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Posted by: Mijikoi Nov 10 2012, 05:19 PM
Everybody that wants to play are welcome.

History lesson:
Medicia, a kingdom lost in time alongside Atlantis millennia ago, is surrounded by a forest, vast mountains and a vast lake. The lake and forest act as the kingdom’s only protection from outer threats of the world Medicia occupies. The lake, named Terra after the old world, gives the kingdom a wealth of quarry for food and supplies water to the crop fields for irrigation. Aquatic titans take residence deep in the lake, providing a key element of protecting Medicia from any nautical assault. The forest, simply known as Forest, grants sanctuary to the game the kingdom for its hunts. The Forest does allow for the more dangerous animals and Warriors to protect the kingdom without interference by offering apt place for hiding on its outer edge. The large kingdom is made of a wide variety of races that have long since been lost to the human world, with many insentient wildlife or livestock being the humans only correlative companions from earth.

Medicia's city dwelling is currently ruled by a family, consisting of King Mikhail, his wife Susanna, and his daughter Mata. King Mikhail and his wife long enjoyed a peaceful reign, before the tragic night their eldest son, Maverick, disappeared with the youngest of the monarch's children. Artemis, the second son and heir to the throne, and the five year old triplets, Alexander, Cassia and Syria, were taken from their nursemaid by Maverick and lost to the surrounding forest. Maverick has since been seen aiding invaders in entering the kingdom and has been labeled as a traitor to the kingdom. The absence of the missing children is still notable upon entering the King’s Hall, when the four empty seats are observed.

It has also been observed that since the disappearance of the royal triplets, many other children of all species have disappeared into the Forest. Due to this the king ordered an investigation to be done with less then satisfactory results. The location of the children has remained unknown, but it was discovered that the Forest was select in its choices; only children with the propensity to perform magic were taken. The connection remained unnoticed by the families, until a woman pointed out her son had been a good friend to young Artemis. Both her son and Artemis had shown signs of magic that had been lost for generations. When inquired by the investigators, all of the missing children's families reported a similar story: their children showed the budding signs of unique and outlandish gifts.

Through the years the Children of the Forest have been learning from the surviving members of a forgotten time called the Second Rising. They have been taught as their predecessors were in the ways of combat, their own unique talents and how to survive in the Forest. Each child is trained in their gifts and given positions once they become Warriors, but all Warriors heed the Guardians. They have been taught that while the Forest is fond of its hidden kingdom, it is also strict. Any rule that has been set and broken has a consequence, the severity depending on the depth of the infraction.

They have learned enough of the Medician ways to successfully blend in with the commoners and keep watch from the inside as well as the out. Through this learning each child garnered a greater understanding of their first lesson from their careful watch over the kingdom: The needs of the many holds more weight than the needs of the few. This lesson was engrained into the Guardians by the Children from the Second Rising, and from the Guardians the knowledge passed to the new Children. This cycle fermented until the children were fully established in their own right and able to cast their eyes from learning to guarding.

It's been twenty years since the royal children were lost by Prince Maverick to the forest. In those years, the Royal Children have each taken their destined role. Artemis, the eldest of the royal Children, now acts as the leader of the Children and High Guardian of the Forest. Artemis has long since taken the responsibility the Forest placed on his shoulders and as such, he leads the protection of the Forest and its hidden kingdom. Alex, declining to take the position as Second-in-Command, now heads the City Walkers in their assignment of keeping an eye on the Kingdom of Medicia. Cassia stands firm, both in her guiding of the Border Patrol and as Artemis’s Second-in-command. Cassia’s patrol has been a highly effective front against the assaults from the Viridel. The youngest of the Guardians, Syria, has cemented her role as the Head of the Forest Scouts and Camp Mother to the Children.

The leadership of the Guardians has remained unblemished for the last several years, until the recent ascertainment of Maverick’s plots. The scouts laid out all they had discovered of the treasonous plans: to have the royal family assassinated, to begin an earnest attack against Medicia, and to see to the utter devastation of the Forest. With this grievous acknowledgement, came the discovery that the forest would not deny any of its royal children free passage through its woodlands. The most heartbreaking part in this whole tragic affair, for Artemis and his siblings, was the reason had yet to be unveiled as to why Maverick had partaken in any of these atrocities. Maverick was a Prince of the Family and he should have been the last to do as he was.

Artemis, numbed by grief to know the depth of his brother’s betrayal, put many hours in to unearthing a method to protect his home and his family. After months of searching, Artemis found the answer from a Child bearing the gift of Precognition. The child explained that the only hope lay with beseeching aid from the dragons of the Northern Mountains. The Child carried on in her explanation, advising that the path would be treacherous; being as the Mountains where the dragons dwelled was far from the Forests domain. Her last piece of advice was to adamantly plea that he send no one alone in this venture for peace. With this knowledge fresh in his mind, Artemis was swayed into sending his sisters, Syria and Cassia, to beg a treaty of the dragons to the north. With the treaty being undertaken by the sisters, Artemis deemed it necessary to send his younger brother, Alex, to act as guard to the Royal family. Before any may leave to their missions, Artemis has demanded volunteers go with Syria and Cassia. Artemis has deemed it to be compulsory in preparations to put a halt to Maverick's amassing army. Now begs the question, will you join Cassia and Syria in speaking with the dragons? Or will you choose to aid Maverick in destroying all that the Children stand for?

Elves: The long-lived and members of the kingdom. The elves of Medicia are known widely for their ability to work with animals and for hunting. The elves stand at four feet to six feet tall. While they cannot grow past a certain point; they, like humans, have a wide range of looks. Their aging slows down only after they have reached the physical age of 20, prior to that they age at a rate similar to that of humans. Mental growth often concludes after an approximate nineteen years of age.
Lifespan: The lifespan of an elf is undetermined and seemingly limitless, as no elf has died of old age to date. Their lifespan is considered one of the reasons there are so few elven children, as they fear overpopulation.

Centaurs: The horse-like and,file=22841,filename=Brythnia_centaur_female.gif of Medicia. Centaurs help cater to the fields and make up the elite guard of the kingdom. They are a peaceful, yet warrior-like race. They bear the torso and head of a human and the body of a horse with hair that matches the color of the equine manes. A centaur commonly has brown eyes, but they have been known to have green and blue eyes.
Lifespan: Centaur are full grown by the time they reach ten years old and have a life span reaching up to sixty years.

Human: The humans, both!N.full.945476.jpg and, make up the crafters, general farmers, fishers and royalty of the kingdom. The part of the kingdom’s guard not made up of centaurs falls to the humans, as does the fishing. While the other races may have their own crafts, it usually falls to the human. The human height falls under 6’7” being the tallest and 5’4” being the shortest full grown.
Lifespan: Humans reach full maturity once they cease growing, for males this is the age of twenty and for females it is seventeen. A human’s lifespan ranges from sixty to ninety.

Phoenix: The phoenixes make up the kingdom messengers and the Royal guard. They come in four types, utilizing the four primary elements, have two forms; a and an In their bird form, the largest a phoenix will grow is approximate to a swan or goose. The smallest a full grown avian phoenix will stop in its growth is akin to a common duck. In the humanoid form they are much like any human, save for their coloration. The humanoid form’s coloration reflects their element and feather colors. With this being the case, the earth and fire elemental are the easiest to conclusively define. The earth elemental bares the varying shades of green and brown for the hues of color. The element of fire, however, displays in the more vibrant shades of gold and red for a range in tones. Water and air elementals are the more convoluted in the display of shadings, but to a well-versed individual the differences are notable. Water, the less vibrant of the two elements, assumes a darker coloring in murky green and deeper blue. Air, being the much loftier element, bares the hues of the lighter scale blue and the hues of green that are nearly yellow in tint. The wings, though visible and solid, while in humanoid form are merely decorative and unusable.
Lifespan: A Phoenix will age at three rates. Their avian form is fully grown by the time the child is three years old, while their humanoid from takes nearer to thirty years before they reach full maturity. Mental maturity is often reached after eighteen to twenty years, with variations taken into account based on the personality.

Dragon: The large winged creatures of the Northern Mountain and their smaller relatives residing in Medicia’s surrounding forest, are fairly isolated from the other creatures. They, like phoenix and sprites, come in different types relating to the elements, but also correlate the difference of bearing the dark and light elements and excluding the water element. The two types of dragon with in these elements are the Large and the Small. avoid all contact with others, including the Forest Children. Small dragons, however, litter the forest. Small dragons are near identical to their large cousins, but at tallest stand at three and a half feet tall when rearing. Large dragons can reach the height of thirty to forty feet tall.
Lifespan: Little is known about how large dragons age or mature and what is known is assumed due to the smaller dragons., however, lack the fine tuned and wide spread control of elements their larger kin can proclaim to use. Lacking this, small dragons make up for their inability for the fine control in their exuberance to help others. Such being the case small dragons have been known to bond to the Forest Children and have even taken up residence inside the walls of Medicia. Once bonded to their chosen partner, a small dragon will bind its own life to its partner's, passing with the bonded.
Lifespan:Small dragons reach physical maturity after four years of life and mental maturity after twenty years. The only known ending of a small dragon's life was due to the death of his Phoenix bonded and was recorded at 1,250 years old.

Sprite: The small winged creatures. Each Sprite adheres to any one of the six elements, excluding Plant. Sprites, both wild and summoned glow with the element they are born from. While a sprite is born from an element they do not possess any control of that element. As such a summoned sprite is generally used as a messenger, a distraction, a scout or helper. A sprite may be destroyed by an opposing element. (Water by fire, Fire by water, etc.)
Lifespan: Nothing is known about sprites lifespan because the summoned sprites have been summoned full grown and wild sprites are very rarely seen. The end of a natural lifespan of a sprite has never been recorded or witnessed.

Forest Children: The Children of the Forest are made up of all six races in the kingdom. The only difference between they and the kingdom is the abilities they have. This allows for the Children to hide amongst the people as spies with only one feature setting them apart, the mark of a Guardian.

Bonded Companion: Usually, a bonded is an animal bonded to a Forest Warrior. Bonded companions are of exceptional intelligence, rivaling that of any Medicia dweller. (A bonded can be any standard animal, and even some of mythical or spiritual origin. A unicorn or even a stray elemental is acceptable. A Phoenix or a large dragon is not acceptable.)

Abilities used by The Viridel and the Children of the Forest
(Each character has one dominate and two subsidiary abilities. The dominate ability is the stronger ability of the three. The first subsidiary ability may be substantial, but it will not be as strong as the dominate ability. The second of the subsidiary abilities will be weaker than both dominate and initial subsidiary abilities. (Example: Alex is a Fire elemental with the subsidiary abilities of Empathy and Healing. While he may perform a wide array of feats with his Fire wielding, Alex cannot say the same for his Healing. With it being his subsidiary ability, Healing is restricted to minor injuries. Broken bones and gaping wounds are beyond the guardian’s capacity to heal. A for his empathy, a receptive functioning ability may be ignored for all the impact it has on him.) If you have any questions about the abilities, please PM with questions.)

Empathy: The ability to perceive and project emotions. In some cases, this means a room full of individuals if you are a Primary. A secondary may feel the room, but be unable to affect them.
Elementism: The ability to control and manipulate an element. (Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Lightning, Plants, and Shadow.)
Precognition: The ability to perceive the future. This ability will be limited to dreams or sudden bursts of knowledge if used as a Secondary ability. (Someone with Precognition may not also be Psychic. It should also be noted, that only someone who has Precognition as a Primary may use it in combat. Furthermore, the future is subject to change. This means not all visions will come true and Precognition is not perfect (so, yes, even if you use it in combat, you can and will be hit. No one is invincible. )
Pyschic: The ability to replace memories, hear or project surface thoughts, and gain control of another's mind. The ability's effect is determined by the will of the Psychic. If their minds prove to be weaker then the opponent's they will not be able to successfully perform their desired action. (A Child or Viridel may either replace memories or control another's mind, they may not do both. Reading and projecting thoughts is a prerequisite to being able to use the other two versions. There is a limit of 2 people that may control another's mind and a limit of 3 that may replace memories.)
Conjuration: The ability to summon illusions or sprite servants on a short term basis. Typically, a summon only lasts for the corresponding amount of power placed into it. An illusion is similar, but also requires a certain proximity (This means no one can exceed a maximum of fifteen feet for a strong illusion, thirty feet for a hazy and weak illusion, and at forty feet the illusion will collapse.)
Poison: The ability to produce poison via blood, saliva, or secretion through claws. (Ability is restricted to Phoenix creatures.)
Healing: The ability to take an injury onto one's self in order to heal another and to heal one's self through deep meditation.
Shield: The ability to erect a physical barrier over a limited area. (The strongest barrier is limited to 15 feet in diameter. The area is often limited to three feet a Secondary ability.)

Factions of the war
Forest Children: The outer guards and protectors of Medicia. They are essentially the “good" side of the fight, and are the children stolen and raised by the forest.
Viridel: The group of beings exiled from Medicia when it was settling into it new land. They are the vengeful relatives of the dwellers of Medicia made up of the four races. They are similar to the Forest children to an extent, but all bare the mark of a traitor on the left cheek just under their eye.
Medicia: The people of the city all remain neutral due to the lack of knowledge of the Viridel. The royal family holds that they will never take the kingdom and are content to ignore both sides of the fight.

