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  1. Tada! https://dragcave.net/lineage/Oh6u1 A common x common lineage you really love
  2. "Failed Seduction" is okay, yes?
  3. I am so sick of this. I'm sick of having bouts of anxiety every time I have to plan a get-together. I'm sick of having to tiptoe around and keep my mouth shut and worry about how everything looks and sounds and overanalyzing every interaction while having my customer service smile plastered on. I'm sick of planning out future conversations. I'm sick of being in the unfortunate position of disapproving of your significant other. I have no interest in controlling your life, I just don't choose to have him in mine. I'm sick of miscommunications and people taking sides and I'm so, so frustrated th
  4. A time by which a task must be completed. Why did the egg my Vampire bit die?
  5. Keep: Whiptail Abandon: Water Walker Kill: Skywing Brute, Plated Collosus, Bleeding Moon
  6. Turns out Prizes were cursed all along and suddenly start eating your other dragons. The lower the generation, the more dragons it needs to eat. A CB just swallows your scroll whole. Fin.
  7. When I'm Sixty-Four - The Beatles (As long as it uses the Western alphabet I don't see why you couldn't include song titles from other languages, assuming they don't use words that would be forbidden on the forum if they were in English.)
  8. Stealing your Diamondwings
  9. How is it that my Golds are more likely to breed true (or at all) than my Thunders???
  10. Quick aside for semantics - the word Prize, in the English language, does not exclusively refer to something that was won by sheer luck. More commonly, prizes ARE won by achievement. Preferences are one thing, but it's not a good argument to say that Prizes should remain random on the basis of their name. I also wish people who are offended that people are suggesting new ways to get Prizes would stop going to the other extreme by saying that we should stop all raffles again (or kill all Prizes... unnecessary hyperbole). Obviously even the people who think the raffles shouldn't have
  11. First my in-laws, now my sister. Can I just excuse myself from all future family drama?
  12. I'm on Cave Time. I was asleep during those 30 minutes. F8 Bingo!
  13. I agree with this. That's why I liked Lady L"s challenge that would be to raise 200 unique breeds - one dragon from each. You wouldn't have to clutter your scroll with 20 of a breed you hated. I suppose there may be players who refuse to collect certain dragons ( I only have one frozen of each color of Dino and strongly dislike the adult sprites, for example), but if the release schedule this year continues the way it did last year, we'll have enough unique breeds that no one would have to raise one of any handful of breeds they didn't want.
  14. I would very much not want this to be an "instead of" Trader's Canyon. My ideal would be for both to exist concurrently. I know you disagree, and that's fine, but I wanted to make it clear that my making this thread was not in order to propose another alternative to the store suggestion.
  15. Keep: Carina Abandon: Khusa Kill: Dark Lumina (because it was probably a misbreed AGAIN) Soulpeace, White, Rosebud
  16. Discussion of CB Hybrids aside, which is apparently a much more controversial subject than I realized, what about HMs that are literally just "Pick a breed from the cave, like a CB Gold or Silver"?