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  1. I wouldn't mind getting a super messy one, I'd be happy with anything. But making a messy lineage, when so many "hardcore players" love pretty lineages, just for trolling and for laughing at their frustration is selfish and mean xd.png Just my opinion, of course the winners can do what they want xd.png



    EDIT: Also excited to see the codes, I hope there are funny cute ones xd.png

    But some people/winners may just be people who breed whatever they want and don't have any special projects. They may not care about what they breed with what (as in not 'hardcore' by your definition). They may think they are 'doing good' by releasing some free ones to the rest of us. I would not call such people trolls or making fun of others. That may be just their style of playing this game---random breeding.

  2. I am not really disappointed that I didn't win. I didn't really expect to, although the suspense nearly killed me when I went to check my email!  laugh.gif


    I am very happy for the winners. I hope they do not get so flooded with requests that they give up and decide not to bother breeding at all.


    I don't expect to get any second or third gens, either. I still have not gotten anything under a 5th gen from the tinsels. But that is quite fine by me. I am happy with what I have. And I can wait for the new dragons. I don't feel any need to be one of the first to have one, as long as I eventually get one or two higher gen ones. smile.gif




    Yes, this! Thank you for posting this! I feel the EXACT same way on all accounts! I do not care if I get a 2G or a 7G or whatever. I'm patient and will wait--even a year or so if need be, just like I did for the tinsels.


    Congratulations to the winners and do NOT let others influence what you choose to do with your wonderful prizes! Do as you wish to do!


    And to everyone here:

    There is an old saying: "Beggars can't be choosers." If you get an inbred super messy one, why can't you be happy with that? You got one didn't you? Yes, you all have breeding projects, etc. , but honestly, the winners can do what they want, how they wan't, when they want. That's part of the spirit of the game! Be happy even getting one if you do! You can always trade, etc. down the road.

  3. Some people, like myself are going to breed their xmas dragons on xmas day. So, there may be more on the 25th. So, that way the Christmas Dragons have Christmas as their birthdate.


    As for the recipes...I'm having trouble just getting anything to click and work.I can't finish the game and get entered into the raffle like this! Not sure if it's my computer's settings or what. Half the time I can't get the game to work! UGH!

  4. I know how all this feels too. I've been on both sides of the fence. I was raised in strict religion, but now, I'm pantheist (more similar to atheism or agnostic than anything else).


    My sister and only sibling IS die-hard religious, though even she is not the religion we were raised with. We go rounds regularly. She often says she'll 'pray for me' often saying this right after a heated debate we have. To me, that translates to her thinking I'm WRONG and she needs to 'pray for me' because in her thinking, I'm wrong, incorrect, etc. and need to be saved from my own thinking and beliefs.


    To me, this is an insult and disrespect for my beliefs. I respect hers (or anyones for that matter), but they are disrespecting MINE and stepping over mine by saying they need to use their religion, their religious affiliation to correct or make mine better. We CHOSE our path just like you. Respect it and we'll respect yours in turn. In many religions, isn't this the 'Golden Rule?'

  5. I found two nice people who are going to exchange 2nd gen Halloweens with me, and I still have no plans for three of my Shadow walkers. I think I will just go an abandon their offspring wink.gif I'm not going to try for Zombies as I don't like killing my dragons.


    For Halloween itself, I'm a bit worried, as I'm at university nearly the whole day. I want to grab the first new dragons when I get up in the morning, although my partens won't appreciate that laugh.gif

    I am just a bit worried if that is possible at all, as I live 6 hours ahead of the Cave time and this weekend, we will change our clocks to winter time, so we turn them one hour back. I don't know if you change to winter time in the USA and if you do it at the same time. I have to leave the house at 7 a.m. which would give two hours time to catch the new dragons if you don't turn your clocks back, too, or I am wrong there?

    USA clocks do not change back until November 4th.

