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  1. Really wish I knew about the squash space requirements before I planted them. That sort of info should be in the shop screen.
  2. I had been missing a few years worth of eggs, but now my collection is complete. Thanks for bringing the old eggs back!
  3. I got a fool mint last year, so I chose to say nothing this year. Enjoy your fool mint, whoever blamed me.
  4. Please allow cookie duplication. The lag makes it frustrating to constantly make new designs.
  5. Does anyone else get bad lag when decorating cookies? I'm getting about a second's worth of lag whenever I start drawing frosting on mine, and it makes decorating difficult.
  6. Sending another swanky snowman. Scroll: Fortis (Edit: Or I will once this cooldown ends.) (Edit edit: sent)
  7. Swanky snowman cookie en route to sara4cows. Scroll: Fortis
  8. Fields_of_Heather is getting a posh snowman. Scroll: Fortis
  9. I really like being able to get old treats. Will the borders from the missed years also show up?
  10. Say, what's the interval between clicking on one treat, and the next one appearing?
  11. Got me an upside down mint! Also, I went through my collection and saved a bunch of the new sprites. Lemme know if it'll help with the wiki and I can zip up the lot of them and send them.
  12. Haven't made a tree yet, but I've been having fun with the gingerbread decoration.
  13. And there it is. They held out until dawn. Despite the zombie hordes, the keep still stands. We honor the fallen Magma dragon, who gave his all defending us.
  14. My dragons continue to fight valiantly. One has fallen, but the end of the siege is less than a half hour away. Here's hoping they can survive.
  15. This setup seems to be serving me well so far. Left it going overnight, and the wall of magma dragons is still intact.
  16. Okay, now I'm really curious about the Aeria dragons. What are they looking for? What is their alien/primordial connection? It sounds like there's an interesting story behind these dragons.
  17. Here's mine. It's not as elaborate as some of the others.