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  1. Got my two eggs in two refreshes : D Merry Christmas to all!
  2. Managed to spaz click 3 eggs. : D Awesome way to start Halloween. One piece Chopper style
  3. Awesome! and this site is hanging on by a thread. I can barely get into the site. lol
  4. Well, this was interesting. Went through it in 10 minutes. But this event is pretty awesome to have. decided to go through it again and read the story.
  5. Voted for a couple of trees, and I see lots with ornaments covering most of the tree. Barely any green left
  6. I think if everyone's tree were real, it'd all break from all the ornaments, especially the gold + silver dragon ornaments 24K ftw
  7. I just randomly decorated my tree with as much colour as I possibly can Silver & gold has taken over my tree.
  8. Rapisu: Has my owner GONE CRAZY, killing 4 dragons, everyone is scared to even approach him, his sword still has the blood stains of what's left of the 4 dragons..............even I am scared there's a new dragon who goes by the name of Kagedorugoramon hmm, he is scary, but I think he has minor memories of us, because he doesn't attack us, though he does wake up at night and guards all the dragons and eggs, but seems to be dead in in the morning and afternoon. the two vampire are excited as we have a new vampire egg, we all hope it's a male. Oh no, Razuri thinks the leetle tree is a scrubbing post. Better make him stop before it breaks. Is that a good thing?? Razuri
  9. Dear Journal: It's been a while since new eggs came, my owner has been very pleased with what he caught. Everyone sensed that and the mood in the small community was a bit more cheerful. Everyone is always crowding around the cheese, but everyone knows not to touch it or else Kinoko would get very mad, She has actually beaten everyone in a fight competition, she would even teach the young dragons some fighting moves to protect themselves. but she loves to take care of them and she is one of the kindest dragons around. Our owner has even brought home a small little egg, it doesn't look like Chibi-Kame's egg, I guess she might have somebody her own size to play, we are always careful in case one of us steps on it, then it won't just be Kinoko that would be mad at us!! Well, it's been an awesome summer and all the dragons have been enjoying it. me and Razuri haven't been getting along that well, and our owner has been a bit suspicious of us. hope our friendship can't get any worse than it already is. I'm going to go and have a bit of air around the mountains and try and figure out a solution, me and Razuri are the oldest dragons in our community and other dragons can sense our clouded thought and it affects them negatively. I do hope I figure something out fast. ::Rapisu::
  10. Dear Journal: I wonder what this tree is for? my owner and another person brought it back with great joy. We usually keep it away from Tongari as he might burn it up by accident. The two new dragons seem to be always in a happy mood, they like to have conversation with everybody. My owner seem to be using Akame-kun to fly over the mountains for supplies more often, I wonder why he didn't tell me to come with him? Oh I got to go, owner is calling all of us, don't want him to discover what I've wrote. *Rapisu*