Terms to know:
Guardian: The four members of the royal family with command over the forest children
Mark of a Guardian: The mark based on the royal forest child, or Guardian, they work with and follow. The Marks are as follows: Cassia’s Mark is that of a http:// Alex’s is a Artemis’ mark consists of Syria utilizes a her mark. The mark can rest where they where first touched by one of the royal children, be it on their arm, shoulder or where ever it was requested at the Warrior Anointing.
Warrior Anointing: An event that occurs when a Forest Child turns thirteen and accepts their place as a Warrior in the forest.

1) No god-moding. For me, this means no invincible characters and no controlling another’s character without permission (This does include killing or harming of another’s character unfairly. If you do kill or harm another character you must have their permission and I want to know about it.). If I’m not going to do it neither should you.
2) Swearing is allowed to the same degree the forums allow, however, I don’t encourage it. Please remember people under 18 view the forums.
3) No spamming.
4) If you have a problem with something or someone do not be rude about it. Criticism is always welcome, but be polite when giving it, please.
5) You may have up to two characters unless you show you can handle more. If you show you can maintain two characters and choose to make another one you must PM me or whoever I ask to assist me in monitoring the RP for permission.
6) Any and all applications to participate must be PMed to me before you can post. I will PM you to let you know if you’re approved or not.
7) Posts must be 5 to 6 sentences long at a minimum. I reserve the right to ignore any one or two liner posts if I am not given a reason as to why you did so. I do understand writer’s block.
8) Romance is allowed, but if you go into a scene that is too graphic I will ask you to edit the post or remove it completely. In other words keep your clothes on and lewd acts to a minimum. Again, minors look at the forum.
9) There will be a limit of three small dragons bonded to a Forest Child. The pass phrase/word to show you have read the rules is: 'Macaroni is a noodle name'.
10) If you want to be a Forest Child and go through the Warrior Anointing you must PM me the request with your character form otherwise it will be assumed you have been Anointed. Otherwise you must submit which Guardian mark you bare and where it is located.
11) If there is a species you want but cannot be found on the list of creatures PM it to me and I will debate on if it is plausible to be added.
12) Rules are subject to change, but I will notify you via post to the RP telling you to re-review the rules and explain the rule in the post.
13) To quote Lovelost: HAVE FUN! if you are not having fun....well...then why did you join?

Now that you’ve read the rules, the form for you to fill out and PM me is just below.


Posted by: Mijikoi Nov 10 2012, 05:20 PM

Forest Children
Username: Mijikoi
Name : Syria
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Species: Elven
Allegiance: Forest Child
History: Syria is one of the royal triplets that were taken by Prince Maverick and lost to the forest. Syria inherited her great grandmother’s blood and was born an Elf, unlike Cassia and Alexander (Who were born as Phoenix, much like their mother). Since that day, Syria has learned the ways of a Guardian and what her duties to both the Forest and her people. As she is in charge of the scouts that patrol the Forest, it was one of her scouts that located the information regarding Maverick and passed it to King Mikhail and Artemis.
During her time in the Forest, Syria has been married and declared a widow. Her twin children, three year olds Ananke and Peitho, are the sole proof of her past union. The twins both have taken their father and proudly display their phoenix heritage. Syria devotes her time between raising her children and carrying out her duties. While she finds neither task to be tedious, Syria does find her self at a loss for sleep.
Appearance: Syria has sea foam green hair falling to her waist, complemented by the sunset golden eyes of the royal family. The young elf only stands at a mere five feet in height. Her frame, while not voluptuous o curvy, leans more towards a runners frame. This allows for her to move quickly and accurately, if without complete grace. She is often clothed in a cream colored dress, with a brown outer waist cincher. A red ribbon and a golden bejeweled wire-wrap twine about the waist cincher and hold her Dao sword to her side. Hanging from both of her ears, sparkle a pair of silver teardrop stones. Her most renowned feature to the Forest Children is the black bird in flight emblazoned onto her left forearm and wrist.
Abilities: Syria is a Shadow elemental with the subsidiary abilities of Precognition and Conjuration. While she may do just great feats with her Shadow wielding, she cannot control her Precognition like someone whose Primary is Precognition. With it being a subsidiary ability, it is restricted to her dreams and a strong intuition, including occasional bursts of foreknowledge. She is also only proficient with her Conjuration. She may summon a shadow sprite for long periods of time as Shadow is her element, but her illusions are mild at best. She can provide a vague illusion at best.
Weapons: Syria's favored weapons are the set of Tai Chi Dao blades secured to her hips by a red ribon and a golden jeweled belt. The hilted dao sword has a dark golden blade, that favors Syria's right hand in battle, resides securely on her left hip when at rest. On the right hip, Syria's left handed reflects a fire contained by the hilt, while its blade radiates a blue light. Across Syria's back, a is stylized with two dragon's facing a wing-ridge. The metal of the bows allows Syria a slight edge if she is forced into combat at close ranged, as the wings may serves as additional blades.
Bonded: Syria has six bonded in total: two small dragons, a spirit leopard, a nightmare and twin ferrets. The small dragons, and,are shadow elementals. Her spirit companion is, an ice spirit shaped a leopard. Her shadow Nightmare,, is a companion and mount for Syria. The ferrets, white and black, are Syria’s mischievous Bonded.

Username: Mijikoi
Name : Keid
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Species: human
Allegiance: Forest Child
History: Keid has no recollection of his family or anything but the street life when he was a young elf of 15 years and 12 year-old Syria took him in. The day had been one of the few she had been unable to resist going into Medicia to sate her curiosity that she had chanced upon Keid. The city guards were preparing to execute the male young thief. It was the only time Syria ever broke a rule of the Forest: Never interfere in the matters of the city. The citizens of Medicia had hunted for days, but were unable to find the murderer of the guards. It was not until a few weeks after these events that the Forest decided Syria’s punishment, something only she and Artemis know the full story behind. As a way of attempting to repay Syria for her kindness and atone for her punishment, Keid vowed to serve her faithfully as one of her Warriors.
Keid is well liked by the younger Children due to the inordinate amount of time he spends with them assisting Syria in their care. Predominately as, when Keid has not been sent out on a patrol, the male assists Syria with her duties as a Guardian and Camp Mother. Outside of this assistance, he can often be found standing guard where ever Syria has fallen asleep at. His sense of loyalty to only Syria is frowned on by the oldest members of the Children, but not misunderstood.
Appearance: is a blond, hazel eyed male that stands at a height of 6’4”. His face is decorated with a trimmed goatee, and little else if he can help it, taking pride in how others perceive him. As a standard, he wears little in the way of armor, preferring to be light on his feet. The decorated silver armor he does wear only covers his heart and left shoulder. He had a pair of matching gauntlets on his forearms and a metal belt.
Abilities: Primary: Shielding Subsidiary: Healing and Light Element
Weapons: Keid uses a blue kit rae that settles against his back when not in use. On his hips rest twin The axes are made from a solid and thinned metal.
Bonded:, a snow fox with a fancy for light magic and, a white and blue spirit wolf with a liking of the cold waters.

Gender: Female
Age: 25
Species: Phoenix
History:Born into the second to highest rank a person can be born into, Cassia is one of the three royal triplets. Up until age five, she stayed in Medicia until she and her siblings were taken to the Forest. Twenty years has gone by since that day. Between those years as a Guardian of the Forest Cassia stands firm, both in her guiding of the Border Patrol and as Artemis’s Second-in-command. Her patrol has been a highly effective front against the assaults from the Viridel. Being Second-in-command puts a lot of pressure on her shoulders, but she is glad to uphold the title and will stand beside her brother till the bitter end. At a more personal level she is so busy with her duty as Second-in-command that she has thrown her social life away. When she sees Syria with her twins, her maternal instinct yearns to have a family of her own, but she shuts herself off from any chance to be in a relationship, should it distract her from her position as second-in-command. Doing as she is told, she prepares herself for the long journey ahead in search of the dragons. For the longest time, Cassia, refused to bring anymore people along the journey besides her sister, but eventually she gave in. She would have preferred it be her and her sister to make the long journey alone, but her brother would not allow it. Her thoughts on the matter was, the larger the party, more for her to keep up with and be responsible for. The more the people the higher risk of someone getting hurt. But if that is what her brother wishes, she will oblige to do so.
Appearance: Much like her mother's appearance, fire red hair that consists of curls run down her shoulders. Cassia's eye color looks like burning embers of gold and some say she holds stars in her eyes. Two medium size wings stand out on her slender backside. They move at their own accord by reflex, like a cat's tail for instance. The color ranges from reds, oranges, and yellows. They are warm to touch but do not burn, only in her phoenix form do they catch fire. Unlike her sister Syria, who wears dresses, Cassia is more practical look with loose black pants with deep pockets and a forest green sleeved tunic with golden embroidery around the sleeves and royal purple and gold accents in an intricate design on the waist and chest area.
Abilities: Fire Elemental, Conjuration, Poison
Weapons/Skills: Bow and Arrow, Poison darts, Acrobats.
Bonded: None
Allegiance: Forest Child

Username: SkullKrusher
Name: Argoth or Arc
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Species: Elven
History: Being one of the first actual Forest Children after the actual group was established, Argoth is a rarity among the community. He has the age and experience to be just like the four Guardians, but still is considered as a forest child and not an actual guardian - though that is one of his goals in the future, if it is possible at all, actually.
Argoth was born into a mixed family, his father being a Humanoid Phoenix and his mother being an Elf. He also had two sisters, which would grow to become beautiful Human Phoenixes, whilst he drew the short straw and became a simple Elf. His father had wanted only Phoenixes in the family - except his wife, that is - and grew to despise Argoth for being born an Elf, not even seeing his talent in magic and weaponry. He was extremely potent as a Fire Elemental, and his mother, having been a swordsman, taught him the art of fighting with katanas, then gave him a runed black one as a gift on his 18'th birthday. That was the same day he had been taken by the Forest Children, und until then, he has been a part of them.
Appearance: Standing at 5'8, Argoth is a bit higher than normal for his own age. His body is slightly muscular, obviously from the tough training enforced by his mother as a young child and from the many times he experienced being hit by magic, thus enhancing his speed and agility. He has short, jet black and spiked hair that reaches just past his ears, which is paired with a pair of strikingly rare, dark blue eyes. Argoth can often be seen wearing a white shirt under a dark red vest, along with jet black pants and boots. A single bracelet is on his right wrist, it's color being the same dark red like the vest he wears. The sign of Cassia that he has is located on the back of his hand and also under his shirt, just next to his heart.
Abilities: Argoth, having been born with extreme amounts of energy and also with huge amounts of magic absorbed into him, is exceptionally skilled as a Fire Elemental. His subsidiary powers are Healing and Barrier. The former is simply used to keep him alive while he has a few wounds and to increase his life if he has tons of them, whilst the latter is a small Barrier, concentrated to keep as much hits at it as possible.
Weapons: A single black katana, with strange and glowing magma-infused runes, his mother had told Argoth that it somehow managed to amplify the power of his Elementalism by a great amount - that is how he came to use the tough magic in such short amount of time - his body, full of energy for the large amount of magic, had everything except experience, which he quickly got - and almost master it, in a way. It hangs by a special sheath, attached to a holster that is crimson red and also has a black and white dragon embroidered straight onto it.
Bonded: Argoth does not have any bonded, as he feels that way he takes the freedom of the creatures that he actually tries to bond with, thus feeling like he is their captor and not friend, although he hasn't shown any problems about others having any kind of Bonded.

Username: KyokoYei2
Name: Arriyen
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Species: Humanoid Phoenix
Allegiance: Forest Children (To be Anointed)
History: Arriyen grew up mostly by herself, with the occasional look out by an older relative who really didn’t care if she was alright or not. She had finally run away from her home-town after she hit sixteen when she deemed herself old enough to leave the safety of her home. Despite her young age compared to her friends she is intelligent and tends to get very shy around people she doesn’t know.
Appearance: She is short, reaching about 5 foot 7 with very long white hair that reaches almost her knees with a bluish tint to her body and hair with deep murky cyan blue eyes to match. She is very slender giving her a very girl-ish look that makes her seems much younger when she is in fact a whole lot older. She typically wears light blue dresses that flow as easily as the wind that she controls
Abilities: Her element is air. She can control the element of air primarily for self defense though she uses it to enhance her attacks with her swords. Her secondary ability is shields that only go out two feet so it only protects her and whoever is very close next to her.
Weapons: Two red Chinese hook swords as well as three small daggers.
Bonded: She is not bonded.

