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  1. ... And now I most express how inappropriate I find it for a mod to close a suggestion thread regarding mod behavior. I'm out. This forum has officially become detrimental to my quality of life and I'm going to go tend to my dragons in peace and see if the game itself still makes me happy enough to forget the bad taste all of this.has left in my mouth.
  2. Full support. I've made my views on recent developments known in the forum feedback thread, so I won't reiterate it here, but I feel that those developments have caused such a policy as this to become an absolute necessity.
  3. Top of the hour and then every five minutes. Most drops are very short.
  4. I would personally rank this as slightly higher than my "next-best option".
  5. I'm confused as to how it's any better for non-alt owners to be able to read the chat but not to be able to respond at all. Not that I am demanding speaking privileges for myself, as the "summit" will be happening at a time that I will not be available, but I'm vastly baffled as to how this is okay. For what it's worth, I don't blame you for trying to just remove every single piece of the drama. I reposted the part of it that's relevant to the OP and I'm fine with that. @StarscreamIt's official if it's pinned and being run by an official DC mod. If it's not to be offici
  6. Well, since my comment has been completely wiped, I will merely repost my ranked list of my preferences on the various proposed solutions. Anyone curious as to the full text of my comment is welcome to PM me - I saved it for such an eventuality. Best option: Everyone gets both! Sweetlings and Dark Sweetlings are treated similarly to Luminas and Dark Luminas, everyone gets 2 CB of each, they can breed each other's eggs based on time of breeding or hatching. (Almost) everyone is happy! Next best option: Sweetlings can be flipped via BSA, a one-time use for Sweetlings who don't have
  7. Now I feel that my experience and the experiences of other non-alt owners who never once insulted Alt owners are being completely discounted. I am honestly hurt right now. I have been maligned repeatedly as well. As I said in the post that was recently deleted from the Suggestions thread, I assume for being related to the drama despite trying to find a more reasonable ground between the two sides, I have been subjected to personal offense more times than I can count in the past couple of days. I am a Pink Sweetling owner. I support making Alts available to everyone. And due to tho
  8. Are you kidding me? It is so incredibly inappropriate to create an official decision-making chat that excludes the majority of the DC userbase. This is a pinned topic! It is an abuse of the position of moderator. It deepens the divide between the haves and the have-nots. I am stunned beyond belief that this is not only being tolerated but essentially blessed. It is so egregiously backwards that I think Starscream needs to step down as a moderator for abusing her position. I sorry, I have a great deal of respect for the moderation team, but this is beyond unacceptable.
  9. I just caught a Valentine '09 with the best code I've ever caught!! Guess I'm keeping that one. I'll post the code in a few days when I'm not worried about it being under threat of viewbombing.
  10. My CB collection is hatching - it's breeding time! I should have done a lot more work figuring out what mates would go to who leading up to this, oops.
  11. AH, okay, I missed that they were talking about multiclutches!
  12. I'm lazy and sick of clicking a billion times on mobile. Full support (definitely with password confirmation preferred).
  13. Forgot to thank the breeders for these before Valentine's got underway! https://dragcave.net/lineage/n3Fcm and https://dragcave.net/lineage/K0dji will be mates - thanks, @ladyanglaise! https://dragcave.net/lineage/LpOsm - I'm going to create a checker with these two. It's a surprising combo I hadn't thought of before. Thanks again, @ladyanglaise! https://dragcave.net/lineage/0iiW6 - Gorgeous little 3G Spriter's Alt baby! I don't usually collect SA offspring but the colors in this one were so beautiful. Thanks @Frankenweenie! https://dragcave.net/lineage/yHjWW - 3G I
  14. If you're comfortable saying, Fuzz, what is the other forum you're on? I used to belong to a different one and left after I really didn't have time to be in two places at once anymore. I haven't checked back in to see if it's become more active. I should probably do that at some point.
  15. My favorite idea is time of hatching. It gives more control to the person raising the egg than relying on a breeder to breed at the right time. Ultimately, though, I'd be happy with any mechanic that allows me to obtain Alts, CB or not, though I'd prefer it not be through random chance or alts-only-breed-true, since that will take us right back to the problem we used to have with Hollies. I have a manifesto percolating on this topic. Going to give it some more time to simmer. Eta: I completely agree with everything you said, @JavaTigress.
  16. @Sesshomaru No, I was talking about D&D. I've recently gotten into it after wanting to since middle school and it is my new favorite thing.
  17. I want it to be Sunday now so I can play my halfling rogue. Why can't we have daily sessions?
  18. I would be chill with only being able to alt bred Sweetlings. I do want to see SOME new CB alts out there one way or another for the sake of lineage builders, though. I still think alts based on time or BSA are still the best option. No random chance, no only-alts-breed-alts.
  19. Sounds simple enough (although expect drama like with Solstice breeding timer issues ). If BSA, then it should only be available for Sweetlings without offspring. Retroactive lineage issues solved! Perfect plan is perfect. Clearly this thread needs cookies. Here.
  20. I don't think it's appropriate to accuse people who are calmly stating the fact that they don't find the situation fair of "screaming". That's pretty hyperbolic, don't you think? It is not true AT ALL that most people were fine with the initial retirement announcement. TJ altered that decision, as far as we can tell, due to the intense blowback he received from everyone - regardless of whether they had alts or not - saying that was a terrible idea. I have seen exactly one person in this thread post that she wanted to see the sprites gone entirely and I heartily disagree w