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  1. P1.4 Bingo P2.4 Sticking with my last answer
  2. Keep: CB Mint Abandon: Messy Yellow Undine Kill: 12G Prize Golden Wyvern, Blusang, Alt Vine
  3. Keep: Avatar of Creation Abandon: Avatar of Change Kill: Avatar of Destruction Guardian of Nature, Sinomorph, Chicken
  4. Dragonite Destroyer Please pick something other than the Aeons and the Albinos.
  5. Many congratulations to the other winners and thanks to the donors! I haven't received a teleport link yet but I'm also waiting on a couple of transfers of my own (not from this project) to go through. Totally ninja'd; link came through as I hit the post button. Thank you!!
  6. ...would take dancing lessons. If you give a moose a muffin...
  7. Keep: Pink Abandon: White Kill: Sunsong Aria, Pink, Risensong
  8. We've got a secret agent in our midst.
  9. Don't Marry Her - Beautiful South This is all your fault, @Fuzzbucket
  10. A two-headed or pygmy or drake Valentine dragon. I love the "outsider" varieties and really would like to see more of them with holiday variants.
  11. Keep: Aeon Abandon: Golden Kill: Spinel Bauta, Baikala, Gilded Bloodscale
  12. Hoping I'll get a 2G from a Golden Lunar Herald. That's definitely my favorite pairing. Looking forward to catching a couple of CB Soulstones, as I would be genuinely shocked if past Valentine's CBs didn't become available.
  13. Sh's secret bingos make me feel woefully unintelligent.
  14. Didn't swap for a Jungle Garland when I KNEW I wanted to breed them with Gaia Xenos. That's going to make my lineage building a wee bit harder.
  15. I like this idea (and I'm pretty sure I've seen it come up before). Maybe affect breeds like Xenos and Zyus with such a potion as well.
  16. Keep: Almerald Abandon: Gemshard Kill: Striped River Gold, Holly, Tinsel
  17. I thought they might be talking about their signature instead? Maybe? I can relate, though. Invision's WYSIWYG is awful and I've had to back out of posts more than once just to clear out some formatting tag that the editor apparently couldn't figure out how to close and try again. There are workarounds to all of it but none of it is convenient.