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Interests If your offering a trade, keep in mind I do not like long names. I have only these CB holidays: Grave, Solstice, Desipis, RA, Mistletoe, HeartStealer, Caligene, Aegis, Mutamore, Witchlight, Snow, Soulstone.
I don't like Tinsels or stairs/spirals. I prefer EG Metals, no Shimmers (except 2nd gen's listed in sig.) and CB hatchies are loved!

Looking for:

2nd gen Gold/Neo(F)

2nd gen Silver/Greenwing(M)/Teimarr(F)

other 2nd gen Silver or Gold not from overly common pairings

mates i need: if you can help let me know what i can breed in return,

2nd gen Red Copper from female Gold
2nd gen Green Gem from female Silver
2nd gen Alt Black from female Gold not related to
**2nd gen Alt Vine from Gold(F)
3rd EG Alt Undine from female Gold
3rd EG Gold from female Holly checker unrelated to or
3rd EG Green Gem from female Silver checker
3rd EG Purple Neb from Silver checker (must be gendered)

lower priority

Holidays needed:


2nd gen Gold from Rosebud
3rd EG GW from HSeeker checker (can breed myself)
2nd gen Sapphire from Arsani
3rd EG Red Nebula from RA checker (can breed blood swap) might have

2nd gen Marrow from male Nocturne
3rd EG Marrow from male Silver checker x2
3rd EG CL from female Silver checker

Common mates from Halloween:
2nd gen Aria from male Marrow
3rd EG Red from male Marrow checker
3rd EG Red Dorsal from female Marrow checker
2nd gen BMoon from male SW
2nd gen Gold Lunar from male SW
2nd gen Lumina from male SW
3rd EG Horse from female SW checker
3rd EG Thunder from female SW checker
3rd EG Tea from female SW checker
2nd gen Gold Lunar from male CL
2nd gen Spirit ward from female CL
2nd gen Green Gem from male CL
2nd gen Olive from male CL
3rd EG Carmine from male CL checker
2nd gen Mint from female Grave
3rd EG Cassare from female Grave checker

Can breed myself:
2nd gen Almerald from male Desipis
2nd gen Gold from Desipis (M&F)
2nd gen Kingcrowne from female Caligene
2nd gen Terrae from female Caligene
2nd gen Gold from Caligene (M&F)

2nd gen Holly from RA
2nd gen Holly from Arsani
2nd gen Holly from male Marrow
3rd EG Holly from Red Nebula checker
4th EG Holly from male Gold checker for

Common Xmas mates needed:
2nd Gen Blue Herald from Mistletoe
2nd gen Green Copper from Mistletoe
2nd gen Blue Gem from Solstice (might have)
3rd EG Sunsong from Solstice checker (Blue Wings)
3rd EG Pillow from Solstice checker (for my Thuwed Solstice checker Blue Wings)
3rd EG Pink from Yule
4th EG Pink from Male Holly checker (1st gen Old Pink)

CB hatchies i really need more of:

New Release

***CB Monarch
***CB Candelabra
CB Purple
CB Red

i have :

33 CB Silver- 16 male 17 female
8 CB Gold- 4 male 4 female

CB Breeding plans:

Silver male: Carmine, Cassare, Frilled, Neo, Sapphire, Bolt
Silver female: Green Gem, Greenwing, Teimarr, Bolt, Aeon, Kingcrowne, Carmine
Gold Male: Black, Falcon, Neo
Gold female: Black, Neo, Vine, Canopy, Maegia, Chronos, Gem

i am owed by becondethuong1307 (defaulted) for a 2nd gen Gold/Ribbon hatchie have not heard back from them since they initially came back online.

Breeding requests:
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Signature the only holiday cb's i have are Grave, Solstice, RA, Desipis, Mistletoe, Heartstealer, Caligene, Aegis, Mutamore, Witchlight
i Only breed PERFECT EG CHECKERS plz no Spirals/Stairs/Imperfect Checkers,etc. thanks!
Not interested in Prizes except mates for these: 2nd gen Silver Shimmer from Male Waterhorse as a mate for him, also looking for a 2nd gen Bronze Shimmer from Arsani as a mate for her user posted image
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