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    ---Ragna the Silver Bloodedge----
    I did win the 2014 Raffle, http://dragcave.net/lineage/Ragna is my Shiny Silver Boy :)

    If you're interested in him, I will be doing requests on Ragna's lineage and I will breed to a female of your choosing. If I don't have what you're looking for in a mate you can provide if you want to put in the time (I simply don't have it anymore with college). I will give as many tries for your Shimmer as you desire and you can cancel a trade at any time. If you don't claim the egg in 24 hours however I will keep it or give it to the next available person.

    If I haven't gotten to your PM I apologize! I'm busy with college and my time is limited.

    For trading ideas I don't usually keep a list of what I want but here are some ideas:
    - Low gen Dragons from Alt Spriter Lineages
    - Shimmer or Tinsel Swaps
    - Prize Dragons from Lines I don't own (Low Gen, no higher then 4th Gen, they MUST be influenced so I can continue their lines please)
    - CB Metallics
    - Alt Blacks
    - Neglected
    - Low Gen Holly Promise

    You can choose to trade in advance and I will give you the next egg if you don't want to wait until I have it, and want to assure an egg. If you really want one I'm open to other offers as well. I have 5 people on the list at a single time.

    ----Swaps List----
    (These occur when we get the right timing down, swaps will ALWAYS take priority over anything else so I can fulfill them.)
    1. Rare Hunter 21 - 2G Bronze Shimmer Swap from Huntr arrangement (Royal Blue Mate)

    ----Current List-----
    Trading List is currently- Closed
    1. Artius - 2G Shimmer for Various Prizes and Alts (Mate of Nhiostrife Wyvern) (Received partially, working on my end)
    2. Viar - 2G Shimmer Trade for CB Metals (Cassare or Brute Mate) (Recieved, working on my end.)
    3. Synditrx - 2G Shimmer Trade for IOU of Prizes (Mate of Tsunami for scroll goal) (Recieved, working on my end.)
    4. Bloody Rose - 2G Shimmer Trade for IOU of various Prizes and an Alt (Mate of Desipis)
    5. Zaverxi - 2G Shimmer Trade for IOU of various Prizes

    ----Shimmer Lines offspring I own-----
    - Prowl
    - Izaya
    - Merry

    -----Tinsel Lines offspring I own-----
    - Golden Epica
    - F*ck
    - ERNA
    - DMHP
    - IWIN
    - Lexy
    - Artemis/Wind
    - Penk

    ---Scroll Goals---
    Own a 2G from each color of prize.

    Bronze Shimmer (Going to get one from Royal Huntress)
    Silver Shimmer (Hoping to get one from my own-- Ragna)

    Gold Shimmer
    Bronze Tinsel
    Silver Tinsel
    Gold Tinsel

    IOU to Zelxabyuasa - I received a neglected for a 2nd Gen of my Silver Shimmer. Working on an Egg from a Blue Nebula parent.
    IOU to Syndatrix - I received 3 3rd Gens for a 2nd Gen of my Silver Shimmer. Working on an egg from a Tsunami parent.
    IOU to Viar - I received several CB Metals for a 2nd Gen of my Silver Shimmer. Working on an egg from a Brute or Cassare parent.
    IOU to Artius - I received a 3rd Gen Gold Tinsel, still promised other things for the 2nd Gen Silver Shimmer.
    IOU To BloodyRose - Received part of payment for a 2nd Gen Shimmer, have received one 3rd Gen Silver Shimmer.
    IOU to CapriciousT- Received 4/12 4th Gen nice lineage Shimmers, and am promised one 3rd Gen-- for one of my 2nd Gens.