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 We want Forum Feedback!, Come and talk to us!
Posted: Mar 20 2017, 04:45 PM

Just call me "Auntie Raine"

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QUOTE (Jazeki @ Mar 20 2017, 01:13 PM)
Hey, Corteo, you could have PMed me not to keep sharing the time post.

Even so, I agree that there should be a designated info post regarding releases (or mods should edit the first post like they do for holidays and events).

The only reason I even shared it to begin with was that people weren't reading the thread to find the info whether it was two pages or two posts ahead of them.

Now that I've seen it's not wanted though, I'll stop posting. Frankly, I'm surprised the wiki hasn't updated with the time chart. It's still listed as a "speculation" on their release page.

Jazeki, I am another that is so grateful that when I checked into the News thread, your post was the first thing I saw. I would like to see an info post on the first page that we could be directed to, but barring that, I loved your solution and assistance.
SockPuppet Strangler
Posted: Mar 20 2017, 08:27 PM

Wednesday has been canceled due to a scheduling potato.

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QUOTE (Fiona BlueFire @ Mar 20 2017, 01:54 PM)
I believe TJ could reserve the first post after the announcement, and enable mod editing for it? Then someone like Socky (or one of the mods from the section) could keep it updated. I'm sure people would catch on pretty fast that this was a thing. And if not, and they're asking in the thread, there would be plenty who would direct them there.

If he reserves the post then we don't have to be concerned about someone being fast enough to grab the slot. It would always be there.

This would definitely be the simplest solution if TJ is willing. Plus, TJ could just say in the first post to check the second post for usermade FAQs, info, spoilers, etc.
Otherwise, the first mod on can grab their first post for editing, but that requires deleting any posts before it, which I know isn't fun for users.

I know a lot of users appreciate the repeat posts, there are probably lots like me who don't really have an opinion on them, but there are also multiple users bothered by the repeat posts, which I know from reports and the like. So a compromise that provides the information but requires less re-posting (therefore making it more obvious when someone has whatever kind of update to share) is good with me.
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