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Interests sorry for my poor English QAQ

I accept IOUs

accept large number of BSA hatching as a price

seeking 2G/3G prize/spriter's alt dragon

can breed Almandine and Spessartine and catch up on request

looking to buy 2G Hybrid from cb Hybrid!!!!

want 2G fail for them:
2G Dark Green from Dark GreenXBrozen shimmer http://dragcave.net/lineage/HjrBr

2G White from WhiteXSilver Shimmer http://dragcave.net/lineage/xC36r

2G Day Dream from Silver ShimmerXDay Dream http://dragcave.net/lineage/EkjT5

2G White from WhiteXBrozen Shimmer http://dragcave.net/lineage/SD9Yh

Generation/Mate/Ancestor's code
----------Gold Tinsel----------
3G RCopper Epic
3G Golden SciFi
3G Silver AGYI
3G Golden SciFi
3G Electric Gpika
3G Tsunami SciFi
3G Purple Epic
2G Gold LoveM
3G Blusang ZVj3e
3G Skywing Gpika
3G Blusang CLAWS
3G Golden s5gF
3G Moonstone Epic
3G Pillow ZVj3e
3G Water Walker XeNOs
3G Summer SciFi
3G Golden Epic
3G Sunsong Pa1kH
3G Red dDhtX
3G Balloon SciFi
3G Ice Licht
----------Silver Tinsel----------
7G Ice Dawn's Silver Medal
3G GCopper UaDI
3G RCopper night
3G DayDream UaDI
3G RCopper wzWIN
3G Ice 1Laya
4G Ice Penk
3G Sunsong Arian
3G Electric Cassi
3G Golden Penk
3G Tan khzI7
3G Winter Elgar
3G GCopper UaDI
3G Dark Green pX4n9
2G PNebula Tilly
3G Moonstone oWG5P
3G Ice 12345
3G White Cassi
3G Sunsong ILpjD
3G Daydream Sujin
3G Lumina Joker
3G GCopper wzWIN
3G Tan night
3G Water Cassi
3G Blusang Drmfr
3G Balloon Prada
3G Purple Prize
3G Winter Argnt
3G GCopper geode
3G Red Korea
3G GNebula khzI7
3G Tri-Horn 5Vijv
----------Brozen Tinsel----------
4G ShadowWalker 1219
5G check mark Black
6G Ember ARMY
Alt Checker
3G GCopper 1219
3G RCopper Vein
3G Daysong Vein
MAP IB gold
3G Thunder FZuko
3G Golden Dalek
3G Sunset Greed
3G Blusang Frodo
3G Horse bucks
3G Pink fiffy
3G Tan wish
3G Red wish
3G Red 12uG9
3G Tsunami Greed
3G Nhiostrife Sherl
3G Tan dUD3q
3G Terrae A76J
3G Thunder c1xIZ
3G Royal Blue Wyms
3G Ember Fifth
3G White fck
3G Blusang A76J
3G Green bucks
3G Storm CRUSH
3G Tsunami d3v1l
3G Dorsal Woona
3G BNebula Wyms
3G SpessartinePyralspite G34SS
3G Blusang Greed
3G Striped greet
3G Gold G34SS
3G Red FZuko
wrong gender ZmWcj
3G Golden 1337
3G Magi greet
3G RDorsal Polar
3g Pink DeKeR
3G Sunstone 5zZb3
3G Guardian Musia
3G Silver 00000
3G Spring BOOTY
3G White 1337
3G Daydream 77777
3G Tan Greed
2G Royal Blue Melon
3G GoN qw2fZ
3G Ribbon Vein
----------Gold Shimmer----------
3G spiral Nebula Izaya
3G Golden Cassy
4G Purple Izaya
3G Autumn Izaya
3G Gold Aylis
3G Blusang Aylis
3G Balloon ninja
3G Waterhorse Pern1
3G Blusang Pern1
3G Electric Khyri
3G Magi amnos
----------Silver Shimmer----------
MAP have a Shadow family
5G MoonStone Q15BJ
3G GCopper Zelda
3G Swallowtail QynIm
3G Terrae 1qH0S
4G Lumina Jewel
8G MoonStone Jewel
3G GCopper C0L0R
3G BNebula C0L0R
2G white from shine
3G Lumina Jewel
2G DayDream LdyS2
3G Winter QynIm
3G Sunrise LUCKY
3G RoyalBlue 7AP36
3G Water GIBBS
3G GCopper Hlena
3G GNebula KVGDZ
3G Blusang Gypso
3G Sunsong vuJch
3G GNebula KVGDZ
3G Royal Blue Vixen
3G Sunsong Spirk
3G Tan LtE4g
3G Pillow Logic
3G PNebula DivaZ
3G Guardian 7AP36
3G Horse DivaZ
3G Terrae Spirk
3G Waterhorse Rogue
3G Balloon Logic
3G Balloon Muhak
3G Undine MUSIC
3G Silver 8j3FE
----------Brozen Shimmer----------
5G GW Huntr
3G Golden U8RhU
2G white Fr0zN
3G Golden pWHtc
3G spiral Ice Adani
4G RCopper dqgJk
3G Ice Mysha
2G DarkGreen BRASS
3G spiral Sunsong K5gki
3G spiral Albino Glttr
3G Royal Blue 9kIh1
3g Blusang Mysha
3G Golden lqekD
3G Skywing ZLena
3G Gold Libby
3G Waterhorse Mybae
3G Moonstone 7zN4l
3G GCopper Adani
3G PNebula Aesum
3G Sunset Libby
3G White Mysha
3G GNebula lqekD
3G GNebula BRASS
3G White lqekD
3G Horse Terry
3G Tsunami Adani
3G Thunder Rinoa
3G Balloon Dream
3G Lumina Rinoa
3G Waterhorse Ocean
3G Blusang Stars
3G Tan Dream
3G Storm uPlaT
3G Nocturne 99999
3G Striped Sysyn
3g Royal Blue uPlaT
3G Blacktip brFA8
3G Nhiostrife bRnZe

still thinking what should I say...
PM me if you have any questions ( ˘ω˘ )
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I accept IOUs/seeking 2G/3G prize and 2G spriter's alt dragon
looking for 2G Hybrid from cb Hybrid/want 2G prize fail
user posted image PM me if you have any questions ( ˘ω˘ ) (gif create by Zhark)
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