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  1. Well, I got two Hellfires, the BBW can wait till the next batch I guess.
  2. The Hellfires= Awesome and just plain cool looking (My fave sprite so far) The Sun Songs= Amazing and prreeetttyyy Nebulas= Creative and Eye catching BBW= Very well put together, and adorable. Overall, these four I highly doubt will dissapoint people. I've seen and remember all the adults, and they are all very nice. I'm still trying to catch a BBW, or a second Hellfire. I think Nebulas are rarest though, I only saw one last hour drop.
  3. Got them, I'm locked with a Vamp Egg, but as soon as it hatches, I'll grab a BBW.
  4. Snaged a Nebula and Sun Amphitire, all I need is BBW and Fell Flame.
  5. These are Amazing dragons, Ill definitly be collecting the Nebulas and the Fell Flames. Also the Sun Songs
  6. I KNOW ALL OF THOSE :DDDD Ish so excited
  7. Very nice idea, I've wanted something like this for quite a while
  8. Mhm, two, but thats all I ever wanted They're towards the end of my scroll.
  9. C.B Gold, back when they weren't so darn scarce
  10. I custom sort my scroll by Releases, favorites at top of each :3 The originals are at the bottom and then higher up are the newer dragons, I like my scroll sorted that way, the only ones that aren't by release are my Vamps (Since I like them close to the top) and my Seasonal (For pure sake of they look good in a set.)
  11. Hmm, guess I'm a Teacher...X) Interesting, I remember the old days in the cave
  12. Eh, I dont really think it's needed. I was gone last Summer for a week at California, and all the while with no computer access. having hatchies and eggs, I shoved them in Soti and Jade Destiny, as well as E.W.B.D in about 3 minuets before we had to leave. They lived through it. I think you can find a few minuets to put them in hatcheries or whatnot. If not though, then I guess it would be good, but ONLY if it freezes everything to discourage misuse. Either way, I'd probably never use it But people's lives are different, so I understand the need to hit pause I guess.
  13. I really do like the idea of piecing an egg back together, that way it would be fair and keep any disputes to a minimum. Perhaps if people didn't want others hoarding eggs, it could have a percentage of success? (I dont see why though, freezing hatchies always works...but piecing an egg would be a bit more challenging )
  14. I take this oath, may it help free the A.P. I swear to only breed when I know what I want, and never for experiment sake. Thank you for making this