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  1. On my 34th one. The last one I got was this thing: ermmm....what is it anyway?
  2. Go to incubate my Pumpkin egg and I find this there: Cake is a lie. X3
  3. Finally got my 30th treat So i have 62 left, I hope I can get them all. I really want the kitty and the scorpion.
  4. 24 now...getting tired. I've gotten a lot of apples and spiders X.x I don't normally like spiders, but these are...kinda cute I guess.
  5. 17/91 now. I got the gummy worms just now.
  6. Yum, I love these types of cookies On my 14th now.
  7. Whoo I got a pumpkin lollypop I want a skull...or the kitteh, I want the kitty X3
  8. No kidding, kudos to the spriters, all of you are made of awesome sauce ;3 Waiting patiently for my next trick or treat
  9. I only have 9 so far, but I'm having fun collecting them, the full collection probably looks really nice Oh and just got Cauldron bubble :3
  10. Candeh Apple ...or a heart on a stick, I can't really tell what it is
  11. Oohhh fun, I got a little pie like thing with a strawberry or something on top. it makes me want a sweet
  12. Oh really? I thought the number was a little high, cool, I can be done in no time in that case *Continues to collect treats* I got some funny little thing with a white mist coming out. O.o Kinda cool I guess.
  13. Hmm...so about 41 hours if you check every 11 minuets are needed to get all 91 treats. You could be done by Friday if you were that dedicated I have school though, darn. X.x I feel so behind, having only 3 treats when some people have like...31 now. Oh well, happy trick or treating everyone
  14. Just came on to check on my embers...and wow, cool little event going on. Will be collecting "treats" now I also managed to breed a total of three pumpkins, two kept and one to a lucky person on the A.P :3
  15. I remember the days hen the A.P was empty, and when C.B golds were not as rare as they are now. Not as many breeds, but not so far back as the fog or the old sprites My third year with D.C, it sure has grown. :3 Oh and C.B Blacks and Vines were all over the place, same with papers and Silvers, they weren't as scarce as now.
  16. For me, the 4 day mark is Late morning. Around 11-ish Anyway, I managed to catch two more *Hot* ones and another slightly warm one.
  17. *Points at magma like ones* Those were my most anticipated releases EVER. I'm definitely getting like 50 of them. The adults for them are so awesome, I've loved them from start to finish as a project. Thanks so much T.J for the release I like the other ones to, but im overjoyed about the magma-like ones. (Can't remember the name right now )
  18. Primary goal for me...is to collect all the breeds (Minus those I don't want) and reach my target number of certain breeds of dragons. Before all that though, I like to make sure that I have a male and female adult of each breed. Not to into the frozen hatchies, but I still get them occasionally. Overall relaxed player anymore, I used to be super into D.C, rare and competitive for new eggs and such not...not so much anymore. Nonetheless, I still love the thrill of new eggs, and breeding my favorite kinds :3
  19. Mine were Pygmy, Frilled and a Vine. three successes, one male, female and frozen hatchie... They all worked on the first try to, but I remember one I revived (An extra split) and he just revived normally.
  20. Well I've been gone for awhile...and to come back to a new release, awesome sauce right there I remember these ones, they're both pretty cool. Snagged two flamingos and two mountain breeze ones, tan and purple.
  21. Yay, my third Spitfire hatched, tomorrow night the other two will hatch and my first four will grow up :3 Talk about something to look forward to x3 And i am definitely going to collect the Spitfires, they are so awesome, and I've been waiting for them for a long time.
  22. My first four gendered PERFECTLY one set of males, the other set female.
  23. I honor all of them, although I have both Frills and Bright Pinks, I still will miss them both regardless.
  24. Eh the double description thing doesn't bother me that much, considering I have my fill of stripes, but I like both the spitfires and the stripes enough to were I wouldn't abandon either for the other... Basically, I'd keep whatever I got when I clicked the "brightly colored markings" egg.