Username: Lady Evirae
Name: Nenileth (was lovingly called Nennie by her half-brother, Faervel, while he was alive; is also called Nennie by her bonded companions)
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Species: Half-elf / half-human
History: Nenileth keeps to herself mostly, choosing to serve the Guardians and Lord Artemis silently, so not many know of her childhood except Tassin and her other bonded companions. Her resolve to hide her feelings came from living in a place where her emotions did not matter to most and also from the sometimes overwhelming nature of her empathetic abilities. Her mother was an elf and her father was a human. There was no true love story there. Her mother happened to be going through an adventurous period in her long life and ended up travelling the road for several months with the man who was Nenileth's father. Both felt strongly about enjoying life to the fullest, and needless to say, the result of their nearly six month long "companionship" was Nenileth. There was no passionate romance, but there was a strong camaraderie felt between them during that time and they went their separate ways glad to have known each other, even if only for a short time. Nenileth's mother returned to her home in an elven village set peacefully in a large valley soon after discovering, quite to her surprise, that she was pregnant. Her already full-grown son from an encounter with a fellow elf decades past, Faerval, completely supported his mother during her long pregnancy, and helped to raise the girl-child who was not quite the same as him but still a part of him. Faerval loved his half-sister more than anything, often to the disdain of the full-blooded elves in their village; they were tolerant of the child, but kept her at a distance. Faerval came to resent some of the villagers for their treatment of Nenileth, but she always reassured him that it was all right; he was all she needed.
When Nenileth was 15, raiders ran through the village, destroying everything and killing everyone. Her mother, while skilled in bladed combat, could not fight against all of the numerous invaders when they reached her small house. While her mother was keeping the men at bay outside, Faerval grabbed Nenileth and threw her onto their family's horse. Before he could get on behind her, a hatchet sunk deep into his back. Looking up at her, he smiled, kissed her hand, and slapped the horse's flank so hard that, with a sharp kick, it shot forward out onto the road that led out of town. Most of the raiders were so occupied with pillaging the houses, they didn't notice the lone girl on a horse running away. A couple of men did give chase, but gave up soon after realizing that their bulky steeds could never match the pace set by Nenileth's agile mare.
The horse ran for several hours, with Nenileth clutching her mane tightly, before even showing signs of slowing down. Finally, the mare stopped next to a river in a massive forest and Nenileth was able to slide to the ground. She stood on the bank of the river, tears flowing down her eyes and falling down into the running water, for a great while; long enough to see the day turn to night, but she did not notice, her grief was so immense. Her legs no longer able to hold her up, she fell back into the soft grass on the bank and closed her eyes for a minute before she heard a small chiming noise. Sitting up, she saw a soft blue light, hovering above the river, only ten feet away. It emanated another chime, flitted to hover just in front of her face for only a moment, and then it was gone. Nenileth had only seen it for a few seconds, but the warm feeling of comfort it had blanketed her with and the stories she had eagerly listened to her mother tell told her what it was immediately: a sprite.
Nenileth spent a few more days at that bank, hoping for another encounter with the water sprite with no luck. Eventually, the changing weather and the reoccurring need for food drove her to remount her horse's back to search for anyone who would be willing to help. She felt her way through the forest, somehow knowing that she would find whatever she was looking for, and she did. She found Artemis.
Appearance: Nenileth stands at about 5'6 and possesses the natural slim body structure inherent in her elven blood, though thanks to her human genes, she has a bit more curve than angle in her shape. Her ears, while not completely human, do possess a bit of a point, but not to such a degree as her full blooded brother. Her skin is only lightly tanned. She has long dark blonde hair that reaches halfway down her back, but she usually keeps it tied up in a tight bun, with only a few loose curls escaping to fall around her face. Her eyes are a dark violet and are the only indication of how she is feeling. For those few who know her well enough, they can perceive her extreme emotions through the shine of her eyes. Nenileth is usually dressed in plain, practical clothes consisting of dark brown trousers, a white blouse, and brown shoes. She does favor a dark blue vest with white laces. Around her neck, she wears a small pendant made of a dark blue sapphire set in flowing silver on a silver chain that her brother had given her, but it is usually hidden in her blouse. When in battle, Nenileth uses light armor made of leather and chain mail that allows her to fully utilize her agility and grace. Thanks to her elven blood, Nenileth does possess a long life-span with ceased aging. How long that will be is unknown.
Nenileth bears the Mark of Artemis both on the outside right ankle where he calmly placed his hand when she first saw and rode up to him on the back of Silme, and on her next to last left rib when, as he was helping her off of Silme, his hand touched skin uncovered as part of her dress had been torn in the raid and subsequent escape.
Abilities: Her primary is Empathy. Experiencing others' emotions for such a long time has led to her becoming quite disciplined in the techniques of opening up and closing off her mind and heart, and shielding them from the sheer intensity of some emotions; however, these practices are not invulnerable and so she can still become overwhelmed if the emotion is powerful enough. Her secondaries are healing and psychic. During her training in the Forest, she developed a liking to herbs and their applications, mainly in regards to treating the sick or wounded and through the exploration of this new hobby, she discovered she actually had healing magics within her. The magics themselves are not as powerful as her empathy, but when it is supplemented with her knowledge of herbalism and first-aid, she can set a broken bone or deep wound well on its way to healing in time. Her psychic powers aren't much to be bothered with. She can't read minds, unless it's with any of her bonded. The close ties she shares provides her with easy access to telepathic communication with them. But with anyone else, about all she can do is tell when they are lying and occasionally discern their intentions.
Weapons: Nenileth is not really one for combat, but that doesn't mean she can't hold her own in a battle. When it does come time to fight, she mainly relies on her two shoto-style swords that both have a double-edged, blue steel blade 16 inches in length, and that rest in their sheaths criss-crossed at the small of her back. If needs be, she is proficient in the use of bows.
Bonded: Tassin, a small, dark green dragon about the size of a cat. He likes to ride upon Nenileth's shoulders with his tail draped around her neck. Tassin met Nenileth during her first year with the Guardians, and though she was still just a child and he was an adult, they instantly connected. Jakiri is a female ocelot that Nenileth found in the Forest near death with deep claw wounds and nursed her back to health. Silme is the mare that belonged to Nenileth's mother and carried her away from the village during the raid. Now they have permanently bonded.

Username: Narannawolf
Name: Veraly
Gender: female
Age: 15
Species: Centaur
Allegiance: Children
History: Veraly has lived all of her life in the camp. She is a very shy girl, and has troubles talking to others. When she was 7 and her powers started to show, she realized that her powers were very weak compared to others. She has been bullied a lot because of this, and to make things worse, she was not able to hold her Anointing when she was 13. Now she is 15, and even though her Dominant Ability still hasn’t manifested itself, she will finally getting her Anointment*
Appearance: Veraly is a very common looking centaur, her pelt is brown, her hoofs are grey, and her skin is slightly tinted by the sun. She is slightly smaller than others, and looks several years younger than she actually is. Although in some ways this can be considered a blessing, after all people won't ask her to do stuff she can't. But her secret wish is to have someone look up to her.
Abilities: Dominant:As yet, unstable and limited to not usable; subsidiary: Passive empathy, the ability to feel emotions. Healing, to her regret, this ability limits itself to pain relief, actually treating people is too much for her
Weapons: Veraly is not good with weapons, but she has gotten pretty good in hiding things (or herself) and laying clever traps
Bonded: none

Name: Kiia
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Species: shadow phoenix
Allegiance: Viridel
History: When she was 5 years old, Kiia lost her parents in a fire. The only thing she has left from her mother is a black satin ribbon. From that moment on, she was forced to roam the streets alone. Hiding in the shadows, stealing what she needed. It was then that her abilities slowly started to manifest themselves. Once these had grown strong enough to use, it didn’t take long for her to be scouted by Ovirn. Under his harsh training, she worked hard to perfect both her abilities and fighting prowess. She doesn’t always agree with the ways of the Viridel but she swore to avenge her parents deaths, which she believes are caused by the Forest Children. For this, she will do about anything.
Appearance: has thick semi straight hair, ranging dark black to dark gray, except one strand that glows silverish in the moonlight. Kiia hates this strand, for it stands out, something that doesn’t help when hiding. Her body looks slender but is surprisingly flexible and strong. She doesn’t have a lot stamina, but with her profession, she doesn’t need it. She dresses any way that suits her jobs, but she always wears black clothing. Her arms are covered with long fingerless gloves. She normally wears a black skirt and top, or a dress with a dark red sash. When fighting is required, she ties her hair back with the black ribbon. Her beautiful face is slightly flawed by her cold expression and the mark of the traitor.
Abilities: She is a skilled Shadow Elemental, which she combines with her subsidiary ability: Conjuration. Her ability to make illusions, might not be the strongest around, but in combination with shadow, she uses it to make herself practically invisible, to the point she can stand in a corner of a full room and go unnoticed. Of course this works better in shadier rooms. In some occasions, she uses this ability to make herself look rich, (more) beautiful or scary, or even hide her mark. She can also hear thoughts, but only when both she and the other concentrate on it really hard. She rarely uses her abilities on someone or something else. Relying for combat mostly on her other skills.
Weapons: She is quite skilled with throwing daggers, she wears 2 identical daggers on her sides. She is also good with close combat knives, she has 2 of them as well. She prefers to go for the quick kill, but if needed, she has a katana for longer fights. Her knowledge of poisons is remarkable at least, be it to kill or to slow. She can also make potions she uses to heal herself. Of course she cant heal open wounds like that, but infections or illnesses stand no chance against her. Strapped to her thigh is a small knife.
Bonded: A falcon follows her silently, never making the slightest noise as it soars through the night sky. They communicate through thoughts alone.

Name: Orvin
Gender: Male
Age: 48
Species: Human
Allegiance: Viridel
History: Has been a loyal servant of Maverick as long as the prince lives. Was eager to follow him that night 20 years ago, and has not regretted this choice since then. He found Kiia one day when he was on a spying mission and decided he could make use of her. It was just a coincident she appeared to be the daughter of Tain and Olane, two people that died in a fire he caused years ago, but he realized quickly that he could use this in his advantage.
Appearance: Orvin despises his being a human. To make sure nobody would know, he hid his face behind a mask as beautiful as it was frightening. He wears a long cloak that is embroidered with expensive jewels, he takes pride in the fact that none of the former owners of any of these gems is still alive
Abilities: He’s a skilled Psychic, able to change people’s memories, something he does with pleasure. He can summon fire sprites. He can also summon shields, though not big enough to cover his whole body.
Weapons: Orvin doesn’t fight, he has others who do. But is an expert in poisons, and it is said that if he wants you dead, death will find you.
Bonded: Followed by a large wolf with eyes red as fire, a hellish creature that nobody would like to be near. Orvin gets his strongest poison from Ava, his small but deadly snake. Ava never shows herself to anyone but Orvin or the ones she will kill. More even then his shield ability, she is the one that makes sure nobody ever harms Orvin.

Username: Mijikoi
Name: Amrick Meissa
Gender: Male
Age: 43
Species: Phoenix
History: . Amrick is a former Warrior in Artemis’s ranks. Nearly four years ago, Amrick left the Children having been banished by a furious Artemis after an issue that both Amrick and the Guardians have kept quiet from the Warriors. The issue drove Amrick to flee the camp without even a word to his Guardian. Amrick allied himself to Maverick in an effort to see Medicia in rubble. A dream he has had since he was taken from the city as a child, having been rescued by one of the Warrior Elves.
Amrick was raised by the few Warriors that remained from the last set of Guardians. As such he and the group all pledged to the new Guardians. Prior to these memories, Amrick has no recollection of his past having had his own memories of his childhood sealed away even from himself. His allegiance is firmly settled to Maverick, but he has often been noted to waver when Syria is mentioned by his fellow Viridel.
Appearance: has long green black hair falling past his shoulders that he keeps pulled up in a mid-ponytail. His wings are a similar shade of green to his hair with hues of a lighter brown mixed in. His eyes reflect with a silver shine mixed with his light green eyes. Commonly, Amrick can be found wearing an open green shirt with black leather breaches.
Weapons: Amrick can often be seen wielding a and He has a tucked into one of his boots used mostly for hunting.
Abilities: Primary: Lightening Secondary Shielding and Empathy
Bonded: His only bonded was a gift to him from Syria to congratulate him on becoming a Warrior. Despite his shift in alliance, Syren remains loyal to his Bonded. However, if one could hear the tiny jackal, the pleas to return home are a common occurance.

Username: Narannawolf
Name: Nima
Gender: female
Age: 19
Species: Elf
Allegiance: Viridel
History: Nima considers herself Kiia's best friend. She is extremely chatty and likes to flirt with guys (or girls, she's not too picky). She gives her opinion easily and is not afraid to hurt others. Nima didn’t become a Viridel for important reasons. Thing is, she doesn’t care a lot about others, except maybe some close friends. When the Viridel recruited her, they offered her an interesting life, and that was enough to sway her.
Appearance: With her smooth light skin and almost white blonde hair, people who see her for the first time might easily believe she's a spirit. Her beauty is unearthly, and even though it limits her in her physical strength and stamina, she doesn't regret having a thin and frail feminine body.
Abilities: She is a water elemental, with healing and psychic (able to hear surface thoughts) as subsidiary abilities.
Weapons: Nima is not really a fighter, she prefers to dodge and run. Her place is not on the battlefield. In order to help her escape sticky situations, she carries smoke bombs, poisoned needles and a small knife around.
Bonded: none, ew like I’d come close to an animal!

