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  1. Ah, I see. It's just because I was watching 'Have I got news for you' one time and the host was mocking the poshness of someone while his accent was extremely posh as well and one of the other people was calling him out on it and the name Astoria came up. I'm like 95% sure the host actually comes from London. Yeah, I know about the different areas of London producing different accents and it honestly confuses the hell outta me
  2. Hey Tiki would someone from Astoria have an accent considered to be posh? I'm actually not sure if Astorias even a place in England (Is it an area of London?), so I may be shooting blanks here but I'm curious.
  3. I can move my pupils, like make them bigger or smaller no matter the light and I can move my ears. heh can't really do much else.
  4. I'm from New Zealand, so I have a New Zealand accent, which I find is kinda boring. Accents have always facinated me and I love trying different ones on, especially an Irish one, but I'm absolutely terrible at any American accent with an exception to a deep southern Cajun accent, which isn't that hard anyway really. You know what's really hard though? A south african accent, by the Gods. Eastern european accents are especially fun.
  5. I'm 5'9" myself, nearly 5'10" actually, come on.... so close. I just need to grow like half an inch.
  6. I enjoy the first few bites, but after i eat the whole thing, I just get a headache and feel a little nauseous. I dunno if the taste of those bites are worth it.
  7. I was in this garage with all my friends and we were researching something, I think it was something to do with trees and this woman came into the room and started shooting and killing all my friends (there must have been at least 15 of us). I was pretty much pissing myself in fear, so I cowered behind one of the desks, trying to keep quiet. The woman walked around the desks and saw me. I pleaded with her not to kill me but then she just shot me once in the chest, in the shoulder and twice in the stomach. You know in death dreams you usually just die instantly? Not this one. I remember tr
  8. I know exactly how you feel, English Naruto's voice is extremely grating. I don't mind the -attebayo on the japanese version, but "believe it!"? seriously? I'm glad I only watched a few episodes.
  9. People who make mountains out of mole hills for attention >_>
  10. Rynn is just a more stylized version of Rin and my favourite animal is a Fox :'D
  11. The Wow! signal... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wow!_signal some alien ship probably derp'd for a minute and a bit there and let out a signal accidentally.
  12. The tenth dimension just broke my brain. I also had the future of our world in another tab, which started playing and giving epic music to the dimension video
  13. Hey, whatever floats your boat, right?
  14. Oh yeah man, I still do here, aswell. They're awesome. FOR EVERYONES BENEFIT: The magic schoolbus was awesomesauce
  15. It was bananas in pajamas, sesame street, Barney and the muppets for me. I freakin' loved the Muppets.
  16. The Beatles 'Yellow Submarine' IT NEVER ENDS
  17. District 9, American History X and Inception for me. Daaaaymn just can't get enough, I swear I've watched district 9 atleast 6-7 times and it still isn't old AT ALL. American History X has an amazing (and slightly heartbreaking) story and I love Inception for the plot, SPX and the actors (mmm Joseph Gordan-Levitt and Tom Hardy).
  18. Watch REC, it's the only horror movie to date that had me nearly pissing myself and needing to clutch someone in fear.
  19. I'm in my 2x5m space and I can hardly move my legs due to the junk that resides under my desk at this very moment.
  20. I've eaten cow stomach lining which was disgusting, downed raw eggs and some pig kidneys. Hmmm, I like mashed potatos and tomato sauce, hmmm I can't think of anything else that counts as odd.
  21. Something like this: ARRRGGGH IT'S SO PRETTY!
  22. as soon as I turn 18, I want a tatt, just dunno what yet. Probably something religious
  23. I go to an all girls school, so nothing EVER really happens, well, actually, a couple of times guys from the boys school up the road have streaked through our school. That was funny. Especially when they got tackled by the deans. Also every year the seniors (Year 13) have prank wars between the boys and girls at the end of the year, even though everyone always gets in trouble. It's my turn this year, and man, we need to sort out what we're going to do. It was suggested we get a long as chinese dragon costume and 'glide' through the boys school
  24. Rynnfox


    HEEETAAAALIIIIAAAAA <3 Oh man, I love that series, especially the pairings people come up with (ausxnzausxnzausxnz). I just like the historical context in it (and the awesome fan art). Gah! hehehe Me: