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  1. My first gold wasn't obtained by any special trade, and it wasn't caught. I gave something like 15 commons for it. There are trades out there that are completely obtainable to the average player. I see tons of easy to complete trades for CB Silvers, and a smaller but decent amount for golds. You don't have to be a power player to trade for CB metals. You just need to find the right trade, and they do exist.
  2. Considering hunting for dragons is pretty much one of the key features of the game, I don't think you can call it "play style" so much as just flat out "playing". Also life isn't fair. You might be in a different time zone, so are a lot of players. Someone will always be left out because their computer broke, they were out of town, they were asleep, etc.. The world isn't fair, and DC was based on EST, and that's just the way the egg cracks. TJ gives us the courtesy of updates/posts always being at the say time of day, so that no matter your timezone you will know that is when something is potentially posted and can check if you wish/can. I do not think that we should never release difficult to attain ever based on those reasons. And if we're talking play style. Here's a play style reason I support: I want a new challenge. Golds are a challenge. Silvers have become less of a challenge for me. I like the challenge, I don't think it's unfair, and I don't whine about it. If I miss a new release, oh well, I'll catch them or trade for them later. This game isn't easy. I like having something to strive for. What people don't seem to get is if a game is easy it has no staying power. All of the people who talk about completing their scrolls, what happens once it's done? Do they just leave? Not play until the next release? Not everything needs to be a lineage project. There are still 100+ things for people to make into lineages even if another few super rares are released.
  3. While they aren't true rares (at least I don't think intentionally by coding), I do kind of count spessartines and almandines. Which are jewel-based I thought?
  4. They're probably on a phone and it autocorrected to scripters, as c is close to s and most of the other letters in the top line of a qwerty keyboard. Also since spriter isn't in a phone dictionary usually. In any case, the point of people needing to suggest them is a good one. As someone who goes through the dragon requests and sometimes sprites, things that make it unlikely for a dragon to get into the cave generally make requesters steer away from them. Rarity is one thing that, as a rule of thumb, keeps dragons out of the cave or at least makes them harder to get in. Most of the suggestions I see are uncommon, because most people want their suggestion to be rare, but aren't willing to market it as such for fear of it never getting in the cave if they do. On top of that, if it's going to be rare it generally needs to look like it fits the bill, and that is another challenge altogether. Also, about the rare = metal stereotype, I personally keep hoping for a rare that isn't metallic or jewel-like.
  5. I see what you're saying about the newer rares not being on the level of rarity of silvers and golds, but I'm not entirely sure that's due to ratios. There is a bit of a user factor when it comes to how much people like the breeds, which cannot be controlled as much. I have some statements to make but I'll save them for a later post, as I have some questions about your suggestion. You're basing your suggestion on the assumption that the ratio of rare breeds to normal breeds originally on the site when it started is a thing TJ desired to keep, rather than make rarer breeds rarer. Why do you think the number of rare breeds to number of normals matter? And why do you think the way they are today is a problem compared to how they use to be? In general, I do support this. We have very few legit rares, and I feel like that does limit the market somewhat.
  6. It's not just you. By my count roughly 20 posts in this thread (over 1/4) directly say "store" and quite a few more respond to store-related comments without saying that word (just took a fast count). All I'm really saying is it seems to me quite a lot of people aren't responding to the suggestion by critiquing it, saying yay and why, or nay and why, so much as saying "No, we don't like your suggestion, this other suggestion is much better and this other suggestion is good because x, y, and z". All that really needed to be said was "The store suggestion would probably work better for what you're going for, but if you wanted to round out your suggestion and make it more viable..." It doesn't need to be used as a mortar and pestle to grind all other suggestions proponents of the store deem inferior into dust. And, as SullenCat pointed out, just saying "No support because..." is more on topic and provides more critique for the suggestion at hand.
  7. I feel like this thread has started just talking about the store rather than the main suggestion. I think any way you go about this suggestion will mess with the ratios. Rares are supposed to be rare, hard to obtain. They aren't supposed to be available easily and they're not suppose to be plentiful. I understand the desire for people to have lots of them and it seems to me a lot of people are operating on the principles of "fairness" when it comes to this game, which really isn't what this game is, or many games for that matter. I've been playing for eight years almost and only have two CB golds. I didn't catch either, although I've seen a couple in the cave. That doesn't mean I want them to pour from the sky. If you participate in the forums there is an added element to the game, the trading section. If you keep an eye on it you could get a CB gold even if you don't have super rare things. I think this suggestion, like most other easy ways to get rares, would just throw ratios out of balance.
  8. I really really like this version
  9. I really like this idea and it would help me a ton in sorting my dragons I'd probably sort by things like PB, CB, Checker, Messy, etc.
  10. Just found this one: http://dragcave.net/lineage/keddy
  11. I concur. But it might have just been something there because it was easier when it came to the way the coding is done. Which would make fixing it more of a hassle than you might think.
  12. I'm constantly trying to complete my holly breeding list @_@ I'm also trying to make a checker of celestials and Antareans, and a checker of falconiforms and spirit wards.
  13. Super fresh Noah's bagels @_@ it was worth getting up at 6 to go get.
  14. I really like this idea. While my internet is pretty fast and I don't normally have problems, I'm sure others might and that this might help them.
  15. I think we are. I haven't seen any more recently. CB metals would probably be worth them, in my opinion, 1:1. But that's just my opinion, obviously some people will be willing to pay more, some less.
  16. I've killed plenty of eggs between vampire bites, earthquakes, ND attempts and stuff like that I've probably killed hundreds. I was really into vampires for a while. I've also killed a good number of adults. Partially for zombies and partially to clear out ugly lineages.
  17. On the main site, if you go to "Account" and then to "Review User Descriptions" normal players can help moderate other player's dragon description proposals. TJ is probably saying he's looking for people who are familiar with, and use this feature
  18. I know this is an old suggestion but I think it's a good idea as it would allow for an even number of egg slots.
  19. I think I'll probably try applying this time :3 but probably when I'm not as tired as I am at the moment
  20. 1. I'm mo (or mo7, but I prefer mo) and I gift because I've pretty much reached my scroll goals and I like making others happy and helping lineages unfold. I got started gifting probably around when I had gotten everything I wanted from trading offspring from my CB holly. I ended up sometimes gifting commons from my holly to people I knew could use them in lines, and I started gifting BSAs, and offspring from things I was paid for holly trades (like prizes and stuff). I'm particularly proud of my gifts when I see that they're used in nice pretty lineages :3 2.When it comes to tools to gift with I really like raffling things off in the dragonlotto irc. I just find it fun. I also like dropping BSAs on newbies heads because I feel like you honestly need a good lot of reds and pinks and magis if you want to succeed in this game. 3. If you don't think you have anything worthwhile to gift, snatch up a few magis/pinks/reds from the cave, hatch them, and then give them to new players. That's what I do when all my stuff is on cool down. 5. I do kind of wish there were more dragonlottos and that more people knew about them/did them. They use to be more popular and they're pretty fun.
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    I'm rather fond of the ghost cat too ^^
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    Just wanted to post this in progress piece :3
  23. If it does ever need an edit, feel free to PM me and I'll get to it Also, I noticed the price for CB holidays. In my opinion it seems a bit low, especially for older ones. Perhaps it could increase by how many years have passed since they were released? Also I like the Trader's Canyon theme.
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    2016-04-01 - April Release

    I think the prank is their breeding Considering their BSA and all.