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 WIP Warrior Cats RP- DO NOT POST, A fan-made Warrior Cats roleplay.
Posted: Mar 19 2017, 01:38 AM

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~~Starter Post~~

[i]A beautiful brown tabby she-cat is seated in the sun, the light playing on her fur. Stars can just barely be seen in her pelt, but her bright green eyes seem to hold the entire night sky within their midst. She purrs to herself as she looks over the lush green field ahead of her. Numerous other cats hunt, play, and share tongues in the grass.

The she-cat is just about to close her eyes when she notices a young kit laying by himself. The white kit looks like he's pouting. "Cloudkit, is everything okay?" the she-cat calls.

Cloudkit jumps, and he turns his head quickly. "Its nothing, Sparrowflight. I just... I miss my brother," he meows sadly, looking at his paws.

Sparrowflight sighs sadly, beckoning the Cloudkit over. The poor kit had died of green-cough only 3 moons into his life. He would never get to be a warrior, and he was stuck as a kit forever. "It's okay to miss Barkpaw. I bet he misses you too." She licks the top of his head with a sad purr, before saying, "How about a story to cheer you up?"

Table of Contents:
- Prolouge
- What's it about

- General Rules
- Roleplay Rules
- Character Rules

- Current Story Plots
- Season / Weather
- Clans
- Map(s)

- How to Join
- Joining Rules
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Posted: Apr 20 2017, 03:09 AM

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