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 Rapture, Day Seven - The New World
Posted: Jan 6 2017, 08:30 PM

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((I got best Skill tongue.gif))

Okay, watching Mak and then Wisperlee shift and then vanish like that was terrifying.

And then doing it herself spat her out into what felt like the unholy hellspawn of a tornado and a hurricane.

The next thing she knew, she was slamming into the ground mid-scream. As much as her head hurt from the one-two of her brain being knocked into the front of her skull from the rest of her hitting the dirt, she managed to flip herself onto her side and barf her breakfast into the grass instead of all over her shirt.

Ech... She felt even worse than that time she'd ridden the tilt-a-whirl right after binging on funnel cake.

"Uggggh" she moaned, "I am so sorry to everything I've ever thrown in the dryer."

She lifted herself onto her hands and looked around unhappily; wherever world they'd been spat out into, her family wasn't here. She just knew it.

And then somebody spoke.

She hopped up the rest of the way and tilted her head at the stranger, a girl who looked like she'd been at a slumber party pre-Rapture. And yet somehow she was still alive.

"Eh... Hi?" she returned her greeting, a little confused.

And wary of that spear, slapdash or no.
Mistress of Whispers
Posted: Jan 7 2017, 01:54 AM

Stalking dragons and eating cookies

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((Nuuuuh, I do! Insta-map!))

Good, Erin was here too. Between Mak's martial skill and the reporter's general vigilance and aggression, Wisperlee knew she had nothing to fear from pyjama girl. Taking her attention off the new girl, she instead cast her eyes to the sky. She took a moment to study any celestial bodies she could see, then raised her arms above her head and did a couple of jumping jacks. Next, she ran behind her group in slow, bounding circles. Finally she knelt, digging up patches of earth and grass to sniff and deposit in ziplock bags that she'd taken from the kitchen this morning. She did the same with the other fauna nearby, examining and collecting leaves and pieces of bark.

((Kestra, what does she see in the sky? What's gravity like? The fauna? This planet must have evolved similarly to Earth, or they wouldn't be able to breathe / get crushed by gravity. Can Wisperlee find anything to confirm/deny that it's an evolutionary cousin, rather than Earth - albeit in a different time - itself?))
Posted: Jan 8 2017, 05:16 PM

Did someone call for a nurse?

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Mak took a moment longer than Erin or Wisperlee to find his feet, and even as he did get up it was a touch unsteady. Colour slowly drained back into his cheeks and he had stopped with the cold sweat now, but his stomach still felt tumultuous at best. Hannah had said people adjusted to Stepping and Sliding differently, and he hoped he wasn't going to fall into the category of people who were practically incapacitated each time. It was...suboptimal to say the least.

Their first encounter in this new world looked more like a realistic Wendy Darling than anyone else, and there was no doubt she was suffering with what had now been a week since access to what could be called basic human amenities. Fortunately she was not covered in the tell-tale sign of frostbite and had the strength to stand - climb even - but he wouldn't be surprised if she was feeling somewhat under par.

"We're friendly," Mak said, voice unexpectedly shaky, holding his open hands up in a peaceful gesture. Under normal circumstances he would probably have fancied his chances in a fight with a tired, hungry woman in her pyjamas with a rudimentary spear, but given the world was still not quite level under his feet he was hoping for a more peaceful solution. "We just got here - from Earth," he added, voice stronger but the words feeling like cheap sci-fi to him.

As he and Erin spoke to the girl he watched as Wisperlee carried out what looked like a quick bit of calisthenics and amateur botany, and he couldn't blame her for exploring their new environment. It certainly all looked very Earth-like, with clear analogues of trees, grass and basic plants; the air was fresh as if they were deep in a forest, an almost alien taste to it thanks to the lack of pollutants; the sky showed it was probably around the same time here as it was back on Earth as well, blue with fluffy white clouds and brilliant sunshine.

* * * * * *

It was only if one was to look closer that they could clarify that it was definitely not Earth that they were on. The sunlight was just a bit too harsh, with a slightly blue tinge if one was to concentrate hard enough. Plants didn't look exactly like any terran equivalent but close enough, just different enough shapes to leaves and flowers and berries. A skilled ornithologist wouldn't have been able to identify the pair of birds that flew by, but their resemblance to pigeons would have fooled a casual onlooker.

Wherever this was, it definitely wasn't Earth - past, present or future. This was an entirely new world.
Posted: Jan 15 2017, 10:53 AM

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Arwen smiled at the dog when Erin told her to take good care of him. Following everyone out to watch the spectacle, a flash entered her mind: What if they found her parents, but could never get back? What would she do if she never saw them again? Or worse, what if they came back and died like the lady and the man at the other house? No, she was going.
"Ez," she chimed, "Can we go watch them go, please?" She put on her cutest face.

