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  1. I might need to switch to Lunar Herald if there's no third Stone. I also have all 3 biomes. @Little-Star Want to do Heralds instead?
  2. Honestly, after consideration, I'd be fine with breeders being able to keep the full clutch from a Celestial, provided the chosen mate had a full month breeding cooldown too. I do NOT support such a thing for Holidays, but for Celestials I'm fine with it. I don't really care if it means someone profits off the Celestial giving them an extra rare or three. 2G metals are routinely given away for free and all three of my 2G Prizes were gifts - and I would fully expect Celestial Prize lines to quickly become worth far less if they became more common due to the multi-clutching. Tl;dr Fine to slightly alter how multi-clutching works with Celestials, absolutely not for Holidays.
  3. For the ones I actually remembered to breed. I'm really bad about keeping up on my holiday projects.
  4. Somehow I completely missed that memo.
  5. Meanwhile, this thread is how I learned that this is even a thing and I'm extremely annoyed became I've spent my DC career doing first breedings on holidays so that I could circumvent refusals, and apparently I have shot myself in the foot by doing that. A note of warning would have been greatly appreciated.
  6. ...massive censor kibits. I'm eating saltines with...
  7. So The Greatest Showman is pretty much the best thing ever.
  8. A boy band member who just released his first solo album
  9. https://dragcave.net/view/cI019 So many of the Frill puns are taken... An Aria/Frill lineage (checker, stair, spiral, anything that isn't 2G)
  10. Well, in that case, with the hope that it counts - R6 Bingo
  11. Awesome! Can anyone join with a Stone from the Alpine?
  12. Regular Bingo R6 : PB Black dragon whose lineage includes at least one alt. - The dragon itself cannot be the alt? Then nope. R7 : Three water element dragons. - Bingo! https://dragcave.net/view/IZ5kn https://dragcave.net/view/vXdK2 https://dragcave.net/view/B7SsE Co-op Bingo O1 : 2-3 people make team. Each team member post same creature from different biomes. For example, Dark green dragon from Jungle and Forest. Breed that once used in here can't be reused by other team and don't use creature that could be found from all habitats nor holiday breeds. Anyone want to do Stone? I have one from the Desert (https://dragcave.net/view/Pcb6h) or Volcano (https://dragcave.net/view/Jusvv), none from Alpine.
  13. This. I see this idea as being more useful than ever, tbh.
  14. I know I have no right to be annoyed with someone for not answering my texts, because I am the poster child for forgetting to answer texts, but I really really really want this person to hurry up and answer. Gah.
  15. Support. I love the holiday wall but would be just as happy with it having its own AP.
  16. Influence. That's the one I'd choose to keep if I was only allowed to have one.
  17. All the support. The AP wall is, to my mind, a wonderful part of each Holiday event, and a great wrap-up to the whole celebration. Until holiday eggs actually start dying because the user base isn't picking them up in time, I don't want that to see the multiclutches reduced.
  18. I never can get the hang of the new year. I'll be writing the wrong date until June.
  19. Please yes. While I think the"staff" artists do a pretty decent job with the events, I'd like to see new blood get involved in creating material, especially those with a passion for writing.
  20. I think this sort of flavor text would be nice. I don't want up see the multiclutch auto-AP mechanic disappear either, as I think it is a good tradition that should be kept. Perhaps a bit of lore that suggests that caring for sibling hatchlings is much harder than other groups of hatchlings could be generated.
  21. New naming rules are introduced. No non-English names. No real life people names or usernames. Whether or not movie and book character names can be used is iffy at best. No violent names. All dragons must appear to be peaceful and loving no matter what their breed description says.