  6. Your Forum name: Blazewing

    Your Scroll name: Blazewing

    The Egg/Hatchlings five digit code (No links please): 2ECSV

    Egg type: Pebbles (green)

    Time of Unfog (In updated EST* please): 4:10pm

    Time of Death: 4:13pm

    Amount of current V/UV/Clicks: 2010/134/3


    SUCCESS! Turned and became hatchling! smile.gif First success (I've had other ND experiments, but I tend to keep track with a paper log/chart rather than posting)

    (I waited for it to grow up (caveborn and female) before posting here so poor hatchie wouldn't be in danger of getting spammed to death).


    Just wanted to share stats, etc. since they may help others. Ok...back to trying for more to see if I actually know what I'm doing now.

  7. this woud be nice

    I think it woud also help if not 2-3 eggs of the same dragonspecies are there, as it is often


    this woud be better

    This light egg is floating in the air.

    This egg shakes from time to time, as if it is eager to hatch

    This egg is surrounded by fog.


    than this

    This light egg is floating in the air.

    This light egg is floating in the air.

    This light egg is floating in the air.

    Yes, thank you! This is part of the problem I was trying to address too!


    Though of course, it's okay for it to be all the same when it comes time for new or holiday eggs--at least for a short while. Allows all to get a chance at them fairly.

  8. I know there's a problem with unwanted eggs. I haven't solved all the problems with suggesting the auto-rotate. But, if there was a way to work it...it'd be nice, especially during quiet or slow times when there aren't enough people to effectively rotate the eggs.


    Just wanted to throw it out there. Maybe someone else has a way to solve the cave block thing.


    And even if it has been brought up before--maybe some of the newer members here might have fresh ideas for it. Sometimes it's good to bring up older topics so newer people can add their insight too.

  9. My apologies in advance if this has been suggested or covered. I browsed through the first couple of pages in this area of the forum and didn't see anything like this. Also, if it's in the wrong section, please feel free to move it.


    I know many of us are hitting refresh in one way or another constantly. It's frustrating when the same eggs in the main cave sit and sit through oodles of refreshings. Perhaps there could be a way to auto-rotate the trio of eggs to a different set in each biome if they sit for a certain amount of time say like 20 or 30 seconds with nobody grabbing them? The eggs don't have to disappear, just be thrown back into the mix or rotation for that biome at any given time.


    If people pick up an egg or eggs from any given set, the 'auto-rotate' is temporarily disabled.


    I know many eggs sit because they are too common or unwanted--but they could just be remixed. I know eventually, they'd all probably end up being about the last eggs left in a rotation, but it might make the game a little more fun than just sitting and spinning--looking at the same set of eggs over and over again. I know many of us are looking for the same 'rare' eggs, but if there was a way to just make eggs move around in any given rotation--it'd at least keep us from getting bored with the hunt and save our poor keyboards and fingers from the abuse of refreshing nothing over and over again.


    It would also help greatly in the biomes that have very few people visiting them at any given time. The eggs rarely change when there's very few people in a biome.

  10. I joined less than a year after Dragon Cave began. Back then, we went after eggs in both caves just to have a male, female, and perhaps a frozen hatchling of each. There was very little focus on lineages, generations, and so forth. It was more collect, for collection's sake. The abandoned cave was much more difficult to snag things as it only released a handful at a time. Trading was near impossible--ANYONE had chance to grab the egg/hatchie to be traded since it appeared in the abandoned cave and the person with the code only had like a millisecond head-start on others. It was all about timing. The main cave had no biomes, etc. It was a rapid change of 3 eggs at a time. I miss those days actually.


    Oh yeah--and metallic golds and silvers were somewhat abundant in either cave too.

  11. I don't have any yet sad.gif but maybe one day. I'm trying to breed my rares and alt versions of golds, silvers, alt blacks, alt vines, etc. for possible trades, but I'm just not having luck anywhere yet. I can only hope I guess. It is nice that those who do have them are breeding them for others and not being selfish. Thank you to all who do so that maybe those of us who don't have will one day have!