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  1. First off let me say that I'm happy this is here, but I do have some complaints about it. I am among the many who are not exactly pleased with the Encyclopedia's execution. I don't get why suddenly the years I've spent collecting sprites goes toward... well nothing. If this really was an accurate count of everything I've done in my time here, why doesn't it stay true to that? For the record I understand the numbers beforehand don't exist, and finding them would be a pain. But I think it then makes the concept of it being a collection of "Everything you ever have done in DC"... well moot for the older players here who now look to have no stats whatsoever minus that they've achieved over the time of this feature being implemented. For those who say that we don't need auto-unlocks I get that. Its no fun to have everything unlocked at the start. Perhaps, if possible, to earn the picture or info leave it the same and make the older players have to raise/view those breeds to earn it? But still display the correct "Owned" amount? I want to at least please have it said that I've owned x amount of dragons... I mean it makes me kind of disheartened to see out of my armies I've raised over the course of years is just... non existent according to the encyclopedia. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the issue, but if the issue with the owned count is because the number doesn't go down for the "killed" or "zombies" or "released" then I fail to see how it effects said statistic because its "Owned". Even if I release a Red I still at a point OWNED the Red. Even if I zombied the Red, it still was owned therefor the number doesn't decrease because I can't ever change the fact that in the past I owned that Red. If it was "Currently Owned" I could understand the issue, but if its past tense I don't really get the problem. Maybe its difficult finding those numbers for everyone's previous statistics--? Why not just ignore previously killed/released/zombied ones, so their effect remains null on the count? Perhaps instead we could just start with the current number on the scroll as of now? I think that would make the older players happy to just see their work counted. Because otherwise they probably feel like me, and are a bit soured to see every time they look at a breed especially their favorites, that they've owned 0 while on their scroll they have tons. Again I appreciate the work and concept, its a lot of effort. I just wish its execution was a bit more accurate to the player's work was all. For now I wont be putting any work into filling it but I hope everyone enjoys it, it certainly is cool to see info about the breeds for those who are interested
  2. Pretty much on the same boat as some others. I don't have that much interest in lineages or anything like that, I just enjoy collecting the dragons. Were it not for new releases every month I'd get bored and wander off to other things. Admittedly I've gone on hiatus from this game more then once, but the new dragons keep me coming back anyway. And again you can never make everyone happy, though I appreciate everything that's done for us on this site. On topic, I hope others enjoy the encyclopedia, should be a fun little addition.
  3. Honestly what's 1 week going to do? Your chances are still the same, its a luck of the draw is all it is. It took me 4 years to finally get one, yes, but I wouldn't really complain. I got mine on the birthday event and trios help the success rate bit by bit, but one week or two doesn't make THAT much of a difference. I think what people need to stop worrying about is the instant gratification of getting a GON as soon as possible and don't want to wait the amount of time some do. But guys, they won't go away you have as much time as you need, sometimes you get lucky others you don't. They are rare dragons, ultra rare in fact so its probably going to take some time, just keep trying. As others have pointed out, Avatars are also breedable with other dragons and can make their own eggs so there really is not a need for this imo. Relax. Tis only a game and its meant to be enjoyed. To be fair though, Olympe's idea makes sense. A week added to the cooldown for each GON. I can see that but it isn't absolutely needed.
  4. Waiting on my GON to try breeding one of these, they're all cool. But hey I'm a sucker for dark destructive dragons. So Destruction is first for sure I like the others but they aren't my favorites mostly because of the facial features, but that's just me. Love the bodies, wings, and detail its just the faces throw me off. Hopefully I can get these three "soon-ish" :3
  5. I surprisingly managed to summon a GON after 4 years as well, right on DC's birthday this year. It was definitively frustrating, but I feel the pain of those without a single one. Those saying their 3rd will take awhile? You can't feel the pain of those who have yet to get a single one after 4 years =p I'll be trying to breed one of these new avatars once mine becomes an adult. I doubt I'll get a successful summon in June despite my large amount of trio sets so I'm expecting a good month before I have these three
  6. Awesome update, though my GON is only an egg seeing I just summoned one after years of fails. What a great birthday event! Happy Birthday to DC!
