk and a bowl of sourcherry jelly.
  23. There was a xenowyrm in the ap and i clicked it in time but a while before i had clicked another common egg without knowing so i was locked and missed out on the xenowyrm....
  24. My native language is english and i learnt farsi after i moved to Iran
  25. Ive played five nights at freddy but not more than ten minutes. When i get my phone before i leave iran,i hope to download it and try to finish it. Scary?i dont know.didnt play enought to tell if its scary,just went till night 3