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  1. So, funny story, to me anyway: Recently I bred some of my scroll dragons trying to get some alts. The last of my attempted undines turned out yellow but I didn't catch it til it was gendered and really close to growing up. I already had a yellow from those parents and even a *female* yellow, so I had hoped to trade it off, but not at the last minute like that. So I gave it away with a one-way transfer. Today I was curious to see who'd gotten it because sometimes people's account names show on their dragon profiles. Clicked over and looked at their scroll and saw an egg I'd never seen before. OOH! Egg release! TODAY! Yay! Buuuttttt... unfortunately I had a bunch of Dark Green and Black eggs lined up for another bred-alt attempt. Had to drop every stinkin' one of them to make room. *sob* But I knew that if I didn't catch these new ones *today*, inevitably one or more of them would wind up rare and I'd never get a chance to grab them. Fun with breed rarities.
  2. Purple ones are Forest biome.
  3. I don't know if "trade wanted" type posts are acceptable here, but I'm desperate, so here goes. I have found everything previous-year in the Valentine biome except Soulstone. I don't know if the drops are just weighted that way or if something more nefarious is going on (not on the part of the site or TJ but... oh, well, you know). Whatever the case, I've seen the Soulstone twice when I was looking for it and was just too slow, but it's odd to me that '09s are a dime a dozen but 'stones are soooo hard just to *see*. And this is with me sitting here hitting F5 with my pointer over the right-hand egg spot. And I think I'm just about out of time to catch them myself. GAH. Anyway. I've done an IOU arrangement of 15 uncommons for a silver before, twice in fact. I think I even hatched them. I have zero problems with doing something like that again. I do not have a knack for finding rares but I do well with uncommons. I can even influence if you want, though that may go a bit more slowly for recharges. I hope to find at least one 'stone, my ideal is two (and I may pass one on to my daughter's scroll). If this sounds like something you could help with, let me know.
  4. And now EATW is down. They didn't just wreck our fun, they wrecked an entire site. You know, when I'm bored, I play Minecraft or I read or I crochet something or I go do housework (nooooo!). Some folks need real hobbies. I hope EATW comes back. I had used that site for ages with zero mishap. AoND is pretty nice too though.
  5. What's happening is people are leaning really hard on that Holiday biome looking for those Hollies. Soon as they see them they snatch them up. Every single player who has ever been an expert at grabbing rare dragons is in fine form right now. I'm seeing similar issues with Yulebucks, but I finally grabbed my second (I got my first the year they were released), so I'm holding out hope that I might grab at least one Holly. Sigh. Fear not, however... no matter how good anyone is, they can't grab more than two (unless they cheat with a second account).
  6. OK, you know how I had posted my eggs on EATW and within five minutes they were all sick? They're dead now. I just found out. I'm already annoyed at the incessant whining I see all over the place about The Last Jedi, generally disgruntled at the direction the world has taken since just over a year ago, stressed out by the holiday vs. my limited budget AND limited time, etc. I don't need some fool out there ruining what pretty much amounts to innocent fun for everyone. It's a shame dragons don't actually exist in meatspace. Cause I'd love to send mine hunting. Next batch I picked up is fogged already and I'm not putting them on viewers til day 3 or 4. Period.
  7. Has anyone noticed any issues with Eggs Around The World (eatw.net)? I'm finding all of a sudden that my eggs get sick really easily. Waiting before I add them to the viewer helped up until today, but I just now added my scroll to it, and NOT FIVE MINUTES LATER all my eggs were sick. Not sure if their mechanics are breaking down somehow or if someone's suddenly got a vendetta against the site generally. I don't think it's even a holiday thing. This didn't happen back around Halloween.