When people were in line, holding hands, Ez was uncomfortable. She was present with her backpack in case the transport range was bigger than direct connection, but Arwen wanted to watch them go. As Erin seemed to be the one surrogate parenting her, she had given in. The amount of excitement on the little girl's face was extreme. She thought the child would explode. When Mak had zoned out, Ez got this odd feeling in her chest and stomach. Then he was gone. The feeling hit her again as Whisper was 30 seconds from stepping away. Ez turned her head to see how Arwen was taking this all in, but she wasn't there. The girl was running full speed toward Erin. With the feeling hitting again, and presumably only 30 seconds, she bolted after the child.

"No, stop!" She shouted, he plea going unheeded.

Arwen grabbed onto the hem of Erin's shirt just before she stepped away. Ez tackled Arwen in hopes of pulling her away at the last second, but it was too late. She got the feeling again, but it warped into pain. She felt like she was in the human centrifuge from air training. A mix between throwing up and passing out came over her as she felt stretched and pulled in every direction, yet like she was not moving at all, all at the same time. She hit the ground like a ton of bricks. Having jumped into a 'step portal' she kept falling on her way out.

Arwen screamed when she started stepping, but not out of fear, pain, or sickness. She felt like she was going on the Tilt-O-Whirl at a carnival, but in multiple directions at once. Giggling the whole way through, she landed in the new place, wrapped up in Ez's arms.

Ez released the child and turned away, vomiting all over the ground several times.

Arwen stood up to see where everyone else was. They had landed several feet away from everyone, but as she approached, it seems like they'd already made a friend. Unsure of how everyone would react, she came up slowly. With her head down, she spoke.
"Hello." She said meekly from just behind Erin.

Ez dry heaved a few more times before composing herself enough to stand and walk after Arwen. She stood, holding her stomach, and scowled at the child.
Posted: Jan 15 2017, 07:53 PM

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((OOC: I hope it's okay that I rejoin now. I honestly thought that this RP had died, so I stopped paying close attention to it, so I only noticed that it started back up now. I should be able to participate if nobody has any problems, though.))

Micah thought long and hard about Stepping during the week they were camped out at the abandoned farm. For what seemed like a long time he was against it, but slowly, as he listened to the others in the group talk about finding loved ones that they'd lost, he slowly began to open up to it. True, even if they managed to make it to the place that Hannah had been talking about safely, most of his family was still an ocean away - and even if the geography was different, they were too far away too realistically get to - but Edith, the sister he'd originally traveled here with, should still be nearby - if she was still alive after all this time. He prayed she was. True, she had the other men in the traveling group to look after her, but when it came right down to it Micah didn't trust them. This far away from home, she would need a family member to keep her safe.

After that, Micah's mind was pretty much made up, and he began to make preparations to at least try to Step. He was able to find a holster for Alistair's gun, though unfortunately no extra bullets, and put a small pack together with one of the dresses Edith had brought so she could change out of her nightgown if they found her.

When the time finally came, though, he couldn't help but feel a pit in his stomach as he saw the others ripple out of existence and disappear out of the corner of his eye. He thought he had been prepared for this after seeing the old man appear out of nowhere, but the primal fear he felt inside of him was like nothing he'd ever felt before. When the warm grip of the hand Micah had been holding vanished into thin air, Micah vainly tried to follow, only to feel . . . nothing. After a long moment, he began to panic at the thought of being the only one left all alone, and in the midst of doing so, felt the very edges of his mind brush against something . . . he could hardly even describe it. And then he blacked out.

When Micah woke up, he was laying prone on the ground, headfirst in the dirt. As soon as he raised his head up he vomited up everything he'd eaten that morning. He tried to sit up, only to flop back down into a prone position again, with just enough strength to angle himself away from all the vomit. Micah honestly wasn't sure if his attempt to Step had worked, because he was too dizzy and disoriented to see more than a few feet away from himself at the moment. About all he could see right now were a bunch of dead leaves spread out on the ground. "Guys?" he called out softly, his voice low and hoarse. "Did anyone else make it?"
Posted: Jan 16 2017, 08:54 PM

Did someone call for a nurse?

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((KM: It's okay, it had all but died. Thank you for coming back though and of course you are welcome, my hope is by actively moving us to this next bit will get us up and running again. My thanks of course extend to everyone else who has posted and I hope we can revitalise this RP with the next step of the story - KM))
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