  7. Wow, stunning adults. I can't wait for my own to grow up now, again thank you to spriters for such great additions to the cave! I'll definitely be getting a lot of these.
  8. Snatched a second batch, and really loving the way these ones look. I can't wait to see adults tomorrow!
  9. Ices' from the trio dragons say hi. Lol. Unless you mean a release for ice dragons after that, after all it was sometime ago now the trio was released...ah nostalgia. :3 Anyway just saw the Stage 2 hatchlings and they look so awesome, can't wait for the adults in a few days. Thanks TJ and spriters.
  10. Interesting that the eggs haven't even cracked. Either way, count me excited for these ones. Managed to get 4 flame ones and 3 frost and am locked for now, looking forward to seeing the hatchlings
  11. Have a bunch of rare seeds, can't plant them because they wont grow before midnight sadly. Thank you TJ for the wonderful event, and of course the spriters for the dragon!
  12. Merry Christmas! Got one, will go for another once I'm not egg locked. The eggs are gorgeous this year too.
  13. Awesome forts guys. :3 Here's mine, standing strong just over 300hp. I'm about done with it save for a few details. Perhaps I stuck a little too close with the castle and realism look, rather then a snow fort (those snowmen are tempting, I admit.)...but overall I'm happy with it. My Fort
  14. Haven't been here in ages...I just kind of lurk and come back to get any new dragons these days. Life makes us too busy sometimes. =p Loving the Snow fort game, I'm about done with mine, feel free to look but don't attack it. I lack snow atm to repair. This was probably the event I put the most effort into, seeing I didn't finish either of the others (simply because I lacked the time). For dragons, nothing special, added another of each to my collection except for the Yulebuck, not a huge fan of them. I also managed to catch a Holly which I've wanted simply for completion sake, probably wont ever get another. But I'm happy to see everyone finally getting one this holiday! And of course, looking forward to the release this holiday as well. Thanks as always TJ.
  15. Ack--I missed the release. Ah well, the dragons are awesome, haven't managed to get any of those Imps but I'll work on that after I'm not egg locked Thanks for the release :3
  16. Loved this event, thank you so much TJ and spriters :3 The only thing I'm missing is variants of the coppers, but I'm patient, I can wait.
  17. What a great way to get back into DC, with a birthday bash ;p Happy birthday to DC, happy to be back to prove just how much fun you really are. Something just keeps me coming back every year ;3 Also, yay new two headed dragon! That's a rarity for sure, always have been a fan of multi headed ones. Looking forward to the rest of this release, and thanks as always TJ.
  18. Alt Blacks. I joined close to when they were released, just had to have them. And luckily it was back when you could tell the difference between the eggs of alts so it didn't take long to get one :3
  19. Right there with you. Beginning to think it'll never happen.
  20. Yeah...still nothing. I've lost count at how many times I've tried, and I even have a good amount of trios to. Ah well, next time maybe.
  21. Evil looking. That's awesome, I love them. Marrows have some competition now for Halloween next year on my scroll
  22. Yay, they've begun to hatch for me at long last only four more hours to go, I can't wait.
  23. Around 12am for my time, I'll have to try and stay awake. Can't wait to see them, maybe they'll be the ones to knock the Marrows off their current status as my favorite Halloween dragon. Either way excited for it, also in about 4 hours I'll have little purple lizards crowding my scroll~
  24. ...Guys. If it isn't broken...don't fix it. The site has as many members as it does for a reason, its a successful formula. Yes sometimes it does get stale, but the lack of complexity is its charm. Honestly I'm one of the "Older players" that often goes on Hiatus, but even so I ALWAYS come back, because its just the simple joy of knowing that it wont be ridiculously complicated for me to get what I missed when I do return, that keeps me coming back every time. I'm not against it entirely because some form of change might keep things fresh, but I'm also perfectly content with the way things are right now. I would die if it turned into something as complex as Magistream, that site just wasn't my cup of tea. I love DC, and I always will.