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  1. Got me an upside down mint! Also, I went through my collection and saved a bunch of the new sprites. Lemme know if it'll help with the wiki and I can zip up the lot of them and send them.
  2. Haven't made a tree yet, but I've been having fun with the gingerbread decoration.
  3. And there it is. They held out until dawn. Despite the zombie hordes, the keep still stands. We honor the fallen Magma dragon, who gave his all defending us.
  4. My dragons continue to fight valiantly. One has fallen, but the end of the siege is less than a half hour away. Here's hoping they can survive.
  5. This setup seems to be serving me well so far. Left it going overnight, and the wall of magma dragons is still intact.
  6. Okay, now I'm really curious about the Aeria dragons. What are they looking for? What is their alien/primordial connection? It sounds like there's an interesting story behind these dragons.
  7. Here's mine. It's not as elaborate as some of the others.
  8. This game is fun, but it could use a 'harvest all' button to pick up all resources, and a 'repair all' button to quickly fix up my fort. It's particularly annoying to have to move walls in search of resources hidden behind them.
  9. Can the snowball walls and corners not be rotated? I'm right clicking on them but nothing is happening. EDIT: Nevermind. I figured it out. I needed to right click after I had selected 'move'.
  10. Never meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup. So no.
  11. Sure do. Welcome to Ye Olde Potion Shoppe. The window in the back of the display actually held a Pepper's Ghost illusion. I had a TV playing videos of ghosts laying flat, which was reflected by a sheet of plexiglass. It's hard to see in the picture, but there is a faint image of a ghost in the lower left of the window. Also, had to include a small homage to Mario Bros in the display, because Mario Bros is awesome. Not shown is the big cauldron filled with Reeses cups that I passed out to the children that came.
  12. Do you mean this one? That's a Tarr, from the game Slime Rancher.
  13. My church has an event on the weekend before Halloween called Trunk or Treat. People bring their cars, and decorate them up in Halloween fashion, and pass out candy to the neighborhood kids. They also have a few gift cards for the people who had the best displays in their cars. I won second place with a wizard's potion shop setup last year. They've also got carnival like games and a chili cook-off contest. It's a lot of fun.
  14. I am so darn lucky I decided to check Dragon Cave before I went to bed.
  15. I thought there might have been a release tonight. Glad I checked.
  16. I find it amusing that the most expensive item in the market is the common domestic chicken.
  17. Do we only get one shot at the dragon's Dilemma?
  18. It was by the skin of our teeth though. The princess flower was the very last one I sent.
  19. I know I definitely got those Messenger. Between us all, I think we got them the full flora set.
  20. Well, I started at the end of the list and was working my way to the first one. I got as far up as princess flower.
  21. And that's everything! You people are awesome! Especially mathcat, jewel21, and Pippyspot. Thank you!