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  1. ok which egg is the tardis egg that people are talking about?
  2. Lots of OCD people... >.> I'm not the only one!
  3. Okies. This stuff's all new to me. =) I've been on the site for years but never been around for special events I come and go... a lot.
  4. Ok. I'm confused about all of this. Are the winners not getting their dragons right away? Cause if they did get them I'd kind of think they'd be posted somewhere for others to see or something by now Oo.
  5. >.> I've been reading through this waiting for someone to say they actually won... but doesn't look like anyone who's won has seen it yet.
  6. I've got quite a few inbreds... doesn't bother me any... I just don't tend to breed them unless they're pink, purple or red.
  7. I'm using firefox, I refreshed, I closed and reopened the browser... and still nothing. I'm gonna try downloading Chrome... wish me luck T_T
  8. I'm not able to make anything. I'm just collecting recipes I can't use. =S
  9. Gift Report: Gifter -> Ashura09 ChaoticAngelKitten: Gold Egg Metallic received: Link