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  1. can dead dragons be saved somehow? i feel like i remember something about being able to do that... at the top is my bleeding moon baby. hes a tomb stone?
  2. I've gone to the coast, jungle, and forest several times a day for the past few days and haven't seen the july release. I see plenty in the volcano of the script dragons. But no Baikala dragons. I'm getting worried I won't be able to collect them for breeding.
  3. Thats awesome that you got a part-time job in something you like! I need a job on the side of my art and my dream job is working with animals. I was going to volunteer vet assist but I need the money right now so I believe I'm gonna try to get a job at a pet shop. My dog had to be put to sleep the day before yesterday. she was in and out of the hospital for about 2 days but finally it was our only option. I've just been lazy and playing videogames and been on the computer to cope.
  4. I can't find one anywhere... Anyways nice new dragons!
  5. I agree Gist, it's not ready. Little Lost Dragon, as log as we're on this topic I thought I would point out these grammatical errors: Should be "an interesting". A comma after "Foothold" is proffered. I was going to wait until you changed the first issues though, to keep it simple.
  6. Hey Little lost dragon, I'm a test approver now so I'm just gonna give your RP one little critique that I found would help in starting your RP. Otherwise it's really good! Plots are very important and especially for a DC RP this is a good one. It's just, with this plot, I can't quite see your RP shooting off right at the beginning as it should. Plots are there to get the RP going so the players know what their doing. Please add these aspects: - Where are you when it starts, what's the environment? - Is there a goal? If so describe it. - Is the player near any of the oth
  7. Not to rush anything but, is my Med cat officially accepted Starsea?
  8. Stupid spell checker and its lack of vocabulary! D< It changes everything and I sound like a idiot. o3o Anyways, you totally should apply!
  9. mumzy


    Ok thanks! Ooh sounds scary.. I wanna read it!
  10. Whoa!! ;U; What an honer! *bows* I'll read your guide Gist! So I know what to do when you die and I inherit your approver place of awesomeness! X3 (Haha, I'm teasing of course.)
  11. I've never went to school. I'm home schooled. Right now I'm in Penn Foster, so yeah, it's pretty sweet.
  12. Yes, much better! I like the way you put things that might have been misunderstood together.
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    I need some help. I have wordpad and notepad... How do I count my words?
  14. Hi, just so your know I'm a test approver, not a real approver. But I will be looking over your RP. First, you should clarify what time period it is. I see it mentions knights but it would be good to give further information. The dragon-stone is hidden in the same place every year? Could you give just a little more detail? Homage? I had to look it up! Good one! It's a medieval term, so, if the RP is in the middle ages then your writing really puts you there. Could you tell us what the current conflict between the humans and the dragons are soon after this sen
  15. Scroll Name: Mumzy Forum Name: Mumzy Why are you applying for this job: I'm very active and I think I can really help out, as I always have access to the internet. I can sit for the holidays too. If you want anymore info just ask.
  16. Username: Mumzy Name: CopperStar Age: 5 Gender: She-cat Position: Leader Clan: River Clan Appearance: [X] History: She grew up with her mother and father in the River Clan all her life. Then when she was only months old a small, fragile kitten was brought in to her life. "I remember the very day she was brought in our nursery." She claims "Sick, very sick she was. I was never so aware of my hierarchy in the nursery until that day." Her father came running in "She's going to d-die! Someone help" All the caretakers of the nursery stormed by and fed her mice from the pile o
  17. Since about '08 I've wanted a vampire. I still do!
  18. I used to be on 10 RPs on another site. DOIT Gist DOOOIT!! (teasing)
  19. If I had known they needed a leader more I should've joined. I would need a different cat though because WinterPelt isn't the best leader...
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    I've heard about it on dragonflycave.com and have wondered about it. Now I know what it is at least. Maybe I'll participate.
  21. Ok I see now Khay. Thanks for clearing that up. Gist, it needed to be cleared up between us all anyway.