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 Hovehmukaed War, A story of rebellion. | ~Accepting~
Posted: Jan 25 2017, 06:20 PM

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I'm gonna go ahead and bump this.
Posted: Feb 5 2017, 01:27 PM

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Storm landed with a heavy Thud in the town, and dragons turned their heads, whispering to another. Storm stood up, keeping a emotionless face and fixating himself to an important and imposing posture. "Dragons of this village!" He boomed, and the whispering faded as dragons listened. "I have brought you a message from Cantaur himself!" He spoke, and the whispering grew again. "As you may have heard, Cantaur is building an empire. He is gaining more support by the minute, and plans to visit this town soon." The whispering grew even louder, to the point of low talking. "He is coming to welcome those who wish to join him with open wings and joy. He will gladly accept all who wish to follow him, and take them under his wings. With your support, you can help him. All who wish to join, feel free to find Cantaur at any time."

And with that, he opened wide his wings, and beating them swiftly, rose into the sky and flew off. As he did, the dragons back at the village murmured to each other. Some with support, others with uncertainty. He knew some would join, but would be surprised if they all joined.
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Posted: Feb 5 2017, 01:50 PM

Look to start spriting. Will jump at the opportunity

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Would Be waited patiently as Storm landed in the town. He then bellowed out that he was a messanger from Cantaur. Would Be listened and waited as some dragons muttered nervously amongst each other. She held her crossbow in her hands. "Ha! What's so great about this Cantaur anyway!?" a dragon asked. Would Be peeked out slightly as she spotted a brimstone dragon standing out. "If he has so many dragons, than why did he only send one out? Humans and dragons have lived together in peace so don't go-" he didn't even get to finish his sentence as he fell right where he stood, an arrow now in his eye. The other dragons that were by him quickly moved away and looked around nervously. Would Be couldn't help but chuckle to herself. It was a tricky shot, but she managed to hit him right with the first shot. It did help that she practice on shimmerscales.

One dragon, a canopy, cautiously approached the downed dragon. "I only know of one dragon who uses arrows," he said. "The name shakes fear in the hearts of the Shimmerscales! The Would Be Shimmer!" The canopy dragon looked around nervously, wondering who else would so foolishly speak up next.
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