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    2017-12-25 - Happy Holidays

    Hmm warmth and garland huh? Very interesting
  2. I intend to breed my female holly and my new male holly next year and make a PB holly! Much hype.
  3. Well a CB male holly to go with my CB female will be amazing
  4. So while we're not quite passed the 14 day mark I did do a count again, and there were still only 38 hollies bred that I can see for a total of 101 2gs. There were at least 6 eggs/hatchlings that died so the real total was more like 107, but I only count the living. Whether or not it was 101 or 107, though, the average eggs per clutch is significantly lower than the past 3 years, when it was 3.4-3.5. This year it was 2.7 (101). Basically, this years breedings were not very lucky. However, the difference between the number of hollies bred in subsequent years was smaller this year. We're getting to a point where the holly owners left are more dedicated, it seems like. The holly which held the title of most prolific in terms of 2g holly offspring maintained its title this year, with 28 living 2g holly offspring. (You know who you are, you awesome breeder you, if you read this anyway). But two other hollies closed the gap and are just 2 2g holly offspring away from tying. We'll see what happens with that next year. Golds were the most common mate this year, with 6 used. Silver lunars, monarchs, and gaia xenos were the next most commonly used, each were used 3 times. As far as I know there are 848 2g offspring now in existence. Not all of those are adults, but most are. If anyone needs help with lineage creation, I'm always willing and happy to help people make pretty holly lineages. I'll be transferring over data sheet info and things soon.
  5. After my check for today, I've seen 38 hollies bred for a total of 93 eggs. Keep in mind the most accurate stuff won't be out until 2 weeks from today (when all of the ones bred today have 100% either died, grown up, or been frozen). At the moment, there is one clutch at 6d, one at 6d9h, and one at 6d22h, for those AP hunting.
  6. He was behind the banana tree for me, took me forever because of his coloring
  7. Added your stuff, ceri. Also, after my search today I found that 35 hollies have been bred, for a total of 84 visible 2gs.
  8. Alrighty, I added yours to the 3rd post, your first link was the same as the second though, which I assume was unintentional. So after today's check only one more holly was bred, creating a total of 30 hollies and 67 new eggs.
  9. 5:32 PM PST: Just saw a few holly x gold eggs that were at 6d13h, so keep an eye out for those in the AP, as they should drop in about 6 hours. 5:38 PM PST: Just saw a few holly x white eggs that were at 6d14h. Again, keep an eye out for those in about 6 hours. After today's check there are 29 hollies which have been bred, for a total of 65 visible 2gs. Keep in mind, I can't see fogged eggs, so that egg count is probably lower than what it actually is. The most accurate data won't be available until 2 weeks after the event ends, but this is a nice snapshot of the state of the hollies.
  10. 2nd gens aren't super common and there's actually fewer and fewer new ones each year because CB owners are slowly going inactive (check my holly data sheet in my signature or the holly tracking thread). Last I calculated, 2g were at least 4x or more valuable than 2g prizes based on how many exist (not public desire). 3rd gens are a bit more common, and 4th gens are more so. Checkers aren't very common though because it involves talking to multiple active holly owners who own the same gender holly. Stairs and spirals are far more common, and gold mates are one of the most often used. -advice from a cb holly owner
  11. Not sure how many people are watching this thread, but I will be holding a lotto in the dragonlotto irc at 5:40 PM PST (5 minutes from now). https://dragcave.net/lineage/ip9iu https://dragcave.net/lineage/asxdp https://dragcave.net/lineage/42xYn I'll draw 3 numbers, and the winners will get to choose in the order drawn. I don't care what you do with the eggs, be it trade, freeze, or AP, just don't kill it
  12. 4:19 PM PST: Alrighty everyone, I just bred and dropped my own holly eggies. So 3 gold x hollies will be hitting the AP in roughly 17 hours if I'm counting correctly. 4:38 PM PST: Looks like another holly just bred to a chrono, the eggs are currently at 7 days. There were at least 3. 5 PM PST: within the last 22 minutes it went down to 6d23h, to give you a more accurate time frame. 4:49 PST: 3 holly x indigo lunar eggs should be dropping in roughly 4 hours. The eggs were at 6d10h when I checked a moment ago. I am currently in the IRC giving updates as I find them if you'd like faster information.
