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Dark_Green_egg.gifBlack_egg.gif ~I collect Dark Green, Black, Aqualis, and Thalassa Xenowyrm Dragons of all lineages~ Drab eggThalassa_Xenowyrm_egg.gif
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    Hello! I'm just your neighborhood Vine and Thalassa hoarder. Black altfails, Aqualises and Silver Lunar Heralds always have a space on my scroll, too!

    I also like codes that can be seen as fantasy names. They don't have to mean anything, but if they start with a capital letter and don't have any numbers, I'll be interested!

    I'm looking for certain codes, specifically from my fandoms (Mario, Kirby, Mega Man). My most prioritized codes are (caps, numbers and uppercase-i/lowercase-L substitutions are fine):
    Kirby, any DDD code, any Dee code, Waddl, Mago, any code that starts with Lor, Susie, Tippi, Bleck, Rawk, Crump, Yoshi, Koops, Koopr, Mrlee, Mimi, Luvbi, Smorg, Luma, Rock, Roll, Light, Wily, Rush, Eddie, Beat.
    I'm sure we can work something out for the 3 and 4-letters, and I'll do any IOU you want for the 5-letters!