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  1. This helps me immensely, actually. The main reason I gave the feedback that I did (not actually expecting those words to be outright banned, mind you, but hoping for SOME sort of solution) was because there was no mod handling the most outrageous posts and I didn't know if what I considered a mass insult should be reported or if the mods were being hands off because they figured it was all fine and dandy. I wound up reporting a few of them anyway. It's good to know that it was just a luck of the draw window when you didn't happen to be on. I will continue submitting reports when I see those words being used to insult whatever side I'm arguing on until I'm told to stop. On a related note, I do appreciate the fact that the moderation team has become more hands off and allows discussions to be more user-managed. I like knowing I can say something that's ever-so-slightly off-topic without a mod stepping in to scold me back into line.
  2. Golden Wyverns and Canopies both look phenomenal with Rosebuds.
  3. This deserves a +1 to propel it to the next page. Really could not have said it better myself.
  4. Oh yay! Count me in. Diamond level. Hopefully I won't suddenly run out of spare time like I did in the last two rounds of the last one.
  5. I swear, every single time I grumble at my dragons via the forum, they magically start cooperating.
  6. Words I would like to see banned from forum discussions, particularly in Suggestions and News topics: Greedy Selfish Entitled Whining These words, to me, are typically personal attacks, are highly inflammatory, attempt to halt productive conversation, and contribute to a toxic forum culture.
  7. My PERSONAL opinion is that that isn't really a "hurt" because it doesn't take away their actual dragons or breeding ability, just gives other people a chance to have what they've enjoyed for years, but I recognize that not everyone holds the same opinion.
  8. I definitely think it's a fantastic idea. I'd love even more for them to be treated as separate but related breeds like the Luminas, but you know what? We talked earlier in the thread about Sweetlings sharing the Aegis' mechanic and I think it would work just dandy. Sidenote: Why are other users always so quick to accuse parties who want to see certain equitable changes made of being "selfish" or "entitled" or any number of things? Is it seriously the worst thing ever for me to wish I could catch or breed an Alt of my own? Is it so horrific that I have concerns about the dwindling CB Alt population and wanted to see even random players get alts in the same vein as Snow Angels, even if I don't? Is it not just as "selfish" and "entitled" (neither of which are appropriate terms for either side, by the way) to demand that the status quo remain and get angry at those who argue for a fair game? And at the end of the day, who would it hurt if Alt Sweetlings got a widespread release? Absolutely no one.
  9. I already sent one to someone I owed for a trade.
  10. PM me if you're still having no luck this evening. My third one will be coming off CD then.
  11. Oh my goodness, I was thinking the EXACT SAME THING all day. Illuminati confirmed?
  12. TJ has been known to change his mind. It is my hope that this will be the case again.
  13. Thank you. I wasn't sure if my memory had seriously been that bad or if this was actually new. Would love to know the reasoning... I'm all for extra festivities, as I love holidays, but I felt that things really dragged with the Christmas event after a while.
  14. This is also brilliant. Refusals are my most hated game mechanic and this would pacify me (no pun intended) when it inevitably happened again.
  15. This is my favorite solution (and I like the names you gave them, too) - and couple that with allowing them to each breed the other, basing the color on the time of day that the egg is laid or hatched. Then EVERYONE would be happy.
  16. Incidentally, when did we start having the event take place AFTER the holiday? I could have sworn it wasn't like this before I went on hiatus a couple of years ago. What is/was the reasoning behind the shift?
  17. Woot, all full up on CBs - and the purty 2G-from-alt-Sweetling I needed. Might seek more for that lineage later this week. I just need three more Val 09s to cover my trade payments and my personal slots. @The Dragoness I agree so much. @Peachycupcake525 There's 9 - here's a list.
  18. I think this is very well said and I completely agree.
  19. Drama? On my Dragon Cave? It's more likely than you think. /meme
  20. Considering I know of one user who already HAS dumped one alt so they can have one CB of each, and have seen another user in the past essentially saying they'd prefer the regulars and didn't much care for their alts, I think there are more who will do that than you think. My scroll isn't coded to alt, so the alts breeding true doesn't affect me in the least, but it clearly mattered to a lot of people, based on the response in this thread and the news thread - and thus it matters to me. Heck, this game doesn't matter in the long run, really. It's just a fun little collect-and-breed game that I can walk away from if I find it no longer improves my quality of life. Doesn't mean I can't strongly disapprove of the decisions that are made in the running of it and want to see the players consistently treated well.
  21. To me the base problem is that offspring of the OG Alts is becoming increasingly harder to find. New blood in the pool could have helped that. Instead, they just got even rarer because several Alt owners are likely to abandon their Alts in favor of pinks. The secondary problem is that monkeying with the breeding mechanics means that some lines are still dead in the water - not as many as there would have been with a full retirement, but still. I'm not personally in favor of exclusive sprites aside from Spriter's Alts (which are EARNED), but for me that's more of a side thing that I'd like to see changed across the site than the base problem with Alt Sweetlings. I do think that a super exclusive apology sprite was a terrible idea, and the way to fix that would have been to open it up for other users, preferably everyone, especially 8 years later. There are just so many other things that could have been done with the Alts to improve the game experience for a larger number of players than how this was handled today.
  22. '09s, Sweetlings, Rosebuds, and Soulstones. I am not at all concerned about being able to catch them - I've had extremely good luck with the Holiday biomes over the past two holidays - but it's not going to be this hour. ... Especially because the cave is glitching and refusing to update the biome, just showing me three eggs that "someone has already taken". What on Earth? Eta: Glad it's not just me.
  23. Well, this event is off to a weird start. Holiday drama as per usual, then. *Camps out in Valentine's biome to catch the FOUR breeds she's missing*
  24. @TJ09 After all of the improvements from the past couple of years, leveling the playing field in so many ways, bringing back other retired sprites, your solution to some people having an exclusive holiday sprite they received through no effort of their own is to suddenly end their ability to breed true at all and ensure their offspring's increasing rarity, and confirm that the sprites will forever remain exclusive? This is a huge step backwards for the site and I predict new threads begging you to bring back the Alts for years to come. This was never going to do anything but cause more drama and I'm quite sure you knew that. I am very glad to see that you decided to allow alts to continue to breed true. However, I'm still disappointed about your decision to ensure that CB alt's offspring will become increasingly rarer, and still don't see the retirement as good for the site as a whole, and I still predict people asking for alts to be released for years to come (especially as the population of those who have them dwindles).