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  1. Interesting, liking the design of these ones. Got 7, influenced to make sure I get one female and male out of the batch. And yes out of 7 eggs I have gotten only one gender out of all of them. My marrows were so female heavy this year
  2. Nothing to really say, I hope the people in the vicinity of the storm are safe. I can't really have a solid opinion on either side of the coin because I live out of the area of the storm. I somewhat disagree, But only because I think the LAST thing I'd be worrying about is eggs if I was in the storm, and there are plenty of people here who could of gifted them to the unfortunate ones to lose power in the wake of Sandy. I'll be here either way, but of people will likely be busy this weekend (Halloween parties for example that couldn't be held on the weekday).
  3. 5 egg slots will be open by Halloween for me...cant wait to see what the dragon is this year.
  4. This is such a fun event, I love how we get little surprises as we get closer to Halloween. Thanks for this great holiday treat so far!
  5. 54 treats so far. I believe I only have a few more to go; I sure love collecting them though.
  6. The cat stripes ^.^ Also back to ToT for me. I saw a new one and thought I was going crazy
  7. Came back after Hiatus for the big event. I'm so ready for DC again. Thank you as always TJ for the awesome Halloween event.
  8. This is awesome, thanks T.J I may get a G.O.N yet TwT
  9. Lost count, all i know is i've been summoning since the day it came out, and still nothing but a huge fail with a side of more fail... Ah well, maybe next time, though i doubt it will work
  10. talk about a huge wall of text Flake, that hurts my head to read! Lol, I remember keeping a journal for data and what not awhile back though, when i look back on it i remember getting so excited for some of my hatchies to grow.
  11. For me i only really play anymore for the new releases. I love the game don't get me wrong, but I've been here since the skywings collecting dragons like crazy. A reward system based on how long one has been here would be nice :3 Any of the previous suggestions sound good to me.
  12. I believe that is a technique used to show the size of the creature...if you look at the wings they dwarf the body and head size; from that I get: This dragon must be giant if the wings are that large compared to the rest of it. I dunno might just be me. But i've used that technique to show size in my own drawings before. (its mostly just the female tsunami that makes me think this) Anyway, awesome release. I only just now locked myself with this release. 2 of each and a turpentine, which i didn't have before
  13. Oh wow. I've been gone awhile, guess i have some eggs to catch. Happy late birthday DC, and heres to many more ;3
  14. He reminds me of a cake for some reason, but he's still looks so majestic and powerful. Great job on this guy Now...I can sleep.
  15. Potatoes are good though D: I've recieved two of the "I desire you for my flushed quadrent" Kind of hillarious... Those hatchlings are looking good, cant wait for the adults~
  16. Oh, nice looking hatchlings :3 this valentines event is pretty entertaining
  17. Bam, 2 eggs and done Happy Valentines day everyone, the eggs look awesome by the way Cant wait to see the hatchlings~
  18. I have 5. I have more Royal blues then I do the golden wyverns, but i'm fine with that. :3
  19. Seconded, the Hellfires look amazing with them :3 Cant wait for mine to grow up this weekend, so I can try the pair out for myself.
  20. Well I grabbed two golden wyverns...but only 1 royal blue. Now I'm locked with a miss clicked seasonal (Again lol), but I should be unlocked by the next hour or so. Going for more Royals as soon as that happens. :3
  21. But Old DC was amazing (it still is of course)...ah the days of the skywing and guardians... On topic I'm waiting for the hourly so I can try and get some Royal blues and maybe a gold wyvern if I'm lucky. But I to...forget to watch the time
  22. Oh yay~ these are the ones i was thinking of, soooo happy now. Beautiful sprites, awesome work spriters ;3 I will likely hoard the Royal blues...silver and blue look to good together :3 The golden wyverns always put me in awe as well, likely gonna get a bunch of those to. Gorgeous release, thank you so much :3
  23. Oh I remember these now, took me a minuet. Excitement indeed, but I missed the hourly due to working, hopefully I wont miss the next. I want to go for another shimmer :3
  24. Got two golden eggs this time, will go for a third once i can abandon this miss-clicked egg Pretty Dragons so far, thanks for the release T.J
  25. well hello new eggs. Need to still get a shimmering gold...I grabbed three blue ones though :3