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  1. What is up with the Coast/Jungle eggs? They only stick around for one refresh and then they're gone! That's like, what, 10 eggs per drop?
  2. My sentiments match TCA's. This is a giant slap in the face for longtime fans. Especially since my favorite mon is a starter... There's no way I'm seeing him again until the next Hoenn remake...
  3. PRAISE BE! Maybe now I have an actual chance ;u;
  4. With 8 years of entering raffles and getting absolutely nothing I genuinely don't know why I bother trying to enter anymore. With such a track record it feels like not entering gives me the same odds as actually going through with it. And I'll be honest! It makes me incredibly jealous of those who win twice and those who win in their first year of DC! It really feels like it just hammers home how I'm never getting a CB. All the raffle does is cause divide in the community. Either the prize pool needs to be upped by quite a bit or there needs to be some alternative way of getting Prizes other than hoping RNG won't screw you over for almost a decade. That's utterly ridiculous to ask of your players.
  5. Another month, another 5 failures. I guess it really is true I'm never going to get anything outside of every fourth Halloween...
  6. This is my plan! (did this with inspect element, for those wondering)
  7. Yes, Zombies are visible all day every 31st.
  8. Officially, yes, zombies are easier on the 31st. In practice, though...? Also, 31st only. Unfortunately. Yep. They make Creations.
  9. Yeah, I got another kill slot back and it make absolutely zero difference. 0/11
  10. I feel stupid for doing anything that isn't digging through the cave looking for codes at this point. No matter what I do I always fail at it. Zombifying, NDing, Vamping, breeding, trading... it all just results in wasted time and dragons.
  11. I'm resigned to never getting my first CB Prize. I'm not even disappointed anymore whenever I check the page, I know better than to get my hopes up for anything on DC now.
  12. HMMMMMM LET'S SEE HERE My last successful zombie was on Oct. 31st, 2018 (and before then, the last success was Oct. 31st, 2015), all of my ND attempts never turn, I haven't won a single raffle I've entered since 2011, my dragons absolutely refuse to breed with 85% of my attempts being "No interest" (even common pairings are giving me this!), the ones that do breed give me the wrong egg (like the Soulpeace pair that's only bred Daydreams for 4 weeks in a row), none of my trade lots ever get offers unless it's a CB Yellow Zyu, the Bite BSA has simply just become an egg-exclusive Kill action... Oh, and I got eaten on this "very fun April Fools' event." Someone remind me why I bother doing anything on this site anymore?
  13. The odds are utterly idiotic. If you spend weeks building up stores of dead hatchlings and dead adults, seeing every single one of them disintegrate truly makes one wonder "why even bother??" Yet again, I had an entire batch disintegrate, which makes me feel like trying to get a zombie outside of every few Halloweens is an actually impossible task. There's 18 sets of sprites (54 total) for Undeads, yet in my years of DC I've made 5, one of which was a repeat body type. Again, how is this even remotely feasible? DC is a game. A game should be fun. How can seeing this be considered fun?
  14. 0/10, of course. I'll say it again, apparently it's impossible for me to get something unless it's on Halloween 3 years from the last time I succeeded.
  15. That's what I did. I never logged out but my avatar still went poof so I had to dig it back up and reupload it.
  16. I ended up reuploading my avatar. Luckily I still had it saved somewhere else.
  17. I had my avatar deleted. Do I have to hope I can find it again or could I just wait?
  18. Yes it was! I'm glad you noticed It had been a long time since I had actually gotten comments on my descriptions, so it was bittersweet seeing two comments; one who was surprised to see that Garlands spawned AoDs, the other being... that. Hope that guy gets over themselves... >_>
  19. Bah, who's the killjoy who keeps saying "No storytelling" as their reason for rejecting descriptions? That's what I've been doing on my dergs for years and I haven't gotten any complaints about it until now, on my Garland. I've looked around here before and this isn't the first time people have been complaining about this guy...
  20. I'm definitely on the Aqualis x Thalassa boat. Such a beautiful pairing ❤️
  21. Another 2 weeks, another 0/5 turns or straight resurrections. I guess I'll only be able to make zombies every 3 years on Halloween only.
  22. I... I actually failed Harle's route. She didn't want to be my friend. She didn't want to go to the dance with me. She avoided my every move and left before the dance even started. I made friends with Olivia, I romanced Tsoko and I romanced Ion, though. ❤️
  23. *slams fist on table* HYBRIDS IN THE MARKET Seriously, I would've made so many beautiful lineages out of Soulpeaces and Carinas were it not for the Whites and Ridgewings sticking out like a sore thumb.
  24. No, I ran out of Purple dragons --- Oh come on, I expect this out of Rare pairings, not a Common x Common one. At least they didn't reject, I guess.
  25. I'd like anything to help boost the utterly awful rates, but this BSA should probably only be available when Zombies are visible. I'd be happy for the chances to be more along the lines of a coinflip rather than a crapshoot.