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  1. Why do the freaking zombies always go up the sides? It's driving me up a wall. My "brilliant" plan is slowly disintegrating.
  2. Why are cb lunar heralds, fire gems, gemshards, and blusangs so hard to find? It's driving me up a wall.
  3. I wish to fight with the Blackfyres! Scroll name/link: Drafgonmage Preferred lineage (if any): Arcanus Blackfyre and Arcana Blackfyre preferred Number of eggs: (1 or 2) 2 please Other: I don't have much of a preference on breed. PS: My birthday is coming up this Saturday.
  4. I wish to announce a new Targaryen! Name/Link (please use lineage link): Vahaenar Targaryen Gender: Male Parents: Uhmoz Targaryen and Haehra Targaryen Generation: 3 Scroll name/Link: Drafgonmage
  5. Sorry @Mow they didn't want to make an egg this week, the brats.
  6. I think my encyclopedia is broken or something. It doesn't want to show some images that I should have unlocked.
  7. @Mow Viseria Targaryen and Nymerion Targaryen are mine. They hatched a successful baby, so I know they can breed. I just have to wait until my fogged eggs hatch.
  8. @Mow Are you still interested in an offspring from my Targaryens? I can try to breed you one if so.
  9. Celiysetherri Some of the food-things tasted better than others. The organic that the tasty moving things came out of was soggy-wet like everything around the slime but there was also a bitter tasting thing. The bitter thing crumbled as the slime absorbed it. The tasty heavy moving things were better than the organic they came out of, but food-things were still food-things and the slime needed food-things. (I'm hoping to find something for more senses soon. It's pretty hard to write for something with touch, taste, and rudimentary smell.)
  10. Celiysetherri The slime needed more food-things and oozed towards where the food-things had been coming from. It waved the antennae in the direction of the food and smelled the food-things it had absorbed before. The slime pulled itself toward the smell faster, intent on getting more food-things to grow with. It also began to secrete tiny hard lumps in layers over its body.
  11. *glares at Igen's senior queen* I owe babies from you, clutch already.
  12. Celiysetherri The slime sensed wiggly things brushing up against it and reached out to absorb them with blobs of itself. The hard surface it bumped into next also tasted like a food-thing and the slime attempted to absorb that as well. It needed more food-things to get bigger and that was what it was supposed to do until something happened. The slime oozed intently toward where the food-things felt like they had been coming from.
  13. I'm alive, just not a lot of motivation.
  14. Aurumiath continues to be stubborn about making a queen egg, but Igen has another bronze on the sands.
  15. *does a victory dance* I hadn't announced my male until I tested him to see if his mate approved. This is a superstition I have; if I announce pairs before test-breeding, they are more likely to refuse each other. Viseria approves of her brother, Nymerion, and they have produced an egg. Now for forms! I wish to announce a new Targaryen! Name/link: Nymerion Targaryen Gender: Male Parents: Jacaerys Targaryen and Naemera Targaryen Generation: 3rd Scroll name/link: Dragonmage's Scroll The Prince and Princess wish to help! Name/Link of Prince: Nymerion Targaryen Name/Lin
  16. I don't even know what to do with the hellfire from my queen and her mate. It had the nerve to gender wrong, I don't know, disown her? Also no egg from my Senior this time.
  17. I wish to announce a new Targaryen! Name/link: Viseria Targaryen Gender: Female Parents: Jacaerys Targaryen and Naemera Targaryen Generation: 3rd Scroll name/link: Dragonmage's Scroll
  18. ((Trick please, something to make a fire breath weapon possible eventually. Or you can just surprise me; that works too.)) Celiysetherri The slime continued to grow the extensions that something inside it told the slime it needed, no longer really focusing on absorbing more organic-food-things. By the time the antennae were finished growing, most of the food-thing was gone and it was getting hard to find the rest of it. When a current of cold air passed over the slime, the slime oozed toward the new cold thing, looking for more food-things. It might not be particularly hungry now
  19. I'm bizarre, but I now have an egg from each biome and I am a happy person.
  20. I am getting better at Minesweeper. I'm still not good, but I suck less and make fewer boneheaded moves. Must remove plague from my project dragons.
  21. I wish to fight with the Targaryens! Scroll name/link: Dragonmage's Scroll Preferred lineage (if any): -Jacaerys Targaryen and Naemera Targaryen or Daegar Targaryen and Daelys Targaryen Number of eggs: (1 or 2) 2 No rush on this one. I can wait until after Halloween for my eggs. I eventually want eggs from both of those pairs, but I can be patient.
  22. @Pryanka Well, Arumiath and Tejiyanth made an egg this week, but it was a bronze. Anyone up for a bronze from Igen? Igen bronze egg
  23. Celiysetherri The slime continued to absorb the organic; it needed this stuff. The slime kept absorbing the organic and sensed that there was slowly starting to be more of itself. There was something it could do once it absorbed enough of the organic. The slime started on the process slowly, gathering itself together from the awkward spread out position it had been in. At one end, the slime started to gather up a pair of small lumps. (forming scaly-foot gastropod antennae)
  24. Sorry, Aurumiath rose, but Tejiyanth didn't manage to provide us with an egg from this mating flight. 😜 (You never blame the queens for fertility issues. Next week I'm using Fertility on them.)