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April 6, 2017
Just posting my two cents here. So the April Fools Day event was interesting. My browser had a glitch, but I believe I was eaten as nothing else happened after I clicked the prompt. Oh well, moving on. I managed to trade for an upside down mint thanks to my lovely metals breeding properly. I get that the sprites could flip back up at any moment and be worth that of a regular mint again, but that's my risk. And hey, the player I traded with got some nice metals from it (if I do say so myself).
Then I come into the forum when the mints are growing up. Oh. The Drama. Some are excited, some are content and then there are some still venomous about the event. Ok, it was a joke everyone, simmer down. Just because we're all players does not give us the automatic right to a prize. Like handing out participation ribbons on Dragon Cave so we don't have any hurt feelings. Technically, I lost. Yeah, I was bummed, but I worked hard trying to catch/breed something that could be swapped for one. Sorry others didn't, but it's all a game.
Even more stunning, THERE WERE TINSEL/SHIMMER PRIZE WINNERS COMPLAINING ABOUT HOW UNFAIR IT WAS THAT THEY DIDN'T GET ANYTHING! Excuse me while I laugh. You have a CB PRIZE, something that NO ONE ELSE will ever get AGAIN and something a very VERY small population of DC was able to obtain. And you want to complain about a little inverted mint being unfair!? You won the ultimate raffle by sheer luck, and congrats to you for that, but don't go raining on everyone else who got lucky enough to get a *gasp* inverted mint (because that can rival having a CB Prize...).
Ugh. Sorry, rant over. *Hands out participation ribbons with smiley faces on them*


jessieice (izuzu): 1 neglected ungendered (in exchange for CB Gold) ->UNFULFILLED<-

Zeditha (Zeditha): 60 Olives for 1 neglected, 20/60 done
Sent: RPfcG, 3xRsQ, Isq8b, OdBlM, FBGlR, bKLvE, dYeAm, OuIxB, Wunel, Zd7F4, k6CcU, bT9LU, CZQyW, R9ZQf, qDDjF, tox7C, zPSPv, 3Gfnn, JynHF, xFrJc

----My Scroll----

Right now, my scroll is an attempt to collect all of the breeds in Dragon Cave. My wish is to have an adult male/female, a frozen hatchling male/female and ungendered frozen of each breed. Or, at least to have an adult/frozen hatchling of each breed (for holidays etc). Inbreeding doesn't bother me too much, though I prefer that my dragons not be. If they are, they are still loved and welcomed on my scroll. All my dragons, except two, have the named marking of JBH (short for JesterBooHoo) and almost all of my dragons follow the naming pattern of latin words. Whether the names are latin or not, each and every name has meaning to that specific dragon, whether by the meaning of the actual name or a goofy code.

----In Forum----

You will mostly see me lurking about in the discussion boards. I try to help newer players when I can whether it's advise, catching a sought after dragon, or breeding a dragon to gift. And speaking of gifting, I would like to thank those other players who have gifted to me in the past. Your generosity is greatly appreciated! I also encourage others to spread the love and lend a hand through gifting or fair trade. There was a time for everyone when we were new and dreamed of the chance at a rare or hard to come by dragon. If you have an abundance and the ability, have a heart and help out.

----Beyond the Cave----

Horoscope: Cancer
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon ;)
Birth Stone: Alexandrite
Fav Flower: Rose, Bleeding Heart or White Lily
Fav Color: Blue
Country: USA
Fav Animal: Horse
Fav Artist: Anything by Immediate (Immediate Music)

----I Wish Upon A Star----

Neglected, ungendered
Holly: 3G or less, spiral or stair (Would LOVE a 2G!)
Prizes: 2G, any mate
Holidays with alts in line, clean lines

Frozen Hatchlings (can be inbred):
Aeon Wyvern M F U
Almerald M U
Candelabra U
Christmas - '16 F U
Fell M F U
Vine Alt M F U
Gemshard (Green) M
Day Glory F
Greater Spotted Drake F U
Guardian M
Halloween (Witchlight) M F U
Honey M F U
Kingcrowne M
Guardian of Nature M or F
Avatar Destruction F U
Avatar Change M U
Monarch U
Morphodrake M F
Nexus M F
Gold Shimmer U
Silver Shimmer U
Bronze Shimmer F U
Crimson M U
Kyanite Pygmy M F U
Seawyrm F
Pyralspite Red U
Pyralspite Pink M F U
Pyralspite Orange F U
Red U
Ridgewing alt U
Sapphire M F
Storm-Rider M F U
Yellow-Crowned F
Tarantula Hawk Drake M F U
Thunder M U
Ultraviolent F U
Undine yellow M F U
Valentine ('17) M U
Xenowyrm Astrapi (Alpine) M F U
Xenowyrm Chrono (Forest) F U
Xenowyrm Gaia (Jungle) M F U
Xenowyrm Pyro (Volcano) M F U
Neglected M U

----Dragons Needed to Complete Scroll----
Scroll complete as of July 26, 2016 ^_^
Gender Female
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jessieice (izuzu): 1 neglected ungendered (in exchange for CB Gold) ->UNFULFILLED<-

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