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  1. Amanda Ripley Thuwed Alien franchise reference, I expect
  2. Rekha tapdances on the roofs of her enemies at night to keep them awake.
  3. Keep: Neglected Abandon: 2G Thuwed Kill: 3G SA Olive, Brimstone, Turpentine
  4. I'm definitely not okay with the same mechanic being applied to Holidays at all.
  5. Exactly. The way I envision this is the breeder decides beforehand if they want to gamble to keep a full clutch and put the mate on a full month cooldown along with the Celestial, or keep with the tradition of grabbing just one egg and sending the rest of the clutch to the AP, freeing the mate to breed again next week if they desire. If no interest is nshown even if they have to pay the full month cooldown, bummer, guess you'll have to wait a month to try again. Once in a while you might luck out and get a handful of rares that you can keep or trade, but based on ratios and averages of successful breedings, that would not be a common occurrence.
  6. No answers forthcoming, so let's go with the Xenowyrm from Round 2. F15 Bingo.
  7. ... criticize politicians. They MAKE it easy. Today will be...
  8. https://dragcave.net/lineage/JovWB The Nocturnes are only blue at night, but they were chosen for their blue color. A 5G+ Nebula checker with only one color of Nebula
  9. Mentioned in previous Bingo? As in, the last Bingo as hosted by Tinibree, or a breed from Round 2, or...?
  10. Same. It would be another massive "quality of life" addition to the gameplay. You can give me likely any lore reasons that you made up off the top of your head for why it works and I'll be happy with it.
  11. At the moment, the entire soundtrack from The Greatest Showman.
  12. The Other Side from The Greatest Showman soundtrack
  13. ROAR I've seen so many variations on this suggestion in years past and I've always been supportive. I'd love to see Nurture (or "Power Feed", haha) attached to Frills or any other dragon that it would fit.
  14. "These Violent Delights" and "Have Violent Ends". I am so envious of your Westworld and Archer names.
  15. Now we're official. Co-op Bingo! Lunar Heralds Draconiusultimus: Desert https://dragcave.net/view/qYzhx Little-Star: Alpine https://dragcave.net/view/Znued LibbyLishly: Volcano https://dragcave.net/view/72nKj
  16. ...tasted like chocolate; I would be so incredibly healthy. Where did I...
  17. Keep: Sinaii Krai because I still need a couple for scroll goals Abandon: Daydream Kill: Harvest (even though that's the one In would keep if I'd already hit my goal of SK) overthinking it Indigo Lunar Herald, Green Copper, Blue Firegem
  18. Fabulous. Co-op bingo https://dragcave.net/view/72nKj - from the Volcano