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    -Cats, dinosaurs, snakes, lizards, griffins, unicorns... cool animals in general?
    -Graphic design, photography
    - a n y t h i n g g r e e n
    -Hiking, swimming, rock walls

    As far as DC goes, my scroll is full of mostly AP rescues; as such, the non-caveborn dragons sport a wide variety of lineages ranging from gorgeous stairsteps to muddled masses of inbred-ness stretching onwards into infinity.

    Nevertheless, if you see something nice and you'd like me to breed a certain egg for you, just PM me. I can almost always be convinced to trade for a Golden Wyvern, an Ice, a Glaucus Drake, a Falconiform Wyvern, an Avatar of Creation/Change, or ANYTHING with a silly code or silly-named lineage.
    (I'm a sucker for all of those, but there are many, MANY other breeds I like, so don't be afraid to ask.)