Username: Aquila
Name: Sienne
Allegiance: Forest Children (Un-anointed; will be part of the City Walkers.)
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Species: Fire Phoenix
History: Her parents are both phoenixes. Her mother, a water phoenix, is a freelancer and lives on her own on the edge of the forest. Her father is lightning phoenix and a member of the forest children. Though her parents love each other greatly, her mother refuses to take part in the war while her father sees it as his duty. She visits her mother occasionally.
Appearance: Sienne has long, wavy red hair that’s always slightly messy. When hit by direct sunlight, it has a golden tinge. She has soft facial features. Her eyes are orange ringed in black, like glowing coals. She generally wears a brown leather vest over a cream shirt, brown breeches, and soft leather flat-soled boots. She has a leather belt on which she keeps her knife and some rope, which among other things she uses for building snares and traps. As a phoenix, her feathers are brilliant shades of red and gold. Sienne always has a mischievous look on her face and in her eyes, and loves playing tricks. She gets in trouble often.
Abilities: Her main ability is Fire Wielding. She is very powerful but has yet to master the subtleties of her magic. Thus, she can generate a fairly powerful blast of flames, but struggles to light a candle without blowing it up. Her secondary ability is poison. She generates toxin that can kill small animals, and causes most other creatures to spend several days in extreme pain. Her final ability is Empathy. She usually knows whether someone has good or bad intentions, and can often tell when someone is not being truthful.
Weapons: A sharp hunting knife, with a carved antler handle. Other than that, Sienne relies on teeth, claws, and her fire-wielding.
Bonded: Izaiyn (male fire dragon – small, obviously); Zarai (female lightning dragon, also small); and Aiyren, a rather inept male plant elemental in the form of a sparrow. Her dragons enjoy assisting Sienne in her pranks and occasionally perform their own. Aiyren attempts to be the voice of reason, but more often than not ends up assisting the others in all their mischief.

Username: Aquila
Name: Nylaeni
Gender: Female
Age: 15 (Yet to be anointed but will be part of the Forest Scouts.)
Species: Centaur
History: Most of her herd has allied itself with the Forest Children, and she is no exception. She has spent her entire life part of the group.
Appearance: Her centaur body is blue roan with a black dorsal stripe. Her hair is long and black. She always keeps it braided in one long fishbone braid, and there are turquoise and various clay beads dangling from the end. She has deeply tanned bronze skin and sharp facial features. Her eyes are deep green. She generally wears loose long-sleeved tops and carries a leather pouch.
Abilities: Her strongest gift is precognition. Though it takes concentration, Nylaeni can call for visions of what the future holds. She has fast reflexes that are helped by this ability to see the future. She often knows what someone will do only right before they do it and it is occasionally too late to react to this. She tends to have good luck due to subconsciously choosing the path which will have the least roadblocks, and sometimes knows if an action will have good or bad outcomes. Her final two abilities are conjuration and psychic. These two strengthen each other. She is far better at summoning creatures than projecting illusions. She also uses her psychic powers to affect a vague sort of communication with normal, unintelligent animals, occasionally sending them on short quests much like the sprites she summons. This does not always work, as the animals will often forget what they were sent to do. For obvious reasons, this works well with horses.
Weapons: She is proficient in both the use of a bow and a spear.
Bonded: Kasira, a quiet female mourning dove; Moryn, a powerful male Air elemental who takes the form of a Great Horned Owl with dark plumage; and Nerena, a female Earth elemental in the form of a mysterious, dark brown snake.

Posted by: LadyNatasha Nov 12 2012, 05:46 PM
Hello Mijikoi! I shall be working with you towards getting this roleplay approved. Feel free to ask questions any time~

First of all, you have an excellent amount of knowledge there so two thumbs up on that! However, there are some grammar things that should be fixed.

History lesson:
Aquatic titans take residence deep in the lake, providing a key element of protecting Medicia from any nautical assault. While the forest, simply known as Forest, gives sanctuary to the game the kingdom hunts.

The second sentence seems disconnected somehow. Either change the period after "assault" to a comma or delete "While".

The large kingdom is made of a wide variety of races that have long since been lost to the human world; with many insentient wildlife or livestock being the humans only correlative companions from earth.

Change the semi-colon to a comma.

Medicia's city dwelling is currently ruled by a family, consisting of King Mikhail, his wife, Susanna, and his daughter, Mata. King Mikhail and his wife long enjoyed a peaceful reign, before the tragic night his eldest son, Maverick, had disappeared with the youngest of the monarch's children.

Delete the comma after "wife" and "daughter" in the first sentence. The sentence is understandable without them and currently has quite a few commas.
Change "his eldest son" to "their eldest son" and delete "had".

Maverick has since been seen aiding invaders enter the kingdom and has been labeled as a traitor to the kingdom.

Change "aiding invaders enter" to "aiding invaders in entering".

Through this learning each child garnered a greater understanding of their first lesson from their careful watch over the kingdom: The needs of the many versus the weight the needs of the few.

"the weight the needs of the few" is a rather confusing piece of the sentence. Try revising it a bit.

Artemis, the eldest of the royal Children, now acts as the leader of the under the Children and High Guardian of the Forest.

I think you have a few extra or misplaced words here: "leader of the under the".

Alex declining to take the position as Second-in-Command, now heads the City Walkers in their assignment of keeping an eye on the Kingdom of Medicia.

Add a comma after "Alex".

With this grievous acknowledgement, the discovery that the forest would not deny any of its royal children free passage through its woodlands. The most heartbreaking part in this whole tragic affair, for Artemis and his siblings, was the reason had yet to be unveiled as to why Maverick any of these farces.

The first sentence seems almost like it's missing a part. Read over it and see what you think. "why Maverick any of" seems to be missing a word between "Maverick" and "any".

The child explained that the only hope lain with beseeching aid from the dragons o the Northern Mountains.

Change "lain" to "lay" or a similar word. Change "o" to "of".

Her last piece of advice was to, adamantly plea that he send no one alone on this venture for peace.
Delete the comma after "to".

With the treaty being under taken by the sisters, Artemis deemed it necessary to send his younger brother, Alex, to act as guard to the Royal family.
Combine "under" and "taken" in this case to "undertaken".

And that's everything before the races. Post again when you're done. wink.gif

Posted by: Mijikoi Nov 12 2012, 07:50 PM
Thank you very much for helping me.
I made the changes and a few adjustments to the mistakes I made. I had a little bit of with one of the changes needed:
The most heartbreaking part in this whole tragic affair, for Artemis and his siblings, was the reason had yet to be unveiled as to why Maverick any of these farces.

I made alterations to the whole of the sentence. I decided on using this phrasing:
The most heartbreaking part in this whole tragic affair, for Artemis and his siblings, was the reason had yet to be unveiled as to why Maverick partaken in any of these atrocities.

Is there a better arrangement I could use? It seems a little snotty when I read it separate from the rest of the paragraph.

Posted by: LadyNatasha Nov 14 2012, 12:15 PM
That looks good. smile.gif The only thing is, add "had" before "partaken". But overall that's a very good way to state the sentence.

Alrighty, on to more critique! happy.gif Good job so far, most of this is really minor stuff to make the reading more smooth.

Elves: While they can not grow past a certain point; they, like humans, have a wide range of looks.

Combine "can" and "not" in this case to "cannot".

Lifespan: Their lifespan is considered one of the reasons there are so few elven children, as they fear over population.

Combine "over" and "population" in this case to "overpopulation".

Centaurs: The horse like men and women of Medicia.
They are a peaceful, yet warrior like race.
They bare the torso and head of a human and the bodies of a horse with hair that matches the color of the equine manes.

In the first two sentences, connect "like" to the word before it with a dash ("horse-like", "warrior-like"). In the third, make "bodies" singular "body" and change "bare" to "bear".

Human: While the other races may have there own crafts, it usually falls to the human.

Change "there" to "their".

Phoenix: They come in four types, utilizing the four primary elements and have two forms, a Humanoid Phoenix and a Avian Phoenix.

Add a comma after "elements" and change the comma after "forms" to a semi-colon. Change "a" to "an" before "Avian".

In the humanoid form they are much like any human, save for their colorations.
Make colorations singular. There's actually no second plural form of this word. wink.gif

They humanoid form’s coloration reflects their element and feather colors.
Change "They" to "The"

Air, being the much loftier element, bares the hues of the lighter scale blue and a hues of green that are nearly yellow in tint.
Change "a" to "the".

You never state an actual lifespan for the Phoenix, although you state information about their growth rate. :3

Dragon: They, like phoenix and sprites, come in different types relating to the elements, but also correlate the difference of baring the dark and light elements and excluding the water element.

Change "baring" to "bearing". Change "phoenix" to "phoenixes" to match plural form with sprites.

Once bonded to their chosen partner, a small dragon will share binds its own life to its partner's, passing with the bonded.

"dragon will share binds its" is a bit confusing. Maybe try "dragon will bind its" or something similar.

Sprite: Each Sprite adheres to any one of the six element, excluding Plant. Sprite both wild and summoned glow with the element they are born from.

Change "six element" to "six elements".
Change "Sprite both" to "Sprites, both" and put a comma after "summoned".

As such a summoned sprite is generally used a messenger, a distractions, a scout or helpers.

Since "a messenger" is singular, make sure all the nouns are singular; change "distractions" to "distraction" and "helpers" to "a helper".

Lifespan: Nothing is known about sprites life span because the summon sprite have been summoned full grown and wild sprites are very rarely seen.

Add an apostrophe on the end of "sprites" (sprites'). Combine "life" and "span". Change "summon sprite" to "summoned sprites".

Abilities used by The Viridel and the Children of the Forest
The words in parenthesis right below this title need a run through. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to see lots of the little areas where a word is misspelled or misplaced. wink.gif Just to make sure of course I'll run through it again afterwards.

Elementism: The ability to control and manipulate an element. (Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Lightening, Plants, and Shadow.)

Change "Lightening" (which is basically making an area light or lightening a load) to "Lightning".

Precognition: The ability to either perceive the future.

Remove "either" from the sentence.

(so, yes, even if you use it in combat, you can and will be hit. No one is invinicible. )

Spelling: change "invinicible" to "invincible".

Physic: The abilities effect is determined by the will of the Psychic.

Change "Physic" to "Psychic" and change "abilities" to "ability's" to show ownership.

Reading and projecting thoughts is a perquisite to being able to use the other two versions.

Did you mean "prerequisite"?
According to
Perquisite: an incidental payment, benefit, privilege, or advantage over and above regular income, salary, or wages
Prerequisite: required beforehand
I can see how it could go either way, so I wasn't sure. :3

Conjuration: An illsion is similar, but also requires a certian proximity (This means no one can exceed a maximum of fifteen feet for a strong illusion, thirty feet for a hazy and weak illusion, and at forty feet the illusion will colapse.)

Spelling: Change, respectively, "illsion" "certian" and "colapse" to "illusion" "certain" and "collapse".

That's all before Factions of the War. Keep up the good work, and of course feel free to ask any questions about proposed changes.~

Posted by: Mijikoi Nov 14 2012, 12:51 PM
I have to admit it's a bit embarrassing how many mistakes I made. I did make the changes and revised the section in parenthesis.

Posted by: Mijikoi Nov 26 2012, 11:15 AM
Could you let me know if I should add a few more rules?

Posted by: gistofeverything Dec 7 2012, 11:26 PM
It has been 3 weeks since Natasha's last critique, so I'll step in.

There are no more pressing errors in this roleplay. Approved. smile.gif

Posted by: Mijikoi Dec 11 2012, 02:19 PM
Golden eyes watched the subtle movement of the trees below, an almost lazy light glittering in their depths. The owner of the golden gaze adjusted the hold on a taut black bow, relaxing the grip and letting an arrow loose. The thud of the arrow’s impact startled the nameless human in to flee in fright. The shouts of a demon in the forest brought a smile to the face of the individual cloaked in foliage shade. As the figure stepped from the dense greenery, the form of a woman solidified into sight. The average passer-by, the woman was not worth mentioning beyond the sea foam color of her hair. One might have noted her retrieval of an arrow and the sizeable weapons on her hip and back.

If had one paid attention, a person may have noticed the slender frame moved in a near silent fashion over the forest floor. The cream colored dress and brown shawl making no more than a whisper against the rustling breeze as the female collected her arrow and returned to the same hiding place. The soft chattering dook of a small ferret the loudest noise involved with the entire affair surrounding the woman. Her answer was a barely heard brush of sound, lost to the cool afternoon gusts of wind.

“I’m afraid it will be another half hour of watching, Lyre. Our shift does not end until the sun is up,” the admonishment was gentle, firm as the woman scolded a white ferret. The white ferret shared a look with its darker twin, a twitch of whiskers and the both stared at the woman expectantly. Her laugh echoed in the quiet of the predawn lit woods. “I’m certain of the time, my dears. If I weren’t, I would have woken Keid before now.”

The only response received was a chuffling as a white-blue leopard made a comfortable vantage point its resting place. The small group fell silent, listening to the sounds of the waking forest and the steady breathing of an unseen male tucked away in the shadows.

