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  1. Seal - Kiss From A Rose Baby, I compare you to a kiss from a ro-smack-
  2. I name my Daydream hatchling 'Spriatima' (after 'spritati' and 'spritima') And I noticed my V '09 had parents with 'Schnee-Loewes' in their names so I named the hatchling 'Schnee-Loewes Pepto-Bismol'.
  3. ....Do Vampires count? Because I got a Vampire egg that's inbred.
  4. BoomBoomBingBang


    I have always been very fond of Feel Good Inc., Clint Eastwood, DARE and 19-200(mostly the soulchild remix). I first saw them on an ad for some sort of music CD. They scared me at first.
  5. All these kind of things is why I'm afraid of showing anyone anything I make. And being a bit of a perfectionist can make me dislike most things I draw. It's even worse not having a tablet or accessible scanner. :C
  6. Name: I doubt a dragon has my username. 'Boom' brought up a Gold Dragon. 'BoomBoom' brought up a Magi Dragon. But through my real name, I am a............ Waterhorse Dragon. Code: Real name brings a Terrae Dragon. While my user brings a Black Dragon. EDIT: Decided to use another name I've been going with lately. Name is a White Dragon Code is a Water Walker
  7. That actually gave me an idea of something funny to name my Vampire dragon. x3 .....who is actually inbred. But it doesn't matter, it won't be able to breed anyways.
  8. I haven't done it before But I am now going to do that next time.
  9. I love drawing~ But I never find myself as good as others. I need a tablet. I actually have paint open right now. :B
  10. I don't care too much for inbreeding. If it's inbred, I just avoid breeding them.
  11. A few days ago, I had one where I was watching our two cats when one of them, an all black one, manages to jump from the floor to a pan FILLED with oil on one side. Why it was all on one side I will never know. When I get her out, her fur was completely white and pretty much looked like a different cat. She was also not moving. So after closing the door to make sure the other cat doesn't do it, I run next door to where my mom and grandma are, only stopping for a car (for some reason) I showed her to my mom, and she doesn't seem too shocked. Then she yammers on about a similar incident or some story, I don't remember. Then she leaves with the cat to show grandma. After a few secs, I look out the room door to see that they already managed to skin, cut up, and fry the cat. o_o Mom then turns to me and says 'a little crispy, but why not have a little fun?' I only seem a little uncomfortable when I eat something they say is made of cat hairs. They used a fancy word for cat hairs. I think it was 'Rednas', I don't remember exactly. And that's all I can remember before waking up. ......yea.