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  1. My absolute favorite anime at the moment would be Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler. You could probably tell by my avatar!
  2. Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist Lelouch from Code Geass Hughes from Fullmetal Alchemist And even though they're not real anime characters, they still fit into the anime category and their deaths made me cry, no matter how many times they died and for what reason, Rin and Len Kagamine of the Vocaloids. Their stories are so sad in the videos!!
  3. Black Butler is my absolute favorite anime/manga! I've seen the entire anime including the OVAS and season two, and I've read the entire manga. So far because Yana Toboso's still writing/drawing it. i'm about to pass out waiting for the next chapter to come out!!!I absolutely loooove Ciel and Grell! But I hate Sebastian because... Spoiler alert! Because he tried to kill Ciel before he turned... Sorry all Bassy fans, I'm just holding a grudge against him. But everyone has their own opinions.
  4. I have a hatred for vampire movies, but i haven't bothered to watch Twilight or read the books. I already know that they would suck in my own opinion. But my absolute least favorite movie would have to be a horror movie called "Dark Harvest". The cover and description had you convinced that it would be awesome with a scarecrow out to kill people, but it was really a fat man in a yellow raincoat. Yellow! When you're trying not to be seen! Yellow! The most noticeable color! Jeez that movie was horrible for other reasons but I'd take up a lot of space just typing it. Also, i apologize to all "Dark Harvest" fans. I just don't like it. But everyone has their own opinions.
  5. dnbomek Do Not Bounce On Mr. Edgar's Keyboard bcknbfvgb
  6. Today actually, was the worst day I've had for dumb things that I've done. I encountered a striped dragon egg and flipped out for like 30 seconds and in that time, someone took it. I ended up trying to click on it anyway! So since I'm still a noob that's the dumbest thing I've done on DC.
  7. My favorite food is Chicken flavored ramen!
  8. Same with me, they kinda died this year as the latest trend. I never bought any. I don't like jewelry or things like that. And when i tried to wear some, they wanked out the hair on my arms... so I don't like them.
  9. 420. This is a topic 421. I have feet
  10. Tch, this is stupid...Sebastian, bring me my tea!
  11. Avatar: 7/10 I like things that are creepy-ish. And it looks like it's from Alien! Name: 8/10 I like the adding of a capital, and like you, I love cats!! Siggy: 9/10 That dragon looks amazing!!
  12. portability will oppose the great mother doing everything forever sdfgvjkl
  13. Granted, but the tree falls over and crushes your treehouse. I wish for 10 new mangas. (Japanese comicbooks)
  14. I'm from the USA, Arizona to be specific!
  15. In my own personal opinion, animals are more important than humans.
  16. I actually have a collection of anime character plushies I get from anime conventions.
  17. Video games, anime conventions, cosplaying, music, reading mangas, and drawing!!
  18. My eyes are hazel and have on some days turned a yellowish color!