  13. Here is one really impressive lineage someone made using my holly: White Stripe Checker I love being a part of lineages and breeding out of season holly babies to help people build things like this And then there's this that's being passed from holly owner to holly owner: http://dragcave.net/lineage/DIj1t
  14. Just a quick update: So far as I've seen, 13 hollies have been bred for a total of 26 visible eggs. Quite a few have been bred to monarchs. In the last hour I saw 2 hollies that had been bred 14 hours prior, 1 bred 12 hours prior, and one bred 2 hours prior to when I checked. So if you're hunting keep that in mind. I haven't checked all the hollies yet, but I've checked the ones I know where active. This doesn't take into account fogged eggs which I can't see. Edit: A CB holly was just bred to a caligene, it bred 3 eggs. ~1 PM PST
  15. Ooh cool, first page! Thanks for the update!
  16. All people and dragons listed here have been put here with their permission. If you wish to be on this list please state in a post which holly or hollykin you would like on one of these lists, and which list you’d like them on. Hollies People Have for Breeding Purposes: Caveborn mo7 - Female - In season trades arranged until ~2018 but feel free to ask about out of season 2gmo7 - Female holly (Christmisunderstanding) x pyrope, from Lotus of Christmisunderstandings, have checker mate oilbird - Male holly (DrWho) x blusang 3gmo7 - Male holly x Bright breasted wyvern stair from Saint Holly cerimonster - 3rd Gen Stairstep x Male Golds (Have mate of choice to go with - 2 male golds) cerimonster - 3rd gen EG checker x Pinks (old and new) (No matching mate, but you may have mate of choice cerimonster - 3rd gen male holly x Pinks (old and new) 4gmo7 - Male holly x Bright breasted wyvern stair from Saint Holly cerimonster - 4th gen Alternating SS x Skywings and white Stripes Your mate of choice 5gmo7 - White x holly spiral line from Hollyberry Mixed cerimonster - 4th gen EG mixed line cerimonster - 5th gen EG Hollies/Hollykin People Hope to Find Mates for: [*] cerimonster - 2nd gen female holly x Radiant angel (**Have organized for a 2nd gen radiant angel mate already**) [*] cerimonster - him either a third gen Bright pink checker ith male hollies or 2nd gen holly x female bright pink and 2nd gen female bright pink x holly. Holly Lines on Display:Holly Hearts Line which is being passed from CB holly owner to CB holly owner
  17. Basic CB Holly Stats CB Holly Breeding Stats CB Holly Owner Activity Based on Preceding Halloween Event Participation I didn’t start doing an official holly forecast until this year, so this section will be more filled out in coming years. *2g egg number is based on a 3.4 egg per clutch average as seen in years 2013-2016 CB Holly Owner Activity Based on Preceding Halloween Event Participation cont. 2016 Mates that Have Been Done Before: Based on CB mates only, there are a handful of nonCB mates. To see a more detailed look at mates, check the document in the first post. Male Holly Mates Albino (1x) Aria (19x) Black (4x) Blacktip (1x) Blusang Lindwurm (1x) Brightbreasted Wyvern (4x) Canopy (1x) Carmine Wyvern (1x) Electric (1x) Falconiform (1x) Fever Wyvern (1x) Frill (2x) Gold (5x) Greenwing Spotted (1x) Guardian (3x) Golden Wyvern (4x) Black Marrow (Halloween 10) (1x) Harvest (1x) Horse (1x) Ice (3x) Lunar Herald Silver (1x) Magi (2x) Magma (1x) Nebula Red (4x) Neotropical (3x) Pillow (1x) Pink (4x) Purple (7x) Red (4x) Autumn Seasonal (2x) Winter Seasonal (11x) Silver (2x) Skywing (1x) Stripe (1x) Suncrowned (Yellow Crowned) (1x) Terrae (2x) Thunder (1x) Tsunami (1x) Turpentine (1x) Rosebud (Val ‘11) (5x) White (41x) Gaia Xenowyrm (1x) Female Holly MatesBlacktip (1x) Blue-Banded (1x) Blusang Lindwurm (1x) Deep Sea (1x) Ember (1x) Frill (1x) Gold (12x) Guardian of Nature (5x) Golden Wyvern (3x) Black Marrow (Halloween ‘10)(1x) Horse (3x) Lunar Herald Gold (2x) Magma (2x) Purple (2x) Pyrope Pyralspite (1x) Royal Blue (1x) Royal Crimson (1x) Silver (4x) Speckle-Throated (1x) Stripe (4x) Sunsong Amphiptere (1x) Swallowtail (2x) Terrae (1x) Thunder (1x) Sweetling (Val ‘10) (1x) Radiant Angel (Val ‘14) (1x) White (5x) Gaia Xenowyrm (1x)
  18. Ho ho hello everyone! You may or may not know me, but really all that matters is that I am the keeper of this lovely document: Holly Stats and Information For the past three or so years, a few others and I have been working on gathering data on all of the CB hollies and their owners in order to form a better picture of the state of hollies. While I will neither be releasing the names of holly owners nor their holly information for obvious reasons, I am here to bring you all the statistics and information which might interest you otherwise. Holly owners may post about their own hollies, but please do not share other owner’s information, for reasons which are hopefully obvious. I know there were some people interested in knowing things like what the forecast for how many CB hollies would be bred this year, and people who wanted an easier way to find this link, so I figured this would be a great way to do so and maybe drum up some more interaction on hollies. 