  8. I am hugely after holiday CBs this year 'cause I've got catching up to do. So I might not necessarily breed anything unless it's requested. If anyone's looking, here is what I have in CB that is breedable this year: Yulebuck (1) Mistletoe (2) Aegis (2), both pacified (actually, never been enraged--Cannot guarantee permanence however) I have six CBs caught right now and unless I find a Holly on my own I will keep the 7th slot open. (If I do catch a Holly, give me about three days and I can still help you.) If you want a certain pairing and I can do it, PM me. I am totally fine with a one-way transaction, but if you can trade me a CB Holly, you'll pretty much make my whole life. Also, despite the link below on how I name my dragons, if you REALLY want both your egg's parents to have what you consider cool names, I'll consider renaming the normal parent. If you've got ideas, I'm all ears. (Eyeballs? Yeah. This ain't voice chat.) Not dropping the family name or the CB designation though. Sorry. OK I think I've covered all bases. *runs off squeeing around Holiday biome*
  9. Yes. The limit is a scroll limit, not an every-dragon-you-have-ever-caught limit.
  10. If anyone's got a low-gen Dorkface with nice ancestry (I care more about neatness of lineage than names per se, though obviously *one* name's required back there), I'd love to hear from you.
  11. I found EATW's hatchery has worked pretty well for me. My 2017s are in the process of hatching and should be out when I get up later. I've had problems with ONE Halloween baby and it was one of my Marrows. For some reason it got, like, five times or so the views of the other one and got sick as a hatchling. No idea what happened. Odd glitch maybe. The only time I get sick anything is when I use more than one hatchery and not only is it always eggs, never hatchlings but I didn't even do that this time. Only used EATW. Got two zombies. Wish they sorted as zombies. Tried for Halloween-bit vampires. That was a FAIL. All three. Got three kill slots ate up for nothing and now I look like a horrible dragon foster mommy. Oh well.
  12. These eggs look really cool! This Halloween season's been interesting. Got to catch 2 of each of the old CBs that I didn't have already. But I wound up with a sick hatchling for the first time in years, if ever, because for SOME reason it got 6 times the views of its intended mate despite my having caught them not more than a day apart. So that was fun. Then I used up two kill slots making a pair of zombies and then they didn't sort as zombies. THEN I thought how cool it would be to have Vampires actually "laid" on Halloween, only to have my first two bite attempts fail, so I have two dead eggs on my scroll and look like a gigantic doofus. (Glad I added that disclaimer to my sig. I have enough trouble trading.) Got one more egg lined up for one more attempt and it'll probably fail too. So YAY COOL HALLOWEEN EGG. I need to cheer myself up.
  13. It has definitely gotten easier to catch caveborns. The only reason I was worried about it is they take about three days to hatch and I didn't want to have all my slots still taken up when the 31st gets here. But I won't have to worry about that now. My only other potential issue is whether I'll have the other three slots (I get two pairs of CB Halloweens) to do what else I want to do. Couple zombie attempts and a vampire bite just so I can have ONE Vamp "laid" on Halloween. We'll see. Meanwhile, something has gone wonky with the costuming system. I lost my Gryffindor costume and I am sad. And when I go to buy a costume again the listings are all messed up. Most of the "mannequins" aren't wearing anything. Reluctant to attempt the system if I'm not sure it'll work. Small issue, but still.
  14. Truth. I thought I was soooo clever taking most of my dragons' names from their codes. YOU try coming up with unique names for more than 500 dragons. But I had a guy today snub me on a trade because of how I name them. Dude? No. No one cares. Literally NO ONE will look at your bred dragon from me and judge you. Oh well.
  15. Have: Caligene CB egg on cooldown. Caught it by accident, already have four CB adults. Can also breed either Caligenes or Desipis if you want a purebred 2nd gen or a mix with some other dragon breed. Want: I have now caught two Witchlights, the previous year I really wanted 'cause I didn't have ANY. They're influenced. I've also caught a few other previous-years and may keep them. I'm good. I've never done an IOU and am not real sure about them. I also need space for four 2017s when those drop, and would like to try creating a zombie and maybe biting a Vampire so I can have one dated on Halloween. Sooooo unless you've got something that'll really knock my socks off, I guess I could take a Red or Pink egg or something. (CB preferred.) But soon, please. It usually takes about 3 days for an egg to hatch and I need to clear my scroll for the 31st. Scroll link in sig line, wishlist is there as well. My stats bar lies, I am egglocked at the moment.
