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  1. I actually think that's a decent idea for a challenge. Players would have to track which breeds they'd raised that would count toward their earned Prize, and it would take probably at least a year since they'd have to raise one of all the holiday breeds. Everyone should absolutely start on equal footing, regardless of trophy status. I think I've said this before, but I DON'T want the raffle to go away - I just want a way to EARN a Prize to be implemented alongside it. I think it should take a great deal of effort and a lot of time to get a Prize if you didn't win it, but I do thin
  2. Aww, what a lovely community thread! I just came back this Halloween and became active again due to old CB event dragons being made available again. Even though the same old drama is ever-present, I also have found the community to be more generous than ever and have been inspired to greater heights of generosity due to the spirit of kindness I've found throughout the forums. Answers to questions: 1. I guess the thing I'm most proud of was being what someone called one of the "Holly Heroes" during the Christmas catching season. Catching was remarkably easy for me, and I
  3. Sounds about right. (But thanks for the number from your scroll. Gives me a good idea of what my Purple goal is going to need to be.)
  4. Thanks @fuzzbucket and @purplehaze!
  5. So, while we have a myriad of threads dedicated to discussing Prize dragons in raffles and other ways to obtain then, @LadyLyzar recommended taking discussion of reinstating Honorable Mentions to raffles and ideas surrounding that to its own thread - and here it is. I would like to see Honorable Mentions restored to either one or two raffles a year or added to the monthly raffles (and for all HM prizes to also be available in Trader's Canyon, should that ever be implemented... but that's its own thread).
  6. An April Fool's raffle! But in a good way where the prizes weren't jokes.
  7. Bringing back this thread because it seems the most relevant to my question - how many Purples do you to try to have now that their BSA mostly prevents refusals? I was an English major, so I need help with the math.
  8. The new Fertility system is fantastic aside from the fact that I am almost guaranteed a refusal unless I use a Purple - and I'm almost out of Purples. Time to collect more, I guess...
  9. I would want it alongside Trader's Canyon, but not without it.
  10. Is there a rule against putting your current trades in your signature? I can't believe I don't know this.
  11. I very much agree with all of this. Very eloquently put. Has it previously been suggested that raffles be altered to include CB rares? I would highly support this if Trader's Canyon (or something similar) is ever implemented as another method for getting Prizes and other dragons.
  12. They're asexual. Respect their life choices. How many eggs can I have at once?
  13. I personally believe that the overpriced 2Gs currently on the market have already messed up the trading economy and devaluing them would restore a semblance of order (and the monthly raffles have already assisted toward that end but more could be done).
  14. Came here to say this! I feel like with your creative tools, Heart of Blue may be the heir apparent to EATW.
  15. Question: could the "Rare" descriptor for Golden Wyverns perhaps be altered on the Wiki? I and all other players I've talked to find them to be only uncommon.
  16. Eh, I wouldn't argue that everyone DESERVES a Prize, but I don't think anyone DOESN'T deserve a Prize or at least the chance to earn one (except for cheating cheaters who cheat, of course). I do think the exclusivity does more harm than good. I don't really care if they were meant to be one thing or another at their inception; what matters to me is what they should become. Again, I'll be fine if I never win one. The fact that there is now a monthly raffle is a HUGE improvement over the old annual raffle. The numbers that have recently been shown bother me, though, and it seems to m
  17. Absolutely ================== Certain