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  1. THIS. There is NO WAY aside from digging through PAGES of obscure forum threads that anyone not completely inoculated into forum culture - which is a tiny, tiny little clique - to know what the heck THIS FORUM means by "misuse" ON SITE. Even the ToS talking about "bothering another user" do not automatically mean to the average player that they can't so much as MENTION the name of a user/the code of an egg, since the user still has to WILLINGLY reach out to be interacted with. That is understandable only to someone who is a regular forum user. But I don't know why I'm bothering. Plenty of other posters have tried to explain why the rules thus far are UNCLEAR and the bans are UNFAIR, but we're just lowly non-mods, so who cares?
  2. Or just WAIT and NOT MOD THINGS until TJ gets the clear rules up. It's not like these are actively offensive messages these poor users are posting.
  3. I completely agree. There absolutely should be a full moratorium on bans from the Trading Hub until TJ posts clear rules ON-SITE. People are being banned for offenses that they had NO way to know were offenses and that is, quite frankly, disgusting.
  4. LOVE this idea. It's very frustrating that even if your scroll is hidden and set to "Not accepting aid", people can still put the eggs you have in trade into hatcheries and cause them to get sick. This would fix that issue.
  5. My great frustrations with the lack of clear rules or pagination aside, I discovered this morning that the Hub's filter does not differentiate between "Ice" and words like "nice" or "nicely". Putting quotation marks around "Ice" merely returned no results. This is unhelpful.
  6. Enter a message to help others understand what types of offers you are looking for. Please do not include links and do not ask users to contact you directly. FIXED. If your users feel that your rules are not saying what you thought they were saying, maybe some clarification is in order. And right now, it is NOT clear from the rules as written that haves are okay, that links to the specific kinds of dragons you are looking for are not okay, and that asking for PMs for various trade reasons are is not okay. It doesn't have to be a huge long list that no one will read. Also, please put a warning system in place instead of just instantly banning people who thought something would be allowed that wasn't.
  7. I'm fairly certain that 2,23-2 is still blue.
  8. You say "waste". I say "worth expending a little extra time for a guaranteed alt". It's all about perspective.
  9. Well yeah. I was just pointing out that there's a BSA that allows you to hatch it (maybe) before the timer shows 4 days.
  10. If it's the one that was caught on the 31st and hatched today, I think it would have to have been incubated, unless my math is very wrong...
  11. Without incubation, 3.23 days through 2 days seem to be blue. Two-day window. Anything prior to that seems to be green. We have yet to find out of 1.23-0 is in fact purple, but it is the prevailing theory.
  12. Thank you to those who pointed out that some people work 24-hour shifts. This made me realize that (theoretically) having a two-day window for each color is actually a very good thing.
  13. As a lineage breeder, I'd rather an egg take a spot for longer and be guaranteed the correct alt than an RNG like Nebulas or Gemshards. I do wish the Blue alt window hadn't turned out to be so long, though.
  14. Headcanon accepted. Let the revolution begin!
  15. Gotta say, while I'm not a fan of complex breeding mechanics, I actually REALLY like the new Siyat mechanics, because it's 100% player controlled. No dumb luck, no one biome being infinitely more popular than another, no waiting for the clock or calendar (aside from the egg's own timer), no worrying about what biome or mana the parents adhere to. I am perfectly content with this. (Also all of the new sprites are beautiful!)
  16. @VixenDra Mods, maybe it would be helpful to pin this while we're still in figuring-this-out mode?
  17. Does anyone here know @Predat0rs in a capacity outside this forum? If so, will you please contact them and ask them to check their PMs, as they have a number of hatchlings awaiting pickup, some of which might grow up tonight? Thank you. Please note that I DO NOT want alternate contact details for them, so PLEASE don't provide them to me if you have them.
  18. *Hums in* Gorgeous FoE sprites, many thanks, all artists. I'm in love with the two banners. I'm extremely happy that I got a second chance at getting an upside-down Mint this year, as I was on hiatus last year - I got eaten in the game, but caught what I needed in the AP. ^>^ I hope the Dragon's Dilemma game remains a permanent DC April Fool's feature, in addition to whatever other jokes may occur. (For the record, I think it was a really good call to disable trading/teleprting on those Mints). Also, I will admit that the announcement post cracked me up. Good event. Very enjoyable. Thanks, everyone!
  19. Yaaaaaay new release! They're all so pretty, but I have to say that right now the chubby pumpkin face Siamese kitty speckles are my favorites.
  20. Yeah, don't wait on anything for me. I'm just in the game still to help with co-ops as needed (assuming that's okay). I'm too far behind now to make up the difference.
  21. Co-op BINGO ! tiga: https://dragcave.net/view/UGFVL tigerkralle: https://dragcave.net/view/Jecup and libbylishly: https://dragcave.net/view/jztcF
  22. Sorry for joining and then basically bailing instantly, y'all. This is just not my month. More than happy to help out with co-ops, though - Co-op bingooooooooo @LibbyLishly: https://dragcave.net/view/tmzkv @Fuzzbucket: https://dragcave.net/view/9yay9 @dragongirl02: https://dragcave.net/view/Bxxuw