  16. I probably better just aim for the Witchlights since I'm completely missing those. At least I know what the description is. (Thank you, DC Wiki.) I'm not above batting my eyes at someone and asking for a trade either.
  17. For some reason it wasn't *right* on the hour. Then BOOM. Lots of eggs and I didn't get a one.
  18. Correct. They drop on Oct. 31 only.
  19. From what I can tell the hour drops are pretty big, the quarter-hour drops are a bit smaller and all the other 5-minute increments are just nibbles.
  20. I have two mated pairs each of Caligene and Desipis from the years they were issued, all grown up and ready to breed this year. Everything else I have from Halloween is a 2G purebred, except I have no Witchlights. It's not looking like I might catch much in the Halloween biome and I want to save four slots for this year's, so best that I don't clutter up my scroll or the AP. If you're interested in a trade, let me know. I don't even have to purebreed both pairs of each CB breed I have if you see something else on my scroll you'd like to pair one with (as long as it's available to breed--some of them have given me eggs recently). Obviously, if you're willing to breed me a PB Witchlight, that would be cool too. Let me know.
  21. Huh. There are fewer than 7 days left til Halloween. I like getting two pairs of the current year's CB if I remember to grab them. That'll be fundamentally incompatible with grabbing as many CBs off the Halloween biome as possible. Unless I figure out how to finesse my BSAs. Probably Earthquake as a backup for Incubate and pray they don't run away.
  22. OK just to be clear, "no limits on Halloween dragons" means I can get more than 2 of the current year's but I'm still limited to 7 eggs on my scroll at any time, right?
  23. OK, I tend to put my eggs on Eggs Around The World and I have gone a few times over the past day and looked at their give-views page, and I tell ya, I have not seen one single solitary green Chrysoberyl dragon Spinel Wyvern. Not one. I really feel these are breed-only. And that's okay with me, I'm just saying, for that many red/purple ones to have shown up and not one green? And the sprites are the exact same shape? Yeah... I don't think you can hatch them from the cave. Now it could be that you can only get greens by either breeding them during daylight hours or making sure they hatch during that time. But they're still going to be breed-only. I will be very surprised if it turns out I'm wrong. I mean, golds and silvers are pretty rare... and I see them there all the time. Including caveborns.
  24. Dana's Wishlist This is for me to better keep track of what I'm missing but I'm also setting it up in case someone needs a bred egg and wants to trade. Stuff to keep in mind: 1. I am totally OK with getting an egg. In fact I usually prefer it unless requested otherwise. 2. I prefer CB unless indicated otherwise. 3. If I don't answer within the day, I'd say give it about 48 hours. If I still don't answer I may have dropped out of sight again, so it's OK if you give up. I do wander off sometimes. It's life getting in the way, it's not you. 4. If 1:1 swap does not seem reasonable to you, I'm flexible. I've had someone send me a silver in exchange for me getting them 15 uncommon hatchies, for example. Dragons are listed by egg pic first, then breed name, then how many I need. Usually I know what gender I need (I'm making this list with hatchlings still in the pipeline) and I'll include that too (M or F). Uncommon Dragons Zyumorph - Alpine (1M) Zyumorph - Coast (1F) Zyumorph - Forest (1F) Rare Dragons Copper, Rainbow - Alpine/Forest (1F) Copper, Verdigris - Coast/Jungle (1F) Gold (1F/1M) Xenowyrm - Gaia (1F) Prize Dragons (East & West) What pretty much everyone wants: 2Gs. I am not sure what I want for the pairing. I'll have to think about this one. I'm willing to pick up all sorts of IOUs, though I'm not very talented at picking up rares. (Obviously, if I ever win a prize dragon, I will automatically have good trading fodder. Not there yet.) Valentine Dragons Again THANK YOU TJ for the Valentine biome! Got them all now! ❤️ Halloween Dragons THANK YOU TJ FOR BRINGING BACK PREVIOUS-YEAR CAVEBORNS. I don't have and may never have all the previous year holiday CBs but I now have some of EVERY Halloween breed. Yaaaaayyyyyyyyy *Kermitflail* Holiday Dragons Pretty sure I've got everything now. YAY! Thanks for any help! edited to keep post in thread