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  1. Oooo, love that idea! I'm planning on breeding both breeds with the Winter Magi, and maybe breed the children of those pairings. They're just so pretty, I can see them working with so many breeds...
  3. Waiting patiently for my little newbie hatchlings to gender so that I can name them... I've had their names all planned out ever since I saw TJ's. It's amazing to me just how many Legendary Trios and Metallics have been dropping! And I'm never quick enough! I seem to share that ill fate with a lot of people in this thread... Slow DC Clickers, UNITE!!!
  4. ZOOM! There went another drop! These will be popular for a while - and with good reason! I long to hoard the pretty little shimmery golds...
  5. WOW!!! These might be my favorite dragons yet.
  6. I know, me too! Our day will come; we WILL catch those CB metallics... or come up with some really obscenely awesome trade.
  7. Why do I get the distinct feeling that these eggs will be fairly common? There have been some insane trades up in the trading threads - a CB Ice, for example, for a new egg. Whatever way it goes, this has been an INSANE release. And the eggs and hatchies are stunningly beautiful; can't wait to see the adult sprites!
  8. Calling it good with a scroll-locking CB red. It's nothing super special, but I needed it and I'm happy with it. Best of luck, everyone!
  9. Trying to get a tinsel to hatch so I can fill up one last egg slot myself... good grief, tinsels are little brats about hatching. Looks like it's not the best time of day for hunting, though...
  10. I don't think anybody knows for sure yet.
  11. There are an amazing amount of rares whooshing by... joke will be on us if it turns out these new dragons are going to be totally common and we passed up chickens, silvers, CB blacks, and standard golds for them. ..it's worth it, though!!!
  12. YES!!! Finally caught a shimmering ('cause I like that name) in the caves and have a trade lined up after cooldown to exchange a moonie for a shimmering. I is happy now.
  13. I would be thrilled if that winds up being their name; it sounds so pretty. I see the moonlight eggs being referred to as 'moonlights' and 'moonies'. Wonder what their real names will be?
  14. So has anyone gotten any of the new eggs this morning, as opposed to last night?
  15. Well, scroll-locked for the day. Never did catch a gold, but got four of the moonlights, and posted two for trades in the trading forum for the golds. Hopefully I'll get some PMs, but if not, meh, I'm sure they'll be around, and it probably won't be hard at all to get 2nd gens. Really hoping they aren't made officially Rare right off the bat, of course, but that's the name of the game... Best of luck to everyone still out there hunting!
  16. BLAST! Grabbed one too many moonlights in a random five-minutes-before-the-hour drop and then accidentally clicked on a sunrise/sunset egg. ((sigh)) Okay, posting the extra moonlight in the trade forums, abandoning an egg I don't really need, and trying again at the next drop for that gold...
  17. Omgsh, the gendered hatchies are so beautiful... spriters, you did an AWESOME job! Well done!
  18. Okay, six o'clock drop and little gold eggs, here I come...
  19. EDIT: So sorry, didn't mean to disobey forum rules.
  20. We're guessing permanent, though we don't know what kind of rarity we'll be looking at.
  21. Y'all are making me nervous! Are the golds seriously that hard to catch? I see several people posting that they've got an even number or actually more golds than blues, but... sheesh... ((worries about what she'll be able to get once she's not scroll-locked anymore)) On a related note: I am SO HAPPY that I just made silver trophy on Saturday! Perfect timing!
  22. YES! Caught my second moonlight egg. Scroll-locked for the next two hours, then back to hunting. Trying to decide if I should abandon two of these eggs that aren't due to hatch for a while...
  23. My thoughts exactly. It's not about this being 'fair' or other people being 'greedy'; no one is entitled to these eggs. It's a matter of luck, skill, and keep-at-it-ness. Happy hunting to us!
  24. I GOT ONE I GOT ONE I GOT ONE!!! Finally, after four or five hours. Okay, now just to get three more, preferably 2:2... otherwise, a-trading I will go...
  25. One biome and no scroll limit? I'm going to gamble on these guys being permanent. CATCH YOU I WILL, ELUSIVE CHINESE NEW YEAR EGGS! Just... maybe not today, when over 300 people are trying to beat me to the eggs... not gonna stop trying, though!