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  1. I'd love them! Although, whole grain wheat spaghetti with extra virgin olive oil, basil (I have fresh now! by the end of this semester I'll be growing a grocery store in my dorm ), and shredded mozzerella all mixed together with some ground sea salt never gets old. Well, maybe after the third night. The only thing that'll suck is finding egg substitute, but they have them somewhere considering I know tons of vegans. Unfortunately, most of them can't cook very well.
  2. ABCs of veganism: Almonds, Brazil nuts, and cashews THEY ARE NOM NOM NOM. The hardest thing during my transition to full on vegetarianism is... well, I love shellfish, namely shrimp. But it won't be that hard for me because I don't eat meat as often as other people (although I was the type of person who really liked a good corndog). Thank goodness they make tofu dogs. Right now I eat a lot of whole grains and try really hard to incorporate veggies and fruit into my diet. Luckily I like salad and such.
  3. Tool A Perfect Circle Nine Inch Nails Depeche Mode Rammstein Metallica Megadeth Alice in Chains Dead Kennedys The Clash David Bowie Soundgarden Audioslave Marilyn Manson that's a lot... but TOOL and Nine Inch Nails are pretty consistently high up there.
  4. Because I totally ****ing said anyone who isn't vegetarian is a sheep. Thanks for putting words in my mouth, you really like doing that do you? Pretending to know who I am and all. All I said that I am vegetarian. Nothing else. Now, will people stop picking apart what I saw and claim I am acting like I am in any way superior? 'Cause I did nothing of the sort. It's a ****ing choice why the did I ever come back to this place
  5. Honestly I just get tired of hearing how humans are omnivores. Humans also have the ability to actively choose what they eat, much like omnivorous bears that can easily be either carnivorous or herbivorous. also I'm tired and cranky so don't read into my hostility too much. Well, I'm also grumpy, it's just I don't try to direct it at people.
  6. I don't mean wrong in the ethical, moralistic sense; I mean wrong as in, unnatural. The implication that "being an omnivore is the natural state of being" is... well... anything else isn't.
  7. ...where the did I say my view was the only legitimate one? No, really, please burn down your straw man. Someone who says that it's obviously wrong or silly for me to be vegetarian because we're "naturally" omnivores is invoking the is-ought fallacy and robbing me of my agency. And I for one not only think "This cow died so I could eat," I think "This cow suffered in a pen in crowded conditions being fed antibiotics so it wouldn't die and then died in horrible pain from living in terrible conditions so I could eat." We sociologists tend to think of these connections.
  8. *sigh* Is-ought fallacy Just because something is, doesn't mean that is the way it ought to be. I'm slowly becoming full lactovegetarian, although I started as a "weekday vegetarian." I just can't bring myself to eat meat anymore without feeling a load of guilt. And goodness don't get me started on eggs.
  9. Oh wow, another thing to distract me from doing my homework. <3 this game
  10. I miss my pet iguana Gumby. She died of black scale disease or something like that. Then our Chinese water dragon (lizard, not a real dragon ) died that shared her cage out of shock or something. Part of me feels like he died out of heartbreak.