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    * I'm not taking trading/breeding requests about offspring from my 2G prizes at the moment. Please don't ask about them, thanks for understanding.

    * I accept IOUs in many cases except regular metallics. They are not good breeders, so I might be reluctant to take IOUs of them unless I ask particularly(usually bloodswap).

    * I breed my commons/uncommons/rares(in some cases)/holidays on requests for free. Feel free to PM me if I can breed something you need.


    ** IOUs (Giving)
    I use fertilitiy for every IOU breeding.

    1. Aussiemum - 3rd Ice, checker with m.Gold
     - 8/8 no interest. Sorry for delaying, this one is hopeless >_>
    5. R - 3G Silver Tinsel, checker with Falcon
     - as soon as I receive 2G Tinsel and Tinsekin from the owners
    7. Sif - 3G Shimmer from Missrabbit
    8. geminigrl016 - 2G GW from m.Gold, 2G Ice from f.Silver(sent). 2G Ember from f.Gold(pending)
    10. MisunderstoodDreamer - 4G Tin from Respectabila
    11. Saty_ - 4G penk x gw
    Terces - 3G Gizy x Living in ocean

    ** IOUs (Receiving)
    This list is not including IOUs which seem to be forgotten(yeah..>_>) and IOUs from inactive users.

    2. isaakfvkampfer - 3G Ice, checker with f.Silver
    3. L - 2G Gold Tinsel from Tsunami and Skywing
    5. A - 2G Silver Tinsel from Falconiform
    6. R - 2G Falcon from Silver Tinsel
    7. H - 2G Bronze Shimmer from Autumn
    9. dragonsrus - 3G Summer ( x m.Silver)
    10. SYSY - 3G Ice checker with f.Silver
    12. Sif - 2 x 2G from Kanamia, 3G Shimmer from Titanium

    ** IOUs (Pending)
    1. johnnalola - 3G Winter, checker with Sweetling (Bloodswap)
    2. kecemis - 2 x 2G SWs, mates not decided yet (Giving)
    3. tikigurl91 - 4G Marrow, checker with f.Gold (Bloodswap)
    4. Fiona BlueFire - 2G SW from f.Gold (Receivied)
    6. L - 2G SW from f.Gold (Giving)
    7. A - CB Gold+@ <-> 2G Silver Tinsel (Trading, under discussion)


    GenerousGreed - 4G GW from Penk x GW


    ** IOUs I have done
    Spyridon - 3G RB checker with f.Silver
    stardust13 - 5th PB Ice egg
    FeatheredSkater - 3 x 4G prizes(3/3)
    Spyridon - 2G Thunder from Your Heart Belongs to Me
    dhorne - 3G Spring checker with Rosebud
    Valeth - 3G Red egg checker with f.Gold
    isaakfvkampfer -3G Spring egg, f.Silver checker isaakfvkampfer - 4G Gold checker with m.Stripe
    artiuslove - 2 x CB Spring hatchlings
    Iside - 3G royal blue, f.Silver checker
    SYSY - 3G Red egg, m.Gold checker
    Shroomlet - 3g Gold egg checker with f.shadow
    Xythus - 3rd Silver from 09'Val
    Ramroth - 20/20 CB Lumina hatchies, 10/10 CB Glory hatchies
    kwan852963 - 3rd Ice from Silver
    Asseilaa - 5th from Daymajet
    stardust13 - 4th Pink from Black*BP
    Terces - 2nd PB Black, CB flamingo hatchie
    Lullakai-Shi - 3rd Ember from Marrow
    Adromeda - 3rd Daydream from Rosebud
    JavaMom - 3rd Tan from Silver
    Xythus - 3rd Deepsea from Sweetling
    Infinis - Frost ~ 12/12 Flame ~ 12/12
    Violet_Ninja - 7 CB Halloween hatchies with influences, 6x2Gs from HS
    Lazurite - 5G Tinsel, Silver Tinsel CB x Blusang
    Fiona BlueFire - 2 CB Coppers (2/2)
    Kaasheris - 4G Silver Tinsel, Penk x GWs
    Xeriina - 4G Pink, Gold × BP checker x 2
    Shirosaki_Gin - 4 CB Glory hatchlings (4/4)
    Thunderwing - Red Copper
    Amaterasu-sama - 4G Tinsel, Darkrose x Autumn
    Naruhina_94 - 4G Tinsel, DSM x Ice
    Mirume - 5G Tinsel, Silver Tinsel CB x Blusang
    PonyTales - 20 CB Pink hatchlings; no influence (20/20)
    dragonsrus - 2 x 2G Metallics
    TheDoggy - 3G Gold, checker with f.Spring
    geminigrl016 - Purple Ridge from HS x Tan Ridge
    rrattts - July release, 3 pairs
    Justyne - 4G Tinsel, Lord Myst The 1st x Tan Ridgewing
    rinoa26 - 4G Pink, Gold x BP
    xdlugia - 3 x 2G from WP hatchlings(female infl)
    Sif - 2 x CB Metallics
    WinstonGA - 4/4 CB Summer hatchlings
    Arella - 4G Tinsel, Erno x Hellfire
    A - 2G prize
    Naruhina_94 - 3G purple from S2aranghaeyo (EG)
    Melosk - 3G Tin from S2aranghaeyo (EG)


    *** A Huge Thanks To <3

    *** Nice people in DC!
    angelicdragonpuppy, Maximumoccupancy, Lorimmel, ZzelaBusya, velvet-curse, Breeding, Gifting members and more people - I am still trying to remember!

    ♥ Thank you very much to everyone who has helped me out building my scroll and lineages.(in any ways!) I really appreciate it C: