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    The Wishlist

    Avalon are you keeping track of all of the point totals? If so mine is 33 now )_)
  2. mo7

    The Wishlist

    I'm Granting A Wish Dragon and Requirements: Terrae Non-Inbred Link to lineage: Eggie Gifter: mo7 Recipient: 626lavaheart Point Gain: 3 My Current Total: 18 Also, for Avalon I have a question or two for the tallying of points. 1. When writing up the "I'm Granting A Wish" form, do you include the "Point Gain" in the "My Current Total" or do you wait for them to take it first? 2. If you do wait for them to take it before tallying up the points, how do you plan to keep track of the totals? Should we post what our point total is after they've received it?
  3. mo7

    The Wishlist

    I'm Granting A Wish Dragon and Requirements: Female Pillow Link to lineage: Eggie Gifter: mo7 Recipient: RipApartHerThroat Point Gain: 15 My Current Total: 15 (not sure if this is supposed to be before or after the point gain. I'm assuming before.) It has been influenced I just have to hatch it. And I'm sorry it's fogged at the moment it got sick I'm Granting A Wish Dragon and Requirements: Pink Female Link to lineage: Eggie Gifter: mo7 Recipient: Diannika Point Gain: 10 My Current Total: 15 (Not sure how to quite tally this up ) Has been influenced, just need to hatch this one too.
  4. mo7

    The Wishlist

    If we have an egg we intend to influence/hatch for a wisher but because it has to be a particular gender we must hatch it should we post the giving form when we send it or when we have the egg?
  5. mo7

    The Wishlist

    Gimme a sec, grr I'm Pming Avalon a lot. I can fix this gimme a sec. I have plenty of pillows and influences.
  6. mo7

    The Wishlist

    I've bred something for Rip's wish and influenced it, also the first post explains how the wishes are to be fulfilled, you're supposed to send the egg to Avalon first to make sure only one egg/hatchie is gifted.
  7. mo7

    The Wishlist

    Icarus and Burning I asked the same question and they answered it, although it should be put in the OP
  8. mo7

    The Wishlist

    This sounds interesting and I'll join if it's approved, however, would you mind specifying how many points you'd receive per wish grant? If this is approved I would like to join and here http://dragcave.net/lineage/ljOi 1/12 of my magis.
  9. Is this still going on?
  10. I want to join! Forum Name: mo7 Scroll Link: scroll ^-^ Trophy: Gold Proof I Can Read Rules: I love dinosaurs!
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    2012-07-22 - Updates

    Already loving the trade difference
  12. Sounds awesome I'm sooo excited.
  13. I'd be interested in doing this
  14. I hope we get a badge.
  15. I have 4 invite codes left and don't know who to give them to >_< Thanks for the new site TJ!!!
  16. This would be one of the most useful sorting options ever
  17. This is so amazing! I love all the work everyone put in to make this Christmas epic!
  18. I love love love the pillow dragons :3
  19. My first four were very traditional: Magi, Purple, Water, and Vine. The purple water and vine were all CB the magi was a second gen from stone x magi.
  20. halloween tally: pumpkins bred: 2/3 pumpkin eggs: 1/1 marrow eggs: 5/2 pb marrow eggs: 1/2 2011 hal egg: 0/6 hal event/badge: complete zombies: 0/4
  21. I think there are at least two grandchildren that have been named after my dragons.
  22. mo7

    The Egg Basket

    Best Way to Contact: PM Your Job? (Keeper or Freelance Volunteer): Keeper Do you promise not to kill, neglect, or freeze your given egg?: Yep!
  23. I try to name mine after their parents as well and I have a few pairs whose offspring have been named after my dragons. Lemme dig em up. Black Lotus IB Child of Lotus of Blackness and Lotus of o0o Lotus of Blackbirds o0o. o0o Lotus of Blackbirds o0o got the o0o o0o from her parents but it looks like their named dissolved. And I just noticed she's inbred >_< Lotus of Dreams Child of Lotus of Clouds and Lotus of the Wind. Held by chvj Challenger Deep Maris Child of Lotus of the Deep and Lotus of Discontinued. Held by horizonfyre Crimson Stained Claw Child of Lotus of Crimson and Lotus of Rainmakers. Held by Wolkentanz. Lotus of Lego Child of Lotus of Halloween and Lotus of Tinyness. Held by Legoman. Motir Lotus Child of Lotus of Loch Ness and Lotus of Cattails. Held by featherthefandaloria. Kirakotsu's Lotus Evora Child of Lotus of Epic Power and Lotus of Tinsel HUsbandry. Held by kiramaru7. Tiny Shadows in Mystery Child of Lotus of Tiny Mysteries and Lotus of Tiny Shadows. Held by unknown this is probably my favorite one of the names. Mar Mo Held by unknown I used to name all my dragons _______ Mo because my username is mo7. However, I left and all the names were dissolved and I wanted a new title thingy. Valensa Mo Held by unknown. Same reason as above, however, this one is actually a grandchild of mine so it's even cooler Sel's Poison Lotus Child of Lotus of Speed and Lotus of Darts. Held by Selessence. I would like to give a big thanks to all of those who name the AP children of my dragons after my dragons ^-^
  24. Im surprised albinos and stones arent on the list too. Im gonna try and do this in a bit.
  25. A 0.5 mm mechanical pencil if by hand and my black pearl eraser, my com in Times New Roman 12. If I'm drawing then a 0.5 mm blue mechanical pencil, a black pearl eraser, and a smudge stick thing.