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  1. I know i'm a bit late to add to this topic, but here are the holiday dragon groups I have. I hope it helps people. Valentines dragons Halloween dragons Solstice dragons Papers, Dinos, etc
  2. Sent to lovecats99 >^.^< Scroll name is Stripey
  3. Thank you TJ! Cookie decorating finaily works for me on my iphone. It'll be so much nicer to touch-paint the cookies instead of mouse paint.
  4. I will add my voice to those who can't do the event on mobile. It's fine on my computer, but on the mobile, once I click anything in the menu, i can't add anything else to the cookie. I have lots of plain white cookies because of this.
  5. Finally created Generation 72 of my imbricated golden wyverns project. Getting generation 71 to breed was tough. Only 28 more generations to go till 100!
  6. So these are supposed to vary in type based on the biome they come from? I got one from each biome, except volcano (no luck there) and they are all the same type, Staterae. Am I wrong in thinking they would be different?
  7. I'll add myself to the list of people who can crochet and sew, and add that I can weave cloth and spin, so I can make the yarn I use as well. I can also cook over a wood fire, preserve food (canning and drying), do leatherwork of various kinds, and I can do basic repairs to various things. Gotta love being raised by an older generation who taught me lots.
  8. I got to the 70th generation on my inbred even-gen Golden Wyverns! The beautiful and very inbred dragon. Only 30 more generations to go. If anyone wants offspring from this line, please let me know.
  9. I get the same timed out message too, the " Login timed out. Try again by messaging !register to DCBot on Discord. " Even when I get everything done super quick.
  10. I have finally reached the 60th generation of my pb, very inbred, golden wyvern line! Started this line back in January of 2012, when I got the two caveborn originators of the lienage.
  11. Me upon seeing what the event was this year: "Oh no, a stupid school-age dating game." Me upon completing a couple stories: "Can I skip the first section and get to the point where I make choices? I want to see all the endings."
  12. I managed to hit the 50th generation on my even-gen project!
  13. Thank you TJ for making the new eggs common enough that I am very happily locked with 4 hatchies and 2 eggs of each breed. Now to wait for the older hatchies to grow up so I can haunt the AP again. 😸
  14. All of you who do the stripe lineages have way more patience than I do. Some really lovely ones too. The even gen project I am working on isn't nearly as nifty, as it is all inbred.
  15. Day job kills internet time for many of us.
  16. I have hit generation 41 on my golden wyvern even gen project!
  17. I got to the 40th generation of my very inbred golden wyvern lineage project!
  18. No eggs for me either They're dropping now