Posted by: Mijikoi Dec 20 2012, 10:58 AM
(I take it no one else is interested in my RP?)

Posted by: SkullKrusher Dec 22 2012, 10:34 AM
(( How should I start? ))

Posted by: Mijikoi Dec 22 2012, 10:55 AM
((It's really up to you, but I would recommend somewhere near the Camp or toward the end of a night shift somewhere in the Forest as it is nearing dawn.))

Posted by: dani905 Dec 24 2012, 01:30 AM
Out in the forest, far away from any town lights or commotion, a faint red light glowed in the darkness. There around the diminishing glow was a slight indication of huts that belonged to the Forest Children. The bonfire seemed to be crying out for more wood to consume. Crackle. Crackle. Crackle. The fire, which was once blazing, now laid dormant in the coals and was slowly being blown away by the chilly night breeze. The moon shone bright in the sky through the tall trees. In fact, the moon was so bright that rekindling the fire would be waisted effort if the need of light arose. In other matters, such as heat, the fire was greatly needed on this cold winter night. The nearby hoot owl was singing it's ghostly song, while small flickers of light, about the size of a lightning bug, glided between the trees. Look closer and the small flickers took the form of delicate winged fairies on their way to who knows where. The mischievous little beings never could be followed.

One component was missing; where were the children of the forest? The fire was abandoned, but the lively embers suggested there was recent activity. Surely someone did not forget to put out the fire? A minute detail, easily overlooked, lay nearest the bonfire. Almost blended into the surrounding, a young woman lay on a mound of blankets staring intently into the predawn sky.

Cassia could not remember the last time she had watched the milky way. She knew better than to stay up after midnight. Her early dawn patrol every morning made sure to keep her in check. Sleep was one thing she could not afford to loose, but sometimes the early hours of the morning was the only place she could hear her own thoughts. The milky way captivated her and if time could have stopped right that instant she would have been completely content watching the milky way forever. Guilt rushed over her as she realized her selfishness. If time were to stand still what would become of the Forest Children? As a Guardian, she held a great bit of responsibility and she could never see herself doing anything else but protecting the Forest. It was her life. Many thoughts passed through her mind, but one stood out the most of all and that was her sister. She felt sorry for her, Syria, because the loss of her husband; now the only living proof of her past marriage are the twins. A different side of Cassia, away from her dedication as Second-in-command and sympathy towards her sister, envied Syria because she was blessed with a husband and children. So many thoughts rattled in her head that she lost track of time, unaware that dawn should arrive shortly. Looked like sleep was not on her agenda today.

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Syria hummed a soft tune as she climbed higher into her tree. Below her Keid followed, having been roused from his sleep shortly before. Syria had shoved him awake informing him that the shift was nearing an end. Her giggle told Keid other things. So, with a huff, Keid began climbing after his Guardian. When he finally caught up to Syria, her hands were dark with wispy shadows. She spoke in low tones that caught and carried in the wind.

Keid always marveled at how Syria chose to alert her children that she was calling for a shift change. By sounding the alert now, Syria allowed her Warriors plenty of time to reach their posts no matter the distance. She had used this system for as long as the human had known her. A harsh sound from the younger of the two drew Keid's attention to the woman. He caught the tell-tale signs of Syria completing the signal.

Syria threw her hands into the air, sending the swirling shadows soaring, only to be snatched by a black dragon and hauled higher. The dragon rushed higher until Syria's shrill whistle reached it's ears. At the sound the small dragon somersaulted in the air, tossing the shadows even higher, before swinging away in a wide arc. The dragon snorted when an arrow streaked by it's head, piercing the ball of shadows. The ensuing burst of sound startled several of the forest animals awake in time to see the fling bird symbol of Syria's Mark burst to life in black mist of shadows.

Across the Forest, scouts began heading to posts or awaiting the arrival of their replacements. In some cases they woke companions, sending them ahead. Tents began to stir grumbling about the Camp Mother's waking alarm. Cooks rubbed sleep from their eyes as the fire burst to life and meat was prepared. All of this commotion brought a smile to Syria's face. "How many do you think I woke this time?"

"Considering the distance from the Camp, I would say about half of them."
Keid's smiled in return. "Lets head to the Camp, Syria.Our replacement isn't far off according to Maxim and you need food to prepare for the Anointing later."

A giggle answered him as Syria dropped through the tree, sliding with the ease of practice, to the ground. As Syria's dropped to the last branch, she pivoted in her fall to land on Ira's back. She was joined by Keid whom lowered himself gently onto the nightmare. When the mare took off, Keid's yelp of surprise echoed the trees with Syria's delighted laughter. 'To my sister, Ira. I need to catch her before she leaves to her patrol. Artemis wanted to see us and I'm willing to bet he hasn't told her, even though he's closer to her.'

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Arriyen dug her heels in the ground and steadied herself. She couldn't remember how long it was that she was training, but she really needed something to do since she couldn't sleep. Raising her swords again she willed the air to current around the blades before attacking the target and doing a little flip in the air as a jump backwards. Arriyen sighed and started away from the dummies and put away her swords and whipped the sweat from her brow. At this point she was hungry, and would have to run off and find something to eat.

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Keid sighed as the camp came into view from where he peered over Syria's head. The smell of food easily set his stomach growling and drew a giggle from Syria. A twitch of her fingers in his grip had Keid loosening his grip and Syria's hand glided through a series of signals. Keid laughed before he stood on Ira's haunches, nearly receiving a branch to the face for his troubles. Through his grumbling, Keid gripped the next branch that seemed able to hold his weight and hauled his body up onto the branch.
Dropping to the forest floor, Keid watched Syria ride closer to her sister before turning toward camp and jogging in the direction of the cooking tent through the training grounds. Vindis snorted at him, mentally declaring his own hunger. Maxim on the other hand indicated he was going on with Syria in Keid’s place. Keid returned both mental jabs with an eye roll of his own, before nearly plowing into one of the younger Children. He managed to alter his direction. “Hello, Arriyen. How’s your morning going?”

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"Kiia darling, its time for dinner." Her mother Olana smiled when she came running over as fast as her little legs could go. Playing outside all day had made Kiia hungry, one thing she hated the most. Olane sighed as she ran her hand through Kiia's hair. "Lets go inside, I made your favorite food." Kiia followed her mother through the door. "Dont forget to take off your shoes!" The voice of her father came from his room. She wondered what he was doing there. Maybe he was making a present for her 5th birthday tomorrow! The thought alone made her glow with happiness. Impatient she sat down to take off her shoes. When she looked up, the room had gotten dark. Afraid she backed away. What was going on? Then she saw her mothers face. That beautiful face, that till that day on, had only slightly been tainted by passing of the years, looked terrified as Olane took Kiia in her arms and held her close. "I'm so sorry Kiia... We have to move. The Forest Children have found us!" Kiia wanted to reply, but as she looked up, her mothers face had gone. What she was holding was not a human, not a living being, but a smoking corpse burned beyond recognition. The only thing that ensured her this was her mother, was the beautiful pendant that hung around her blackened neck. Burning red as fire, it seemed to have absorbed the fire that burned their house down. With a horrified scream she let go.

Scared and with tears running down her face, Kiia woke up. It had been 17 years since the fire, but the dreams wouldnt go away. Not until she had avenged them. Orvin had told her that when they met 13 years ago.
She looked out of the window. The sun hadnt raised yet, but it wouldnt be long. Too late to go to sleep again. She sighed as she stepped out of her bed. It wouldnt hurt to stretch her muscles a bit... As silent as a shadow she slipped through the door. Not that she didnt want to be noticed, she just felt it would be such a shame to interupt the peaceful silence that lay over the building this early.
Today she would leave for some quiet border city. She wondered what Orvin was thinking. Sending her to a place so far away from everything, she could harly imagine anything would be going on around there...

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Arriyen smiled at Keid. "It's going all right." She sidestepped so that there would be more room between the two of them. Though the girl tried not to take it too offense when he almost plowed her over. Then again, she WAS on the short side anyway. Arriyen brushed back some of her long hair and looked up at him. "I think I might have gotten faster at moving at least." She said to herself and smiled a little more and adjusted her swords that rested on her hip. "How are you?"

Posted by: Mijikoi Dec 29 2012, 02:11 PM
"Not bad. Little nervous about leaving Syria off on her own, otherwise just hungry," Keid replied with a grin. He prepared to continue until two small children latched onto his legs. The little girl on his right leg stared up at him through dark green hair, golden eyes glittering with laughter. On his left leg, a little boy with seafoam green hair and matching eyes began dragging himself up Keid's leg in an effort to reach the tall man's arms. With a laugh of his own, Keid hauled the twins into his arms . He paid extra care to mind each child's wings. "I was going to ask if you wanted o join me for a walk to the kitchens, but it seems Syria's munchkins wanted to see if you remember them."

"Arri'en, ne'er forget Ananke. Maybe, 'Phion," Ananke stuck her chin up in a clear imitation of an older Child. On her back, Ananke's wings shifted shuffling her matching hair. "'Phion is a baby."

The lttle boy huffed at his sister, sticking a tongue out at her and reaching out for Arryen to take him from Keid. Looking at Keid, Ophion was quiet in stern concentrtion. After a few moments of this Keid laughedlooked at Arriyen. "Would you mind? Ophian says he would prefer if you carried him."

Dark green feathers shuffled as the light caught on faint brown highlihts. The owner of said wings, shoved a hand into a mane of hair that was seemingly absent of the lighter shade in the wings. A curse passed his lips as he stared in the direction he almost remembered in the distance. He brushed aside his frustation recalling what Maverick had asked of him. He had tied a note to Vindis's neck and sent the jackal off at a run down the slope of the mountian. That had been an hour ago and the jackal had called out that she was now at the base of the mountian. Sighing Amrick looked over the scenery one last time. "Yeah, I know. She would have taken less time to find Her partner, but She always cheated with Her shadows."

Amrick cut his words off with a smirk as he fell forward over the edge. The wind rising o meet him, caused him to smile wider. As he took in the feelin, Amrick pulled himself inward until a burst of earthy power expelled around him. As the dust fell away, a dark green pheonix slayed it's wings revealing the mark of a Viridel on it's chest in red. A powerful beat of it's wings and the phoenix was soaring through the sky above a running jackal. Time to find a partner for this excurrsion.

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Kiia shivered as she made her way through the forest around the castle. It was a cold winter night, especially this high in the mountains. Maybe it would have been wiser to go out later, when the sun would have warmed the air and the forest creatures would come out, but she preferred the quiet, almost surreal feeling of a forest by night. As she sat down next to a small river, she closed her eyes and stretched and trained her bad memories away. As the sun slowly and reluctantly left his resting place to start his long and lonely journey across the skies, her fears slowly made place for determination and composure.

With a sigh she lowered her daggers. Time had come to return to the castle. She still had to prepare for her flight, and she was sure Orvin would want to talk to her.

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Arriyen held her hands out to hold the child. She wasn't very good at taking care of children, and she could hardly understand a word they said sometimes. It was a little weird to believe that she was that small once. Well, she was still small but it doesn't matter anyway. "I'm...not good at holding children. I'm afraid I'll drop them." She said shyly and her face flushed a little with embarrassment.

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The cold morning had been a thing to despise or hate for most people, the low temperatures and the light from the sun coming up to remind people of their lives and to wake up before they froze. It was required you had a large fire along with some blankets to go through a single night, let alone whole days. But it hadn't been much rest for the Forest Children - at least the night watch - and they were still up and walking around, checking every nook and cranny, watching for any unusual movement and being ready to alert the Guardians at any time, if needed. The morning had been quite cold, though, and most of them were taking their leave as the Forest Children awoke - all but one, that is. Argoth had been awake through the whole night, partrolling through the whole camp. He was of age to be a Guardian, though he was not entitled to be one - not that it mattered too much now. The young Elf yawned, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and taking another bite of the bread loaf which he had bought last night. His eyes were still focused, even after being up for 10 hours, and he finished the food quickly, moving to take some wood and logs from the stockpile, then throwing it into the bonfire. Somehow, this thing had extinguished, even though there were supposed to be two Children stationed at it at all times - then again, some may have decided to sleep instead of doing their duties. Anyways, it didn't quite matter now to Argoth, who controlled fire from a nearby torch, then used it to set the firewood alight. Backing away and taking a seat, he controlled the flames and caused them to increase, making the surroundings heat up a bit quickly. Most of the Forest Children should be awaking by now, so this fire would have to be rekindled, and Argoth had just been there to do it.

