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Interests I will always be glad to see mates for my holiday checkers in my trade links! Mostly the 3rd gens, but also some holiday second gens since I only have the last year's dragons.
Otherwise my favorite things to hoard are paper hatchies!
Bulk trading anything for CB metals - you set the amount!

-Choice of breedings off my scroll to HeavensEvil - waiting for response
-xenos/recent releases to Rinah - waiting for response
Updated 7/27/16

**CURRENT PROJECTS** (non holiday)
Deep Sea x M Silver - need more 3 silvers, or 3 2nd gen Deep Seas
Gaia x F Gold
Gaia x M Thunder
Thunder x M Gold - Need another 3rd gen Thunder
Tsunami x F Gold - Need a 2nd gen Tsunami
Autumn x F Gold
Thalassa x F Silver
Gold Lunar x Blue/green Gemshard
Gold Lunar x M Gold
Frill x F Pyro
(coming soon: Bolt x F Pyro, possibly Bolt x M Almandine)

**COMPLETED PROJECTS** Happy to share or make bloodswaps!
Mageia x M Canopy - 2nd-5th gen
Chronos x M Magma - 2nd-4th
Chronos x Silver Lunar - 2nd-4th
Thalassa x M Nhiostrife - 2nd-4th
Gaia x Thunder - 2nd-4th
Radiant Angel x Royal Crimson - 2nd-4th

**HOLIDAY PROJECTS** Some need nonholiday mates. *Many I can breed out of season - available generation indicated.
Desipis x Gold Lunar
Desipis x F Gold
*Grave x F Magma - 3rd-4th
*Grave x M Gold - 3rd
*Grave x M Indigo Lunar - 3rd
*Grave x M Gaia - 3rd
Grave x F Pyro - need a 2nd gen Pyro
Grave x F Mageia- need a 2nd gen Mageia
Grave x Grave
*Heartseeker x Royal Crimson - 4th
*Heartseeker x Gold - need 3rd gen Gold. Breeding 4th-5th
*Heartseeker x Red - 3rd
Heartseeker x Shadow Walker
Heartseeker x Solstice
*Heartseeker x Moonstone - 4th
*Marrow x F Ember - 4th-5th
*Marrow x M Ember - 4th
*Marrow x F Gold -3rd-5th
*Marrow x F Silver - 4th-5th
Marrow x Marrow
*Marrow x M Hellfire - 4th-5th
*Marrow x F Gaia - 3rd
Mistletoe x Silver Lunar
*Mistletoe x Silver - 3rd
Mistletoe x RA
*Pumpkin x M Misfit - need 3rd gen Misfit. Breeding 3rd
Pumpkin x M Nilia - need 2nd gen Nilia
Pumpkin x F Crimson Flare - need 3rd gen Flare
Pumpkin x F Seawyrm - need 3rd gen Seawyrm
RA x Gold
*RA x Royal Crimson - need one 2nd gen RC. Breeding 2nd-4th
RA x Sunstone - need 3rd gen Sunstone
RA x Ribbon
RA x Red Nebula
*RA x Chrono - 3rd
RA x Solstice
*Ribbon x Gold - need 3rd gen Gold. Breeding 4th
*Ribbon x Silver - 4th
*Ribbon x Sunstone - 3rd
Rosebud x Gold - need 2nd gen Gold
*Rosebud x Nhiostrife - 3rd-4th
*Rosebud x Almandine - 3rd
*Rosebud x Silver - 4th
*Rosebud x Indigo Lunar - 3rd
*Rosebud x White - 4th
Rosebud x Shadow Walker
*Shadow Walker x Red Nebula - 4th
Shadow Walker x Shadow Walker
*Shadow Walker x F Gaia - 3rd
*Shadow Walker x M Gaia - 3rd
Shadow Walker x M Indigo Lunar
Shadow Walker x F Indigo Lunar
*Shadow Walker x F Spotted Greenwing - need 3rd gen SGW. Breeding 3rd
*Shadow Walker x M Chrono - 3rd
*Shadow Walker x F Royal Crimson - 3rd
*Snow Angel (tricolor) x Gold - 3rd
*Solstice x Silver - 3rd
Solstice x White - need 3rd gen White
Sweetling x Silver
Val '09 x Sunrise
Val'09 x Red - need 2nd gen Red
WM x Gold Wyvern
*WM x Royal Crimson - 4th
*WM x Gold - need 2nd gen Gold. Breeding 4th-5th
*WM x Red Copper - 4th-5th
*WM x Nhiostrife - 3rd
WM x Shadow Walker
*WM x Tusnami - need 2nd gen Tsunami. Breeding 3rd-4th
*WM x Lumina - 3rd-4th
*WM x Thunder - 3rd
*Wm x Royal Blue - 4th-5th

*Wrapping Wing x Royal Crimson - 3rd
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Signature Looking to make bulk trades for CB metals! You set the amount!
I breed on request - feel free to PM!
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