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  1. TCA

    Pokemon Go

    I could use a hand with the new Special Research task to make a new friend.
  2. https://dragcave.net/view/RiY3t Two-headed wyrm!
  3. Lol I got a treat that's literally just Spamton.
  4. Hi, as an observer, I wasn't interpreting "cats maim and kill for fun" as implying sadism, but as a sort of, cats find hunting fun the same way a kid finds playing capture the flag fun, in terms of exercise plus objectives, a sort of "yay I caught the thing!", without the cats really having any understanding of the suffering inflicted, because it's equally fun for them to play-hunt with moving toys. The maiming and killing is a consequence of them having fun outside with native wildlife and they don't know they're causing the prey pain because they're cats. But cats certainly are complex enough to experience something like pleasure, even if it's different from a human experience of it and likely simpler, and that's why indoor cats still need enrichment that lets them fulfill those behaviors--because they are capable of pleasure and boredom. Are there any studies about the long-term effectiveness of TNR programs on cat populations on islands, where cats migrating in from nearby areas isn't really a thing?
  5. Ticks aren't insects but they are the worst.
  6. https://dragcave.net/lineage/I0xXx Huh.
  7. 5 is definitely too few. Perhaps 5 per trophy level?
  8. TCA

    Pokemon Go

    We're literally getting Galar Pokemon before Kecleon.
  9. Fun fact: Everyone is saying cobra because of the hood, but the Temple Wyrm's head shape is actually based more on a viper than an elapid.
  10. Lol thank you for this, it made me laugh.
  11. Well, they use the same base shading as the Arcanas and a really similar one to the Rifts, which are all different from the standard egg shading.
  12. Sure! I got one, where do I send it?
  13. Uhhhh it's complicated but it should have been "This sandy egg has a scaly texture."
  14. Actually, the Hydrophidius doesn't have the egg description I wrote for them and I suspect they got this same description by mistake.
  15. https://dragcave.net/lineage/lRw02 eyyyyyyyyy okay now what do I do with it
  16. https://dragcave.net/view/rbP6O New 2-headed amphiptere adult~
  17. Still egglocked from the release, I can try them after the egg I'm ERing hatches. Edit: No interest this time!
  18. this is a completely unfair level of adorable oh my gods
  19. I finally unlocked the curled alt black adults in the Encyclopedia!
  20. Popping in here to confirm that yes, they are in fact called Blizzard Wizards now.
  21. Interesting thought: how much of "gender differences" is socialized/learned rather than inherent?
  22. I wasn't told not to, so the Holiday 2011 is now called the Blizzard Wizard! This is not a joke btw, this is real.