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v445yx.png redbriar.png 6645493383_7c6e66d3fe_t.jpgIOU Friendly | I <3 Spriter Alt dragonsIn desperate need of a Caveborn Gold egg or female hatchlingSee my Profile for a detailed Wish ListAlways looking for more Red, Pink, Purple & Magi hatchlings/low time eggs


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    England, West Midlands
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    :IOU's: (on a case by case basis, please ask if interested in anything)

    whiteblossom123, one of the following
    - 2nd gen Gold from male Gold x female Bright (Old) Pink
    - 2nd gen Silver from male Silver x female Falconiform
    - 2nd gen Gold from male Gold x female blue Nebula
    - 2nd gen Silver from female Silver x male Pink

    bouken, Se'ras shiny/I'm Not a Spy shiny

    ::WISH LIST::
    Always interested in any and all breedable species of Cave Born dragon hatchlings and low time eggs.

    CB Coppers (Green or Red, any Biome)
    female CB Gold or egg
    Dinosaurs (any colour but green)
    CB Pyralspite Almandines (I have none, need at least one for a project)

    Caveborn or nicely lineaged Red, Pink, Purple or Magi dragons
    Caveborn or nicely lineaged Neglected dragons (I don't have one yet)
    Any nice lineaged Thuweds
    Alt Black/Vines with clean low-generation lineages
    2x male Yellow Undine with Cave Born Undine parents
    1x female Yellow Undine with Cave Born Undine parents
    2nd or 3rd gen Tinsel and/or Shimmer-scales (any colour)

    Holiday dragons with stairstep or spiral stairstep lineages (missing many due to my absence)

    Soulpeace/Two-finned Bluna/Shallow Water/Ultraviolet dragons with Cave Born parents or nice lineages

    I <3 any checkers with bright or purple coloured dragons in them like these http://dragcave.net/lineage/JP5uV http://dragcave.net/lineage/o9tZf

    Always looking for dragons with Spriter alts in their lineages, always. <3

    Any none-messy staircase/checker low-gen dragons with a Frill or Bright Pink parents (Bright Pink x Gold, Frill x Dark Green etc). Particularly if someone can breed an unrelated mate for http://dragcave.net/lineage/qGzZZ