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  1. These are beautiful. Thus far the dragon eye is my favorite. I hope that after the event is over it will be possible for all of the eggs to be posted. I am not sure I will manage to get them all but would love to be able to admire the artwork.
  2. Malakai

    2011-03-16 - New Eggs

    Most excited about black stripes!
  3. My hat off to the artists- these dragons are lovely! (They both look very equine, and as a horse person, I love it)!
  4. Ditto- I've been voting when I have time, which isn't much, but have heard so much about the bird tree and the marriage tree and this and that that I'm eager to see those!
  5. No, I didn't miss a day. I still have the original single lights and single popcorn garland- just no extras.
  6. My apologies if this is elsewhere in the thread but I skimmed through several pages and didn't see it. I clicked to receive extra popcorn garland and lights, but the extras didn't actually appear anywhere on my tree (or around it.) Clicking again says that I've already gotten my extra 20. Am I being stupid or is there a problem with this? Edit: To answer the inevitable question, I did click to reset all ornaments and wasn't able to find them that way either.
  7. So we're out of zombie time for this year then, yes? I missed out thanks to lag. Ah well!
  8. Spriters, these are beautiful, thank you! They're all lovely but I do love the swan egg best.