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Interests I make IOUs and take IOUs.

Spreadsheet for my lineages for my prizes, etc.:

IOU Policy:
1. I will try to get my IOU done as quickly as possible
2. I expect you to get my IOU's done fairly quick as well, unless dealing with metals

IOUs I owe:

IOUs owed to me:
Firemaster13: two 2nd gen metals (0/2)
MIGOR: 2 2nd gen metals (1/2)
bluesonic1: 6 2nd gen metal (1/6)

Completed IOUs:
Saynna: 2 cb winter hatchies
Syphoneira: 1 magi hatchling
Ylvanne: cassare, howler drake, black tea, and fever wyvern hatchling
Shadowdrake: 3 cb hatchlings from list
Ylvanne: waterhorse, glaucus drake, canopy, and moonstone hatchie
Atan: cb stone hatchie & cb gray hatchie
Arella: CB terrae, water walker, tri horn, and yellow crown hatchies
ZzelaBusya: 4 cb purple hatchies
littleblackdog: cb thunder
AngelsSin: 8 CB hatchies from list
alliana1: 2 sergamma hatchies
Lavinia: 4 cb water hatchies
littleblackdog: chicken egg
Viar: two 4th gen shimmers
Viar: 10 cb new release hatchies
Beckster: 5 CB coppers
rrattts: 2 cb green male gemshard hatchlings
morgianlefaye: 3 cb spring hatchlings
cyradis4: cb gemshard hatchie
Rhynn Collins: 2 hatchies from wishlist
nerys: 4 cb gemshard hatchlings
SilverNinja: 3 cb springs, green gemshard female
CuteDragons: cb female spring hatchie
fly_away_soon: 4th gen shimmer from Green Coppers and a 2nd gen soulpeace hatchie
airaani: 3 cb nebula hatchies
dagongirl13: pair of CB ice hatchies
Geminia905: 3rd gen shimmer from green nebula
aqua17: pair of annagalis hatchies from each biome
Mistress of Whispers: 3rd gen from bronze shimmer x pillow
Shroomlet: 2 cb coppers
FortyTwo: 5 cb annagalis hatchies
Inis Llandyin: neglected hatchling
chocopie: 3 cb spring hatchies
dagongirl13: pair of CB ice hatches
Gryphonic: 3rd gen tinsel from Tsunami
Miral: 3rd gen shimmer from moonstone
starphyre77: 3rd gen prize
becondethuong1307: 3rd gen tinsel from Electric
arlymaye: 4 cb new release hatchies
Master0fPuppets: 4 cb blue nebula hatchies
car340: 3rd gen prize
Nightwalkerkey: 2 CB summer hatchies, 2 CB blusang hatchies
Marrionetta: 8 cb new release hatchies from coast
The Evil Doer: cb copper
Marrionetta: 12 CB thalassa Xenowyrm hatchie
sequiro: 8 CB Xenos and 3 CB coppers
purplehaze: 5 cb split hatchies
Erica8798: 4 CB Xenowyrm hatchies
helix9: 2nd gen Chronos
CharolineSw: 4th gen white and four 2nd gen bleeding moon
Raff: 3rd gen shimmer x moonstone
Booo: CB Pyro Xenowyrm
wee.zee: 6 CB Xenowyrms
Varnayrah: 3 CB Xenowyrms
tikigurl91: 8 CB Xenowyrms
TheThing_Oo: CB Xenowyrm
Khas: 2nd gen Sunrise from F silver
tjenni: 2nd gen ice from chronos
bloodonmyfangs: 4th gen from 3G Borg Queen(done), 3G Silver Bleu(done), 3G Crimson Demis
Anarth: 5 CB reds & 5 CB pinks
Ivyeth: CB silver, 5 CB spessartines
djengis: 3rd gens from 2G Alloy & 2G Light
daba555: 2 CB thalassas
Bankotsu: 3rd Gen from Butt Sparks
Undomiel: CB Gaia
suskekun222: 1 cb halloween hatchie
pinkgothic: 5 cb halloween hatchlings
Zareni: 2 cb silvers
LunarMoonlite: 2nd gen silver from blue nebula
Khas: 4G green copper x silver
D-wing: 3rd gen from Butt Sparks & Prince Gibbs
lincoln6echo: 3rd gen from 2G Aria, 4G from Cass' Flame
Dreamfur: CB Xeno
afa: 3rd gen from Golden Melen
pie12345678987654321: 2 CB Halloweens, 3rd gen from 2G Light, 15 CB reds, pinks, purples
Prince_Xanthius: CB female vine, CB pyrope, CB green copper, CB bronze lunar herald, CB male sunset, 2nd gen avatar
MintTea: 3rd gen from 2G Rifle

Shimmer Lists For:
- 2G offspring from x royal blue
- 2G offspring from x blusang
- 2G offspring from
- 2G offspring from
- 2G offspring from
- 2G offspring from
- 2G offspring from
- 2G offspring from x mint
- 2G offspring from
- 2G offspring from
- 2G offspring from x Black tea
- 2G offspring from
- 2G offspring from
- 2G offspring from
- 2G offspring from x Chronos
- 2G offspring from x Frostbite/Spitfire
- 2G offspring from x Waterwalker
- 2G offspring from x Falconiform
- 2G offspring from x Harvest
- 2G offspring from 2G offspring from
- 2G offspring from
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