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"Please! I swear I didnt do it on purpose!" The man who was kneeling on the floor didnt have the looks of someone who would ever have to beg for his life. His huge arms were trained in combat and his broad sword looked like it had been used to sever countless heads from the shoulders of his opponents.
Orvin looked with disdain at the man who lay groveling on his knees before him. "Say, if i were to safe your life... What exactly would I gain from it?"
The man in front of him looked up in utter relief. "I'm rich! I can give you whatever you want! Swords, horses, women!"
Orvin leaned backwards against the wall as he purposely took his time to think it over
When he saw how the man started to worry again he sneered behind his mask. People like him were so easy to understand.
"Well, I am not a man without mercy am i not?" Of course, the man started to elaborately agree with him. "Why don't you give me one of each? Their quality will determine the time you have left..."
He laughed softly when the man slowly understood the meaning of his words.
"My lord! Please..."
Orvin interrupted him. "I am not your lord, Maverick is! And thanks to you, I have to face him with very bad news... Did you really think that i would forgive you? If so then you are even more stupid than you look... Now begone and spend your last days in a good way." As he looked how the man left the building, slow and defeated, he summoned a sprite. "Follow him. Make sure he doesnt plan anything."

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Syria gently signaled Ira to a halt and slid from the fiery mare's back. Ira snorted before trotting off Leaving Syria with Maxim and the ferret twins for company on her walk. The spirit wolf leaned into Syria in an almost questioning manner. Syria only smiled and brushed a hand through his fur. When she began her walk to her sister, Syria sent a shadow ahead to alert Cassia of Syria's arrival and a indication of breakfast.

"It's not that hard with these two. They mostly support themselves," Keid grinned as he demonstrated his point with Ananke. He dropped his arm from supporting the little girl, who accustomed to this hung from his neck with giggles. Ananke continued giggling as her brother was placed firmly in Arriyen's arms. "Admittedly, you should wait to let them hang like this until they can successfully climb your legs."

After a time Vindis and Amrick parted directions. The jackal took to tracking down a man called Orvin. The note was to be delivered and then Vindis was to assist him with the orders as she was able. Amrick, on the other hand, set to tracking down the female shadow phoenix. A situation he just knew would be turbulent if the female knew exactly who he was. A snort escaped the male phoenix as he flew. As if anyone would recognize me as the man that stood at Her side. And the Warrior Mark has been covered with the Viridel Mark. I wonder what dear Syria would say if she saw me now.

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Arriyen gently released her arms and placed them at her sides as the boy hung on her neck. She bent a little from the weight and continued to look at Keid. "Like this then?" She said and a small smile graced her face from the children. She really couldn't resist the innocence of children. That and they where so cute!

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The leaves rustled from the whistling winds which cast the fallen leaves on its first flight of independence, only to die and wither a couple of days later. A short-lived life, indeed just like the dawn that has long since diminished from the sky. The whistles passed by Cassia's ears and played with her hair. About twenty feet above ground she hung on a tree close to The Forest Children's camp. Her life solely relied on the limb above her to support her weight. Out of many limbs to choose from, she has had years to perfect her climbing and acrobatic skills in the Forest. So the chance of this particular limb breaking was slim. Motionless, she hung, letting gravity do the rest, she scanned her surroundings.

Throughout her years of patrolling, she acquired the tendency to have an observant eye towards anything out of the ordinary, even on her own turf. While she was looking around she spotted a black blur weaving through the camp and directed its destination to herself.

She waited patiently as the shadow came to a stop in front of her announcing her sister's arrival and informing her that food waited back at the camp, while it slowly grew cold as the time lengthened. With well formed callouses on her hands, she pulled herself up on the limb and slowly descended down the tree. Halfway through she stopped at a rather high jumping distance, pushed off in a backflip, and successfully landed on the ground safely.

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Syria jogged over to her sister with a smile and a wave. Lyre and Sol, lacking Syria's restraint, darted over to Cassia chattering happily to the Guardian. Sol was bold as to attempt to climb up Cassia’s leg, while his sister nuzzled Cassia’s ankle. At Syria’s side, Maxim snorted at the twin ferrets as he bowed in greeting to Cassia. When the wolf straightened, his gaze shifted to Syria in askance. The youngest Guardian gave a gesture and the wolf bound off to fetch himself some food. After sending the wolf off, Syria simply signaled a greeting with a giggle.“Hello, sister. How is this fair morning for you?”


Keid laughed as he watched Ophion hold onto Arriyen’s neck with a giggle. The twins being as they were quite strong enough to hang for too long, did their best to wrap their legs around their respective elder. Keid simply placed his arm under Ananke and bowed at the waste to Arriyen. “So, what say you, m’dear. Breakfast?”

The short distance traveled had been a simple line to be cut through for Amrick. The Phoenix that landed on the tree overlooking a young woman, slide into the form of a man sitting on the branch. When it was clear to him that she had already finished, Amrick flicked a folded sheet of paper at her feet. On the paper the Mark of the Viridel was embossed in a bold black and red wax.

“If you ask me, little bird, you leave yourself too open. Cassia or Artemis of the Children will overtake you with a great deal of ease if she catches where it is. Actually, any of the Guardians could if they figured it out. You’re good, though. You could most likely deal with Syria or Alex. Get your gear, Maverick says I have to take you with me.” Amrick leaned back against the tree, allowing one leg to curl under the other on the branch. His head thudded lightly against the bark as he angled his head to look at the woman. “The full extent of your orders, if you listen, is to make sure I behave and don’t run to help the Children and to help me trail them. In case you didn’t feel like reading.”

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Arriyen shrugged, unsure if she should let the child hang onto her more or set him down. Though Arriyen was about to say she wasn't hungry her stomach gave her away and she sighed in defeat. "Yes, that would be nice." She said and mustered up a smile, a small one though. The phoenix brushed some of her long hair out of her face and let down the ponytail that she had going on earlier, letting it all fall down over the useless wings on her back.

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A hand slid between Arriyen and Ophion, tugging the child away from the woman. Ophion let go with a giggle, grasping Keid's hand as the male lifted him to a shoulder. Once Ophion was settled, Keid turned toward where the food was being set out. His pace was mild as he took to leading the small group."So, Arriyen. I don't believe I or Syria had gotten to ask you how you are adjusting. To being in the Camp, I mean. It can be a bit hectic, I'm told."

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Kiia looked up. Although she tried to hide it, her annoyance was clearly visible on her face. She was tired, and the dream had made her unstable, but that was no excuse. She remembered how Orvin would always tell her that. As a shadow, you are supposed to see others. Letting others see you was the biggest mistake you could make.
"They still don't trust you to leave without a babysit eh?"
She tilted her head sideways as she thought about her new orders.
"Orvin already has an assignment for me..."
She sighed. She knew Maverick stood higher in the ranks then Orvin, but still, she didn't like taking orders from any other than him. But she understood that she couldn't refuse.
As she picked up her stuff she called out to her falcon, who had been hunting deeper in the forest.
"I'll get my stuff, what kind of mission?"

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"I imagine the Guardians are the only ones Maverick trusts less than I. As for Orvin, Syren is delivering orders to inform him of Maverick’s new plot.” Amrick’s reply was bland in its delivery as the male phoenix closed his eyes again. His connection to the jackal let him know that the jackal had found the male but was working out how to approach him. Rolling his eyes, Amrick gave the Syren a mental nudge. “Take the prince out of a kingdom he’s still a prince. Same goes for husbands, little bird. We’re to track a way into Medicia that the Children aren’t guarding. After we send the location to Maverick, we are to head off whomever Artemis is sending as an envoy to the Dragons in the north.”
Some distance from Amrick and Kiia, Syren huffed at his Bonded. Amrick was as prickly as a cactus today. Syren shook his head while darting about, before skidding to a halt at the feet of the individual he had been sent to deliver a notice to. The jackal glared up at Orvin, presenting a bound scroll on his neck to the much taller male. While waiting for Orvin to take it. Syren received the simple orders from his bonded to lead Orvin to Kiia and Amrick. Why do we have to take babysitters, Bonded? It’s rather pointless and I don’t like him. Should have let me help the birdie. I like her.

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Arryien just shrugged. "It's alight, though a lot different than what I'm used to." She sped up her pace to keep up with him, as she was much shorter than Kied. "Anyway, it's nice just to be with other people to talk to."
((This would have been in sooner but my friend was reading over my shoulder in an obnoxious voice and I had to watch stuff in class.))

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The first rays of a new day's sunlight peek through an open roof flap of the fairly sized back section of the long tent that was used as the medical area; any and all sick or injured came to the open space in the very first section seeking aid. Those that were not serious were treated and sent back to their duties or their own tents to rest. However, those who were so bad that they required constant care stayed in bedrolls and cots set up in largest and middle section of tent. There were a few bedrolls curtained off for anyone assisting in the care of the patients, but the very back was reserved for those few who held substantial healing knowledge or magic to stay on medical duty almost full time. This is where Nenileth had her own personal bed. Hers was in the left compartment of the roomy, triply-divided back section.
Nenileth sleepily opened her eyes as she felt light warming her face in the morning chill and let out a large yawn. She wriggled around for a bit, stretching her muscles to urge some energy into them. The mountain of furs and hides piled upon her seemed to be alive as Nenileth shook off the heaviness of the previous night's sleep.
She felt a poke in her side and heard a low grumble as she accidentally rolled onto Tassin before quickly rolling back.
"Get up, Tas. It's morning," she said as she threw back the covers and crawled out of her bedroll.
A little longer. I had a long night, he projected as he snuggled deeper into the little fur nest he had trampled down in her bed.
"You had a long night because I had a long night of treating one of the new Children. Therefore, you have no excuse. Jakiri is already up and about. You should get up to," she replied, nudging the nest with her toe as she wrapped a blanket around her shoulders.
Jakiri is always up before dawn. Something about the early cat gets the worm or whatever that phrase is.
Nenileth shook her head and smiled. "Fine, you can sleep until it's time to go to breakfast. But no complaining when I come back from early morning duties to fetch you."
Yes, yes. Whatever you say... Tassin sleepily replied.
With that, Nenileth splashed some cold water from the small basin that was set up in her 'room' onto her face a few times then dried off. Picking up a small oak comb that had been carved for her by one of her former patients from the simple table next to the basin, she ran it through her long locks until they were untangled. Nenileth put down the comb and took up a dark blue ribbon and with a few deft maneuvers, had her hair tied up in the bun she preferred. Sure, the bun was simple, and her mother would have been adamant about her letting her beautiful mane flow free, but the bun kept it out of her face when she was doing her daily chores and combat practices. Nenileth then changed out of her linen nightgown and into a pair of brown trousers, white blouse, and fur boots.
As always, her first task of the day was to check on those patients that were staying in the medical tent. It didn't take long because there were only a few patients that were in serious condition and the main steps had already been taken to start them on the way to recovery. But she still needed to make sure that they didn't need anything or that something hadn't gone wrong in the night. They were all as comfortable as could be expected, and so she left them, satisfied that she didn't need to be there right this minute.
Now she could attend to other duties, such as making sure Silme was fed and watered and warm, and checking on the younger Children who had come down with a small cough or fever, but weren't sick enough to stay in the med tent. To go out in the chill air, she elected a thick, woolen robe instead of her usual blue vest to wear. Now fully dressed and prepared for the day, Nenileth went out the flap that served as a door in the back of the tent that led outside and blinked, allowing her deep violet eyes to adjust to the bright light that shone down through bare trees in the winter. A few moments later and she was heading to the separate, sheltered area that the larger bonded animals stayed in to check on Silme.

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The small hut in the middle of the forest seemed desolate. Nobody had removed the snow around it, and ivy had used the walls as an easy support for its way up, covering half of the hut in a dark green camouflage cloth. Yet there were several clues that someone was using this small hideout right now. The door opened in, so there were no traces from snow pushed aside, but a small heap of clear white snow had fallen from the roof, indicating that something had moved. And although it was silent around there, if you stayed still and listened for a while, you would hear a faint sound. Like someone wanted to groan in pain, but was quickly disrupted by someone else.
Though for most people these clues were too subtle to notice, the dark black wolf standing at the edge of the clearing didn't even need them. The smell of fear was all around. It excited the monster, and his red eyes turned into glowing cinders as he made himself ready to attack. The man dressed in a dark cloak, softly stroked the back of his bonded and forced it to calm down.
"Not yet..."

Slowly the man stood up. As the hellish wolf laid his head in his neck and let out a cry that instilled fear in whoever heard it, the man gave a quiet order to two men, who stepped away from the trees behind which they had been hiding. When the cry had slowly died down, they made their way through the snow. Not long after reaching the hut, the loud screams of the couple inside scared up flocks of birds, that flew away, not paying any attention to the jackal who was patiently waiting for the men to finish their business.


Kiia nodded. "It will take me some time to gather my stuff. I will be at the castle gate in a hour"
She looked up as her bonded falcon landed on a tree branch above her head. "Change of plans? The bird didn't seem all too happy "Not my choice..." She replied grudgingly. The tone of her bonded didn't really help her raise her mood.
She turned her back to the man in front of her, and after transforming in mid air she took off towards the castle.

Posted by: Mijikoi Jan 13 2013, 03:35 PM
A lazy hand bid Kiia farewell, even as Amrick himself settled into his bond with Syren. The little Jackal was entertaining himself with creating tail patterns. A flick up, a dart to the side, and circular motion kept the little tail in motion while Syren exercised any potential boredom. Amrick chuckled at Syren’s antics as the jackal lost his own game and pounced on the feather adornments attached to his tail. The feathers were an array of colors, each color a phoenix feather the jackal had been gifted with. You think she misses us, Bonded? Ah, never mind, I know she does. So, how long will we be gone on this trip, Bonded?