2g hollies, or even just decently clean lines, are often hard to get a hold of and people tend to think that they cost an arm and a leg (and in some cases they definitely do). Making lineages with them can become unthinkable. I want to make this a place where people can get lineage help for hollies. I know there are a lot of hollies out there which just don’t get bred and that’s really what dries up the market. So let’s work together to breed and trade more. If people are interested I’ll be adding a list of people with hollies they have and are willing to breed/trade during the event, and a rough description of their lineages. That way people can find and get in touch with others who could potentially form lineages together! Another list shall be one for people with hollykin for which they hope to find mates. I will also be making a section for people who simply wish to show off impressive holly lineages. If you have any questions or request for further statistics or graphics please feel free to ask. My data is based on a separate document which I will keep hidden. If you feel you may have a code I do not, please PM me the code for the holly or the holly owner’s name. I try to be as discreet as possible about holly owners, as I know there are some of us to wish to remain out of the public light. Most of my data for each year is compiled after the winter event has ended and enough time has passed for any last minute breedings to have aged to adulthood. Anything compiled before then for a year tends to be less reliable. Data for holly forecasting is compiled based on participation in the Halloween event, and does not take into account individual owner’s willingness or plans to breed, and thus is not 100% accurate. It should more be looked at as a sign of holly owner activity.
  19. I can help if you'd like, I have space to toss eggs back and forth. Feel free to PM me.
  20. Whether or not dragons should be prizes is an opinion, and you really don't need to be so rude about shooting down others/textually screaming yours. This is (or at least should be) a civilized chat where all sides can say their bit, which is what I was doing. I feel like there isn't anything really wrong with dedication prizes so long as they're available as we have things now, with holiday dragons dropping in high amounts. Also prizes and holidays aren't comparable imo in difficulty/method of obtaining. CB prizes were wildly erratic in how they were obtained and was entirely random. CB holidays, however, are typically "they will drop x day and anyone whose here can grab them." Even if your internet isn't great you can at least usually get some from generous people. So really your arguments about prizes hold no bearing over the conversation of obtaining prizes. Either you were here and caught them or you weren't. If someone missed out on the halloween/valentines/christmas event as I have a couple times in the past there are always people willing to gift to those who weren't as fortunate. I've been in that situation and I've also been the giftee at times. However, I know a lot of players who literally only play for those holidays which they couldn't get otherwise. I am of that opinion and my playing slows greatly outside of holiday release season. If I knew I could just get the releases in the future I'd probably end up not playing entirely. I'm not trying to bash you or your opinion. I'm just sharing my feelings on it, as we are supposed to do and allowed to do in the suggestions section. These are my feelings on something like this. On top of that is entirely possible to do lineages with hollies, yulebucks, val 09s and the like and I know this because I help people with that stuff all. the. time. That's literally what I do is help with lineages. There are many beautiful old holiday lines out there. Lastly, this method has the same problems that typical releases do where people who have limited time, internet or other issues.
  21. I didn't realize this was a thing with the new sorting until I read this thread. My scroll is still sorting based on the old method it would appear, probably because I haven't touched it since before then but I really prefer it the way it was before with the holiday groups. I just find it far more convenient, especially as someone who works with holiday dragons a lot (my holly for instance). Any method of allowing the holiday dragons to be grouped in some sort method would be great in my book!
  22. Personally, I feel like CB holiday dragons are dedication prizes, rewards for having remained here another year. On top of that multiclutches being reduced or removed to place in this idea I think is just really really limiting. You'd basically be sacrificing really really extensive beautiful lineages (or at least some of the ease of making them) for having more lineage-less dragons. Multiclutches are integral to the persistence of holiday dragons. I don't support this or the store giving Cb holidays.
  23. How weird. Was it ever working before? Have you bred them again since you noticed this?
  24. Woop, got at least one of each aside from frills and arias
  25. They almost definitely will wait until after DCs birthday so that mods and TJ will have time to read over and consider the applications. And there's undoubtedly a lot of apps to pick through so it probably won't be until summer time, by my guess.