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drafgonmage.png I lost my IOU list for gold shimmerscales, so if you're waiting on me, PM me PLEASE!

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    Tinsel Wish Info
    I do not want an inbred tinsel and would prefer 6th gen or lower. I do not want balloons, water-walkers, or pillows in the lineage please. I plan to use the Tinsel for the Dragonriders of Pern stairstep lineage, so even-gen is not at all required. The first two babies will go to the Tinsel Gifting Thread and follow the ancestor pattern, but the tinsel will most likely end up having other mates for the Pern lineage.

    CB gold x2
    CB silver x3
    gold tinsel, short-lined preferred
    short-lined silver tinsel (less than 7th gen)
    bronze tinsel, short-lined prefered
    CB magma
    CB ice
    CB thunder
    CB tan ridgewing
    CB stripe x3