“We’ll be gone for as long as it takes, Syren.” Amrick gave Syren an eye roll and a huff of annoyance. The phoenix ignored the mention of the woman; not liking the direction his Bonded was head, but unable to bring himself to reprimand the jackal. A moment later, his lips twisted into a grin that betrayed his crueler nature to all that would have seen him. “After all, it would be such a shame to waste such plentiful opportunities for mischief and what better way to pay Artemis back for banishing me.”

A red-eyed, black dragon hissed in agitation as its partner carried it toward where Syria had ordered. A golden hue glinted off of black scales as glowing green eyes rolled at the draconic obscenities. A scolding chitter resounded between the two dragons the one being carried pouted. When the medical tent finally came into few and the red-eyed dragon began to struggle until a sharp mental command sliced through the little dragon’s mind. Green eyes twinkled in triumph as the partners glided through the open flap. Honestly, Kiva. One would think you don’t want to have that wing mended. I am not going to carry you forever if it falls off.

You say that like you mean it, Seral, but I know better. Kiva’s smug response caused her companion to glare at her coolly before dropping her unceremoniously on a cushion near Nenileth. Kiva snarled in anger as the broken wing was further agitated by Seral retaliation. Said dragon, however, ignored the gesture and settled near a ink bottle and parchment. The tip of a gold tinted black tail dipped into the bottle, emerging with a solid black coloring. Seral brought the tip of the tail and began the work of following Syria’s silent instruction to penning out a request for the Child. When the dragon finished its shaky work, the words were far from Syria’s neat and swirling script. As far removed from his Bonder’s precise writing, Seral was pleased when Syria commented it would be suitable for the situation and was wobbly legible.

Bonded is too nice to you, Kiva. The small dragon beamed in pride before passing over the short note. While he waited for Nenileth to take said note, Seal recited the script to his partner. Dear Nenileth, If it’s not too much trouble, my dear, please see to tending Kiva. I fear my darling made a mess of her wing and I am unable to fix the damage myself. If you need any assistance or are unable to heal Kiva, simply call for one of my scouts and any of my scouts will assist as you need.
In your debt, Guardian Syria

“Well, soon you’ll have ample time to talk with a number of Children. Syria has set the anointing ceremony for a few Childrenthat stand on tradition. Well, provided she can get her siblings to agree to holding it today.” Keid, himself was not fond of the Anointing due his history with it. He clutched the twins closer to himself as a tense look crossed his features. Ananke stopped in her excited chatter with Ophian as both children touched Keid on a cheek. Startled by the twins, Keid looked at them with a crooked smile. “Yeah, I know.”

Keid gave a wave to Argoth as he noticed the other male. As a thought struck Keid, the human turned his head to look at Arriyen. “Have you decided on a Guardian to give you your Mark? Or are you going to leave it to chance?”

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The big hut were the children slept was almost empty when Veraly woke up. As the sunbeams softly caressed her cheek she wanted to turn around and sleep some more. Then it suddenly hit her. Today was the day she had been looking out for! As she quickly stood up she felt her rear legs tangle and she stumbled forwards. Ugh she hated this so much! Why couldnt she be an elf? For someone like her, 6 limbs was too much to handle it seemed...
No need for those kind of thoughts though, she had to hurry! As she grabbed her stuff and raced outside the only thought that kept racing through her head was: Today is the day! Today is the day I will finally be able to join the Warrior ranks!

Nima looked out of the window at the small figure that flew towards the castle. As it landed on the bailey she stood up to greet it. "Hii~!" She let her voice ring when she greeted her best friend. "I heard the news! Probably earlier then you." She quickened her pace to keep up with the fast striding shadow phoenix. "You're going on a trip with that hottie eh?"

((sorry for the short post))

Posted by: Talidara Jan 13 2013, 04:29 PM
Kiia looked at the girl that tried to keep up with her. She remembered how she used to ignore her in the hopes she would go away. Years ago it seemed. Right now she tolerated her presence, and strangely enough she started to feel warmly towards the lively girl, sometimes even considering her a friend. That would make her my only friend she thought wryly. It was her own decision to keep others at some distance, and it was only through Nima's perseverance that she had given up doing so with the girl as well, but she had to admit that sometimes, though not often, she felt strangely lonely...
"You call everything that moves a hottie, so yeah, in that context. I'm going on a trip with 'that hottie'..." It didnt even surprise her anymore that Nima knew of these things. She seemed to consider it her job to know everything that happened around here. "I'm outta here!" her bonded told her "You should really quit that unhealthy habit of the Ground-bound to bury themselves in big heaps of stone! Kiia sighed. She doubted she could ever convince the proud bird there were good sides to wingless beings too. "Thats okay, I'll call you when we leave."


Orvin reached down to retrieve the note. Seeing the seal his face lightened up, till his lips curled up into an almost childlike grin. Upon opening it however, his mood swiftly dropped. "I understand, Mavericks orders are more important then mine. I will arrange someone else to take her job." He smirked sarcastically, it hurt him that after so many years of loyal service he hadn't been assigned to lead a big expedition like this. It was all that rats fault. Why on earth did Maverick trust that guy. How could someone like that, who had proven himself to be not to be trusted gain so much trust and rank in such a short time. He hated that man to the bone. And now his dear pupil would go with him as well...
As a sudden thought hit the man he slowly started to grin again. Maybe this situation wasn't so bad after all... It all depended on her though. But he knew she could be trusted. He'd better get prepared now.

Posted by: KyokoYei2 Jan 13 2013, 05:11 PM
Arriyen nodded, listening to what he was saying. Though a slight look of confusion crossed her face when the twins touched his face. It made her wonder if they had telepathy. She looked at her feet a little embarrassed. "Ah... I was thinking Syria."

Posted by: Mijikoi Jan 13 2013, 06:54 PM
((I forgot to mention that I'm glad you like Amrick. He's actually a very old character of mine.
It was pointed out to me that no one, really has to much information on Maverick or Artemis. With this in mind I'm posting a loose profile of the brothers.I'll put one copy here and one on the profile post.))

Posted by: Lady Evirae Jan 13 2013, 07:47 PM
Nenileth had just arrived at the pen that was Silme's with a basket of oats and a couple of apples when Tassin called to her.
Seral and Kiva are here to see you.
She could tell he was grumpy at having been awoken minutes after she said he could sleep in just by the resonance of his thoughts.
Alright. I'm almost done with Silme. Just a few minutes, she replied.
All she got back from him that time was an exasperated rumble in her mind. Shaking her head, she poured the rest of the oats into Silme's trough, checked to make sure the heavy quilt used to keep the mare warm was secured to stay on Silme's back, and patted her on the neck while feeding her an apple. "Syria's dragons need me, Sil. And somebody's got to toss Tassin out of his nest before he sleeps the day away. Did you rest well?" Nenileth spoke.
As well as can be expected in this cold, I suppose, my little Nennie. Go get that bum out of bed and do your work. No sense in letting him laze about right now when he's usually hitching a ride on your shoulders. I don't mind when you ride because I was born for that. You weren't. Silme nuzzled Nenileth's hand.
Nenileth laughed at that. "I'll be back this afternoon. Maybe we'll have time for a ride through the forest." With that, Nenileth turned and walked out of the pen, hung the empty bucket on a peg on the wall and made her way back to the med-tent.
A few minutes of walking and she was back in her little room and looking at the black and gold dragons that were bonded to Syria. She tossed her cloak onto a small stool and took the note from Seral. "Thank you! Well then. What have we got?" she said as she picked up the awkwardly scribbled note. "An injured wing, is it? Alright."
Walking past her bed where Tassin was still buried in fur, she nudged the bump that was him. "Get up. I know you're awake now. We've got work to do," she said, making her way to the cushion Kiva was nestled on.
Tassin snorted, but wriggled out from under his cover and shook like a dog seeking to dry itself off.
"Let me see, little one," Nenileth said as she knelt next to Kiva. She gently ran her fingers over the injured limb and almost immediately found the problem. "It looks as if you have a small break in your upper wing bone. No worries. It doesn't feel too serious. Should only take a couple of weeks to mend completely, once I start it on it's way," she told Kiva even though she knew that Kiva couldn't really talk back directly to her. "Tassin, I need boiling water, bandages, Comfrey leaves and Witch Hazel," she said over her shoulder.
The small green immediately set to work, stirring up the embers in an old fire just outside the tent's back entrance, and setting a small kettle of ice and snow on top of the newly rekindled flames. When that was done, he scurried over to a supply tent that was set up right next to the med-tent intended for their use exclusively. Sounds of his rummaging through a few sacks could be heard as he searched for what was requested.
While Tassin was getting the things she needed, Nenileth went ahead and ran her hands over the rest of the small dragon just to make sure that nothing else was hurt. Finding nothing else, she placed both hands on the area of the break and closed her eyes. A pale blue light could be seen emanating from the area under her palms as a sweat broke out on her forehead. Nenileth used her magic and willed the bones to come together, fitting them back in place, and urged the healing process to start, ordering the bone to begin repairing itself, but at an accelerated rate. Nenileth could feel the magic taking effect and the dragon's injury responding positively to her power, but she could only take it so far. About 10 minutes of concentration on the break went by until the light faded and Nenileth removed her hands, breathing heavily all the while.
She sat back and grabbed a linen cloth that was nearby and wiped her forehead. By then, Tassin had returned with the herbs and cloth wrapped by his tail and the small kettle of hot water. He walked over to a small table where several small bowls and a mortar and pestle sat, and placed his items next to those already present.
"Thank you Tassin." Nenileth said as she got up and went to the table. She quickly poured out a small handful of both herbs into the mortar and set about grinding them up. When they were mashed, she poured a little hot water into the mixture and ground some more. After she came to a pastey consistency, she poured some of the water onto a clean, linen cloth and spread the paste onto the same damp cloth. Then she returned to Kiva and placed the poultice on the now-healing break and wrapped bandages around the wing to keep it and the cloth in place.
"This will help speed up the healing of the bone and also to dissipate the pain. You shouldn't try to move this wing at all for a few days. Syria will need to change the poultice three times a day, morning noon and before bed. I'll send a small bag of the herbs with you, Seral. If Kiva needs something stronger for the pain, just let me know."

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Gender: male
Age: 35
Race: elf
History: Maverick is the leader of the Viridel armies and the Children’s primary opposition. Initially, the prince joined the Viridel abiding his predecessor with a grudging respect and reluctant loyalty. A very short length of time passed before the princeling ended his predecessor’s life and took command of the Viridel. It was a night to be remembered for the Viridel, as the prince and a solitary male entered the council room and only Maverick and his compatriot left the room alive. Aside from his bloody rise to power in enemy territory, Maverick is known for his kidnapping of four of his younger siblings. It was an action that no one beyond he and his siblings themselves can understand.
Maverick has led the Viridel for the last seventeen years with the occasional rally against him. Each revolt is met with a considerable amount of glee from the prince. Unsurprising of the Viridel leader, Maverick is a strict leader, as demanding as he is cruel. Due to his natural inclination to cruelty, only few Viridel can claim to have his favor and of those only one can claim to hold the prince in his debt.
Appearance: Artemis and Maverick are the leaders of the Forest Children and the Viridel respectively. Outside of a very heated opposition the oldest brothers of the royal children share many traits the most notable of which is the physical appearance. These matching elven features of the brothers’ stop at only three dominating traits as each of the brothers has gone out of their way to widen any differences they have. The first of which is the similar frames that grant both sturdy shoulders and the long bodied build needed for the grace that a warrior is bidden to develop through ardent training. Second is the only feature no child of the royal family may escape: the golden eyes that mark any and all children of the royal family. The third of their obvious similarities is the height that both males reach. Both Maverick and Artemis reach a suitable 6’0” in stature.
Maverick the elder of the brothers despite his human appearance and fairer features is by far the darker of the two. His fair visage is a heavily deceiving contrast to his dark attire. His blonde hair has been stained near the ends a crude red color. The eldest Prince of Medicia often wears a lascivious and knowing smirk adorning his mouth in tandem to maliciously laughing golden eyes. The red and black of his clothing is unanimous in all that he wears unless the evil prince deigns to wear his
Weapon: Maverick has a tendency to utilize whatever is on hand, but given a choice the Viridel will lean toward a broadsword. Beyond his sword, Maverick takes great pleasure in hand-to-hand combat.
Abilities: Maverick’s primary ability is the usage of the element Water. Commonly, he can be seen utilizing his ability on the field of battle in conjunction with his more powerful Secondary ability of Poison. His least powerful ability is the low-level empathy.
Bonded: Maverick has no Bonded to speak of.

