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    He's, as definitely evidenced by the books, not just a Stalker With A Crush. That's not always a bad thing, actually. It could have been interesting, creepily enough. But what he is is actually rather abusive. He drops Bella like a hot potato once and she, the "caregiver", loses all hope and care for the world, and completely melts into a catatonic state, basically. He knows about the effect he has on her, yet he leaves her on her own. I know people quarrel, and there are a lot of factors. One, because Bella is a weak character, and spontaneously collapses without him; two, because
  2. I really hope he agrees! This could save (pixel) lives! yup! The one problem is there are two completely different suggested implementation methods, both need to be developed more. If TJ would be so kind as to look at this and tell us which he would approve of more, we could really tackle it and start fleshing it out. Yes. I do like what you have so far, though. It's very creative.
  3. I really hope he agrees! This could save (pixel) lives!
  4. I love this idea. This would put a stop to retaliation in a wonderful way. It's a good example of dragon companionship!