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    Probably elsewhere
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    -Cats, dinosaurs, snakes, lizards, griffins, unicorns... cool animals in general?
    -Graphic design, photography
    - a n y t h i n g g r e e n
    -Hiking, swimming, rock walls

    As far as DC goes, my scroll is full of mostly AP rescues. I don't really care about lineages, but will try to breed cool checkers when I can.

    Favorites / always seeking:
    - Golden Wyvern
    - Silver
    - Firegems
    - Ice
    - Glaucus Drake
    - Terrae
    - Pipio
    - Tercorn
    - Aqualis
    - Aeon Wyvern
    - Aeria Gloris
    - All Xenos
    - Magelight & Glowback Pygmies
    - Magi/Black checker (any gen)
    - Heartstealer/Almerald checker
    - ANYTHING with a silly code or silly-named lineage