Gender: Male
Age: 31
Race: Elf
History: Artemis is the eldest of the Guardians and the leader of the Forest Children. Unlike his elder brother, Artemis had no opposition to his place as leader. What he did have, was a mind not his own informing him of his responsibility to the Forest and its demand of his acceptance. With a heavy mind the 11 year-old prince stepped up to his role and began the training necessary to perform his duties. In this same note, Artemis had the difficult task of convincing his siblings to remain and lead the Children with him as the Forest demanded. In the time since they first arrived to the Camp, Artemis has taken well to his roles as both a leader and a Guardian.
Despite being a leader capable of battle (being a trained warrior himself) has been forbidden to enter the battlefield by his siblings. Alex was direct with his part, citing that the elder brother saw to the running of the Children and how the Camp would fall to pieces with out. Cassia had been pulled aside by Artemis in his attempt to sway her to stop the ban. To note, none of the Children are aware as to if he was successful or not in his plan. The most ardent supporter of the ban was Syria, who firmly planted her feet on the issue and would not be swayed. Of course this ban would have had little standing, had Syria not thrown her weight as Camp Mother into the mix, convincing the Children and Warriors of the need to keep their leader safe. Suffice to say, that as capable as Artemis is on the battlefield, he has not seen one in some years.
Appearance: Artemis in a darker contrast to his brother claims coloring akin to Syria. His sole goal outside of caring for his triplet siblings is the protection of the kingdom of Medicia. Another contrast between siblings would be the day-to-day expressions. Where Maverick is sinister in nature, Artemis is often withdrawn and lacking in expression. The only ones privileged to see beyond the mask of indifference are his Guardian siblings and their Bonded. Artemis tends toward white and green robes whilst his is white silver and gold.
Weapon: Artemis is capable is using both the long sword he carries and the shield that comes with it. He does not favor this combination, however. Instead, he prefers his to go without the shield, relying solely on his long sword.
Abilities: Artemis is gifted with Healing as his Primary ability that helps make him a good leader sensitive to his people. His more talented Secondary ability is the Conjuration, allowing him light illusions and short end summons. With his Psychic ability being his weakest, Artemis convinced the Forest to restrict the ability until it was no more than a connection to his younger siblings. His gift, being honed like it was, allows him to communicate with his siblings no matter where they are. The limit being that they must all be in the bounds of the Forest. This does mean the Psychic ability is deaf to anyone else.
Bonded: Artemis has no Bonded as of yet.))

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((Sorry, for being late, but I didn't expect to have to deal with HART until next Monday.T.T Invetory sucks monkeys. Anyway, This is what I managed.))

Kiva held still under Nenileth’s hands even as her muttering gave her partner reason to laugh. Seral delighted in the whole of the situation. In his delight he Syria the byplay, until the Guardian sent him back to the ink and paper to keep him out of Nenileth’s way. While Seral listened intently to Nenileth, ignoring the paper, a shadow sprite danced in next to Kiva, the dragon winced in annoyance. The sprite flitted about taking time to rap the red-eyed dragon on the head. The sprite also brought a halt to any reply Seral might have had with animated chatter. “Lady says to thank the Nenileth in large amounts. Says her Kiva was play where Lady said not to and got hurt. Also, says that you should not the breaking of fast.”
Seral, whom was far from interested in the ink and paper, pounced on the sprite in a playful exuberance. The sprite, rather than play, vanished in a swirl of shadow causing Seral to give a squawk of surprise as he tumbled over the edge of the workspace. It was sheepish green eyes that peered over a table at Nenileth with an apologetic chirp. In fear of a scolding, Seral carefully crawled onto the surface at a sedate pace. Once settled, the gold and black hued dragon gave Nenileth a guilty look.

“She’ll be happy. Despite being the Camp Mother, she doesn’t get to many Warriors.” Keid replied with a sidelong glance at Arriyen. A moment’s consideration and Keid’s grin turned mischievous. “Don’t tell her I told you, but she’s alright with it. She says that even if none of the Children choose her for a Guardian, none of you escape her care, so she can still look after everyone. “

Ananke peered up at Arriyen with an expression to match Keid’s in nature. Reaching out a hand to her twin, Ananke grasped the hand that rested on the back of Keid’s neck. Both twins were silent as they looked at Arriyen as though taking her in and deducing her nature. The moment of curious silence from Keid was broken by the laughter that bubbled out of Ananke’s and Ophian’s mouths. “Me and ‘Phian, think she’d be good for Mommy and Keid. ‘Phian agreed with me.”

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Nenileth listened quietly to the message from Syria being relayed to her by a sprite. As Seral jumped at it, the tiny thing disappeared, and the bags of herbs, bowls, and mortar and pestle scattered onto the floor. Tassin managed to save the kettle of water from spilling all over her rugs, but some of the contents of the herb bags now dusted the floor. As he looked back at her and crawled back up on the table looking guilty, Nenileth just raised an eyebrow at the gold. Then she stooped down and scooped up the bags of Comfrey and Witch Hazel.
"Well, I suppose I'll just send these with you then Seral, seeing as you've now measured out enough to keep Kiva comfortable," she said as she shook her head. Then she sighed and gave Seral a small pet on the head to let him know it was alright. She just couldn't stay mad at any animal, let alone small dragons. Tassin, even being an adult, still managed to get into troubles he should've stayed away from.
"Alright, Seral. Off you two go. I've got to clean this place up before I leave for breakfast." And with that, Nenileth proceeded to pick up the bowls while Tassin hooked the kettle onto a small tripod at one end of her room for later use and set about helping his Bonded.

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Nima gave Kiia a hurt look. "How mean of you to say that! Even I have standards! You know I don't like Centaurs, and I'm not exactly drooling over Orvin either!" As she said that last thing she quickly looked at her friends and checked her emotions. After all Kiia was Orvin's pupil, and getting her mad wasnt exactly on her to-do list. As she got sign clear she went on. "Oh did you hear about Celine? I heard she's now with that guy from the scouts, whatshecalled? How dare she! Thats her 3rd boyfriend in a week! Just because she can do some tricks she thinks shes quite something..." She grumbled. Anyone trying to beat her records was just asking for problems, maybe she should do something about that girl soon. Not that she was afraid of losing her position as most desirable girl around here, after all, nobody could seriously be thinking about comparing themselves with her, but its better to avoid problems then wait till they form... As she realized her friend wasn't paying attention to her, she fastened her pace and tucked at her sleeve. "Hey did you know? I heard Maverick is thinking of sending me along with you guys after you finished your first mission!" She smiled as she brought the news. "We're going on a trip together!"

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“If it’s alright with you, my dear, I’ll take them off your hands now.” Syria’s dulcet tones drifted from where the Guardian stood at the entrance, after having slipped away from her sister. Her smile was teasing as she looked at Seral. Kiva snickered at the fact her partner had been caught goofing off by their Bonded. “My apologies if Seral or Kiva caused any trouble. They have entirely too much energy, but I suppose I didn’t help matters by sending them on an errand I knew would help them with mischief.”

Kiva brought it on herself, Bonded. I told her not to agitate the bees nest. Seral snorted in irritation at the reminder of his partner’s foibles. He nosed Syria’s cheek as he settled on one of her shoulders. Syria however gave her irate dragon a chuckle and smiled at Nenileth.

“I love them, but sometimes, I think the darlings want to make me sad.” Syria commented idly as walked over to Kiva and lifted the small dragon from her resting place. The Guardian touched noses with the small dragon, giving her a sadden smile. When Syria set Kiva back with the intention of helping Nenileth, her expression smoother back into an amused grin, “They get into a lot of mischief. Now, how has your morning been?”

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QUOTE (Mijikoi @ Jan 14 2013, 03:41 PM)

“She’ll be happy. Despite being the Camp Mother, she doesn’t get to many Warriors.” Keid replied with a sidelong glance at Arriyen. A moment’s consideration and Keid’s grin turned mischievous. “Don’t tell her I told you, but she’s alright with it. She says that even if none of the Children choose her for a Guardian, none of you escape her care, so she can still look after everyone. “

Ananke peered up at Arriyen with an expression to match Keid’s in nature. Reaching out a hand to her twin, Ananke grasped the hand that rested on the back of Keid’s neck. Both twins were silent as they looked at Arriyen as though taking her in and deducing her nature. The moment of curious silence from Keid was broken by the laughter that bubbled out of Ananke’s and Ophian’s mouths. “Me and ‘Phian, think she’d be good for Mommy and Keid. ‘Phian agreed with me.”

Arriyen smiled a little more. "She just seems very...homely. Like the mother that I don't have." She said and shut up when she realised she was letting out more that she felt like giving out to people. Even if it was Keid. Though she noticed the twins stare at her as if trying to figure out who's lunch they where going to raid next. Arriyen felt her face redden a little and she shifted her collar a little under the children's stare. "Wh-What does that mean?" She cried slightly embarrassed.

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((Who does Argoth?))

Nenileth quickly looked up from where she was kneeling when she heard a voice in the doorway. "No. They weren't any trouble at all. I suppose the mischievous habits of small dragons is a part of what makes them so endearing as well." She sent her gaze back to focusing on her task of cleaning up. "The morning has been quite chilly. I've always enjoyed cooler temperatures, but they do nothing to help the sick. I've had a rather uneventful morning though, besides treating Kiva's wing, and that was no trouble at all; the patients in here are doing well, but I haven't had a chance to check in on the Children who are sick in their tents. That will be after breakfast."
No trouble? They interrupted my sleeping time, Tassin commented in Nenileth's mind.
Shush, Tas. You needed to get up anyways, she replied.
Nenileth had finally gathered all of the spilled clay-ware, stood up and set them on the table. Taking a small rag, she poured some water from the kettle onto the rag and went to work wiping down the used utensils.
"The herbs for Kiva are on the pillow next to her. If she needs anything stronger for the pain or something to help her sleep, just let me know and I'll set you up with something," Nenileth told Syria. Nenileth paused for a moment. "Uh...Syria. May I ask you something?"
Nenileth stared down at her hands relatively blankly. "Have you spoken with Artemis lately? I haven't seen much of him around Camp recently. I know he's busy with everything he has to do, but he seems to be unusually distant lately. I'm...uh...I worry for his health." She set back to scrubbing with new tenacity.

Posted by: Talidara Jan 16 2013, 01:20 PM
Kiia hadn't been paying attention to the girl till now, while she was packing everything she thought she might need on her travels, but at these last words she looked up.
"Hm, I suppose we could use your Abilities for this assignment..." As she saw the hurt look on her friends face she rolled her eyes and added: "And I don't think the trip will be boring with you around."
She sighed. She wasn't good with niceties. After joining the Viridel Orvin had taught her not to show much affection to anyone. Needless to say, Orvin was not a supporter of her friendship with Nima. That reminded her, she still had to pay Orvin a visit... Well that could wait, she still had some time left. She looked up at Nima.
"I've been wondering... You always know everything that happens. Why don't you use those skills of yours to gain info about the Children?"

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"Only what I said. You'd b good for Mommy and Keid." Ananke was full on in her smile as she beamed at Arriyen. A tug from her twin had the phoenix-child rolling her eyes. "Oh, alright, I 'xplain. 'Phian thinks you could make them safer when Mommy and Keid go to play war games. "

"They mean scouting, by the way." Keid grinned at Arriyen. "It was the best we could explain our shift to them. Ananke might try to fool you, but adult things still boggle the kid."

"Come now, Nenileth, I'm your Camp Mother. You may ask anything of me and I'll do my best to answer or help." Syria hesitated on her answer, shifting her stance in a show of her own worry. "My brother sees to his own health if you're worried in that regard. I see to it that he does. He has indeed been very busy with planning the preparations for not only the Anointings coming up, but also the war against the Viridel. For the most part Artemis has kept to his tent with a few of our strategists. Don't worry so, dear friend. For what it is worth, Nenileth, he does not mean to make you worry. I'll let my brother know he should stop in for a once over and to visit. He needs a break anyway. Now would you care for breakfast with me?"

Posted by: KyokoYei2 Feb 8 2013, 05:43 PM
Arriyen smiled a little. "Ah, I see." It did seem to make things a little lighter for the children. "That war game, seems a little bit scarier than just scouting don't you think?" She asked with a slightly raised eyebrow and tucked more hair behind her head.

Posted by: Mijikoi Feb 9 2013, 05:23 PM
Keid shifted his hold on Ananke to avoid shrugging. "I suppose it'd sound that way to others. It's just Syria didn't want to lie to them when they asked about why we left at night. The children play different war games in the camp to prepare them for what duties they might have later. Like preemptive training."

Ananke struggled to be set down when she caught sight of the dining tent a few wards away. It was with a tickle and a nudge, that Keid complied sending the little girl off followed shortly by her twin. "The children's games were the best she could think off in the end."

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Arriyen nodded mutely. "I see, it seems slightly sad to me." She shook her head to clear her thoughts. "Oh well, can't change life." She mumbled and looked at the ground.
((Woah, thought I replied to this a long time ago))

Posted by: Mijikoi Mar 28 2013, 09:27 AM
((I'm Sooooo sorry. It seems like everytime I have things sorted out something new crops up. T.T I'll have a post ready in the next couple of hours or on Saturday at the latest, but will not be able tomorrow. My goddaughters birthday party taking most of my day off, since there's thatwhole easter thing.))

Posted by: Flamma Apr 20 2013, 05:19 PM
id like to join... is any one still playing this???

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