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  1. code z die a hero or become a villain almost a nightfury mortality has no power here masterpiece of aurum(aurum is the latin word for gold) wolverine the dorkwed swiss cheese(with a big space) ooh ooh almighty drake emily orkface im magnificent Pokemon xyz alexander dorkface super saiyan z(the dragons code started with z) home worker candice michelle get off my daisies laser razor dunder mifflin inc(anyone watch the office?) dunder mifflin infinity ac dc fan green dovah and a whole lot of other awesome names
  2. i empty and refill my swimming pool everyday i wonder where i can find.....
  3. i use the picture frame to hang a photo of kim kardashians......house in my room i insert.....a beats headphone
  4. reasons: 1.i think the british flag looks dope 2.im british(because of my mom,i myself am born in canada 3.i love europe 4.i was supposed to be moving to the uk when i posted the avatar i think i might change it soon to something else,i need some inspiration first.
  5. im feeling sick and cold.i caught a cold.ive been like this for 2 days now,hopefully this will be over tommorow,it feels like im getting better.
  6. hot choclate milk(im sick with a cold)
  7. Ofcourse mint,they are just so cute and cootooloo(a cute way of saying small in persian)
  8. Yessssss!always up for more eggslots to home more cute little eggs.i really hope TJ actually does give us an extra egg slot for being on dragcave over a year.ive been active on dragcave for less than 4-5 months but i made my scroll 3-4 years ago so i would be really lucky if he brought this new reward in place.
  9. Ive missed the gaia xenowyrm 2 times today,i just cant seem to get my hands on the guy.i need him to complete my xenowyrm collection and get me closer to completing the dragon collection..... The ap doesnt seem to bring me luck so far as gaia xenowyrm goes :/
  10. I wish Every dragon that doesn't get clicks till it has 30 minutes left becomes a neglected. I Wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school.i wish i could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.
  11. My first rare dragon was a golden wyvern and i got it from my friend that i had introduced to dragcave.
  12. Kemai-keMAI Gwigs-GwiGs Kfc cinnamon-kfcCi Triple B's-bBBmS syumi-syumi Hong kong zen-HkZeN Pretty creative huh?
  13. Neglected dragons are a collection of pixels that gave been given a name and put on an online game. Having said that,this is a game and you can play it anyway you want,you can decide that its wrong to make a neglected dragon,you can decide its fun and a nice challenge and great addition to your dragon collection. You can choose to look at it anyway you want. TJ designed this game to be played anyway you want. Don't force your playing style on others. I myself,i will be trying to get the ND once i have gotten everything else.that way i can use all my egg slots for the ND.I might end up with of broken eggs
  14. When i was starting out i just posted my scroll on social media(facebook and Twitter) but then i realized it wasnt necessary so i stopped.the only dragcave community i need are these forums. P.s getting views for magistream,eggcave and pokefarm is really harder than dragcave,dragcave is effortless.
  15. I dreamt that there was about to be a nuclear attack and my first though was that tge electricity would go and that i wouldnt be able to play dragcave anymore I told my friend my dream. He told me i had my priorities out of order.....maybe he's right
  16. If i want a rare egg,i just go to the ap and keep refreshing and waiting and eventually something good comes up. Another way is go the different biomes and jump from one to another till you see a rare one.i have done this twice and i saw a silver and xenowyrm this way.its quite easy.its just hard getting a certian rare dragon but i guess you can find a rare dragon or two that you dont want and then try and trade it for a caveborn or bred one of one that you do want.
  17. This one http://dragcave.net/lineage/SDSDV
  18. Well,when i started out i breeded a few dragons just because i could and i wanted to test it out.then later on i breeded the majority of my dragons at the time and had them auto-abandoned. Later on i will start breeding for collection purpose and eventually ill start gifting and auto-abandoning.